Spirit Guides: Are They Real? How To Connect To Them?

Today. Let's talk about spirit guides. Who are they? What are they, and how do we connect to them? At the end of 2019, I wrote a blog about my 2020 predictions. You can read it here:

Some messages I received to create these predictions were true. I do feel that I have a strong connection to my spirit guides. Many of you have asked, "How do I connect to my guides. How do you know if they are guides, and not demons?"

Today I want to talk about this. For any of you who want to connect to your guides, I hope the blog post will shed some light on it.

We all have guides. There is certainly a way to connect to them because they are eager to talk to you. They are eager to connect with you.

Before we get into it, I want to tell you a little bit about how I first heard my guides. If you look at life as an eternal thing, not just a limited physical existence, you will notice connection to everything. This includes physical and non-physical entities. The non-physical don't have to be called "guides." You could just see them as friends - your friends in the spirit realm.

I don't want you to think that all your guides are "up there" somewhere, like unreachable. It's not like that. See them as your friends in the spirit realm. You actually talk to them 24/7 - your higher self is one of them. You can see your guides as a form, or as an extension, of your higher self, or simply as your one higher self.

And the question comes then "Can you call it God?" I leave that up to you.

Here is a video on the subject as well: 

In my opinion, God is not a separate entity that's sitting "all the way up there," with a long beard, running your life. I believe that God is oneness. Oneness of the universe. In that sense, we're all God. We're all part of God. That is why in Buddhism they say, "everyone is a Buddha." Everyone has a Buddha-nature, and it's the same thing - Everyone is God and your spirit guides are gods and you are all one.

Actually there is no separation between you, and guides, or God. This applies no matter what you want to call them. It's not about the name or the label. If you feel like giving them a name, feel free to do so. Personally, I don't want to name or label them them because I think they're beyond any names. So I don't give them any names. I just call