Tesla Code 369 Success Story: Rachel Manifested $69,000 in 2 Weeks

Today I have another amazing manifestation story to share with you all. It's from Rachel. She manifested $69,000 with Tesla Code 369 Method in just 2 weeks!

The universe is a miracle machine. 

You are the operator of it. 

Most people are not aware of this truth. Instead, they try to replace the miracle machine with their own ego, just to get disappointed and discouraged.

Manifesting is supposed to be fun. Are you having fun today?

Here's Rachel's email to me:


Hello Karin,

Two months ago I stumbled upon your Telsa Code 369 Method. I have been living with a roommate in a situation that has been less than desirable for me. Like clockwork, I stuck to the practice.
In a week I received a $5,000 check.  I was shocked because it came out of thin air. And so quickly. Then the following week I received $64,000.  I was shocked again. Happy...but confused I felt mildly defeated because although I received money, it wasn't the $369,000 I had been trying to manifest.  Somewhere along the way, shortly after, I switched the 369 technique and started writing my 'feeling statement' 100 times a day. (not sure why I did this) This was enjoyable at first but quickly became more of a chore and I was getting disappointed again that I wasn't getting results quickly enough. 
I took a step back to try and retrace my steps and see where I went wrong. That's when I realized 5,000 plus 64,000 is 69,000.  I was close. I was aiming for $369,000 and I got $69,000. Not a defeat at all! But closer to my goal than previously realized.  Excited with this information I started to research your youtube videos more.  Each one with more delight.  
Then I saw you had an option on your website to connect.  So I signed up for your 30 Day Choosing Abundance course. I love it so far!  
I am enjoying your program and look forward to completing it. Just wanted to touch base and share with you. 
Have a nice evening, 



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