Use Tesla Code 369 to Detach & Let Go - Manifest 10X Faster!

Today, let's talk about how to use Tesla code 3 6 9 to detach and let go...

If you're into Law of Attraction type manifesting, you probably know the basics. You know that manifesting is all about clarifying your desires, letting the universe know your desires, and then letting go, or detaching, in order for the universe to deliver what you want. Most people have no problem telling the universe what they want, but they have a problem when it comes to detaching and letting go. I get emails and messages all the time from gratitude tribe members asking me, "Karin, I just don't know how to let go and detach. I just don't know how to let the universe do it because I'm so obsessed with my goal. Help!" 

Tesla Code 369 Method

Today, I will help you solve this problem with a simple method called Tesla code 369. If you have never heard of it, basically Tesla code 369 is leveraging the divine numbers 369 in your practice. This is based on the research of Nikola Tesla, a very famous scientist. Nikola Tesla thinks the numbers 3 6 9 have divine power. I'm going to leave out all the mathematical details here - you can do the research into it if you like.

We're going to leverage these numbers 3 6 9. When I first created the basic Tesla code 3 6 9 manifestation method, (read it here...)I told you to craft a statement. I wanted your statement to be longer than 17 seconds. I also wanted you to write clearly what you want, and then write it again 3x in the morning, 6x during the day, and 9x right before bed. That's the basic Nikola Tesla 3 6 9 manifestation technique.

If this method works, just keep doing it. However, if you find that you start to get obsessed with your goals, or if you feel that you just can't detach and let go, then read on. I want to give you a statement that will address this issue. Let's clarify something first though. Personally, I don't believe that you should detach completely. I do believe that you should let go, but I don't believe that you should detach 100%. This is because detaching basically means that you sit back and you completely cut off all desire for your goal to come true. That's impossible, isn't it? Even if it is possible for you - if you don't want something anymore - then how would you feel the joy when you finally got it?

Fro "Detaching" to "Non-Attachment"

So I don't think "detaching" is the right concept when it comes to this. A lot of people use this term - I just borrowed it because people seemed familiar with it. After working with many gratitude tribe members though, and through my own practice, I realize that it shouldn't be called "detaching." It actually should be called non-attachment. This is a Buddhist concept that the Buddha raised. The Buddha never said that you should detach from life. The Buddha said that you need to practice non attachment. Non attachment is the middle place, the middle way between being super obsessed or super attached, and completely cut off. We don't want either of these extremes. When you're in non attachment, then life starts to flow. It's like, you want this, but at the same time, you're okay not having it right now. That is the perfect state of non-attachment. 

If you don't know what I'm talking about, I want you to think about a TV drama with multiple seasons, or multiple episodes. This is a series you really enjoyed. I want you to go back to that feeling of watching this drama unfold. When you were watching it, first of all, you had to be engaged. The drama had to be interesting to you. If the show sucks, and it is not interesting, and and plot is going nowhere, then the drama is no fun, right? That is the state of detachment. You see, that's not what I want you to do. I want you to really enjoy the drama. This means you need to be somewhat attached, right?

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You need to be engaged and you need to be interested. So the drama has to be good enough to make you feel engaged. However, have you ever watched a drama that you couldn't stop thinking about afterwards? You couldn't stop obsessing about it and it became almost like an addiction? Then it doesn't feel as good. When you have a drama like that, you have to occupy your mind with something else to stop obsessing. This process of occupying your mind with something else can help in the process of letting go too! 

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To get to that perfect non attachment place, you want to see your life as this very interesting drama. You have to be engaged in it. However, you can't be so obsessed that you can't eat, or you can't sleep without this drama. You want to practice non-attachment. The most powerful way to practice this is using meditation.

If you meditate daily, while you're sitting in meditation, you're naturally practicing non-attachment. You can also practice this when you watch your next favorite TV show. While watching, try to feel that space of non-attachment while you're still really enjoying it. You'll want to kind of pull back a little bit and tell yourself, "You know what? I like this drama. I want to be perfectly non-attached to this drama." Try it - do it like a challenge to yourself, or a game. You're going to enjoy it. The point of life is to enjoy the show. Okay? I think you're clear about Tesla code 369. You're clear about non-attachment and the goal of today's video is to help you get to that non-attachment place by using Tesla code 369.

Now, let's craft a statement to help you get to that non-attachment place, while still being engaged with what you want to manifest. How do you do that? The magic word is gratitude. Gratitude is really the magic ingredient that can turn obsession into non-attachment. So you maybe say, "Well Karin, I want to manifest a great job, but I don't have it. How can I be grateful for not having it?" Wait, I'm not asking you to be grateful for something you don't have yet! All I'm asking you to do is to look around and pay attention to - and be on the lookout for - the "seeds" of what you want around you.

The Seeds of Your Manifestation

This is the most important step that most people miss. Every time you want to manifest something, there has to be a seed of that in your life already. For example, let's say you want to manifest this great job. Ask yourself, "Why do I want this job?" Who inspired you to manifest that job? What happened that made you want it? Maybe there is a website you can go to that has the perfect description of your perfect job. That website - the fact that it exists - is a seed.

Let's say you want to move to a different place. You must have seen the pictures of that place already, right? So those pictures are the seeds. I'm asking you to start collecting things in your life which give you the feeling of what you want to manifest. At times, physical objects aren't even necessary. You just want to have a sample of that feeling.

For example, if you want to manifest more money, I want you to look around and notice in what area of life you already have enough financial resources. Look for where you already feel abundant. Maybe the fact that you have something to eat today (many don't), or maybe you have a roof over your head!

These are things you already have, right? Even though they don't equal to the amount of money you want to manifest, they are still seeds of what you want. See, most people just want to manifest something out there and they ignore the seeds. What they don't understand is that what they want grows out of the seeds of what they already have. It's impossible for you to want something without any seeds already being present in your life. 

For example, you probably wouldn't want to live in a space station right now (most of you anyway ;-) Why is this? Because there's nothing present in your life right now which inspires you to want that, right? There's nobody around you who inspires you to do that. It's important for to you know that anything you want - you need to find the source of it in your life (the seeds) and you need to offer gratitude for them. See the gratitude as the water that showers the seed and encourages it to grow. Now you may be asking, "Karin, what does this have to do with the Tesla code 369?" 

The Perfect Tesla Code 369 Statement for Letting Go

Here's the important part. Take two to three of these seeds and write them down. For example, let's say your seed is simply the knowledge of this job you want, or your appreciation of the fact that you have a roof over you head, or whatever it is. I want you to write down two or three of these. It can be concrete things, feelings, or people who inspire you to want what you want. Then start a statement with, "Thank you for the divine seeds of (item 1), (item 2), and (item 3)."

That's the first part of your Tesla code statement.

For the second part you're going to say, "Please allow these divine seeds to grow in my life and bring in more abundance, love, and joy (or whatever feelings / things you desire)." Anything you want can be boiled down to a feeling place. I want you to sit there and try to identify the feeling state related to what you want. Plug that into the statement. 

"Thank you for these divine seeds. Please allow these seeds to grow and bring (the feeling you want)." This is going to be your magic formula for your Tesla code 369 method. Now you'll have your perfect statement and you're going to write it 3x in the morning, 6x during the day, and 9x at night.

If your statement is a little bit too long - or too much to write - you can simply sit in meditation and slowly repeat them, and pretend you're writing them down in your mind.

The most important thing is to leverage the 3 6 9, and understand that everything you want sprouts from seeds that you already have. You must cherish them - otherwise your desire is not going to come into your reality. If you could do what I just described, you are already way ahead of the curve!

Bonus Tip: Infuse this with Chinese Astrology!

If you want to make this even more effective, I want to give you a bonus tip. So pay attention. This bonus tip is based on the ancient study of Chinese Astrology. You know that I'm Chinese astrologer and I spent a lot of time studying this ancient art. A very important insight within the study of Chinese astrology is that we all have certain core energies. The core energies are based on the 5 elements in Chinese astrology.

This is not a blog about Chinese astrology though. I'm not going to explain all that here. I just want you to know that you belong to one of the five elements. For the bonus tip, I want you to identify your core energy. You can do that by downloading my free Chinese astrology training kit. You can download it by clicking here! Within 15 minutes, you'll know core energy type. I want you to use the color of your core energy for writing. If your core energy is water, for example, your color will be blue. You should try to use blue ink, or blue paper.

If you are wood, you're going to use green paper to write this. If you are fire use red paper or a red pen. If you're earth try to use brown paper, or a brown pen. Finally, if you're a metal, you can use a metallic pen - or you can just use white paper and a pencil.

When you use your corresponding color, it boosts your core energy. Your manifestation power will also boost! This is going to add to the power of your Tesla code 369 writing.

This is not the most important part. Remember your statement and the feeling place are the most important part! Happy Manifesting!

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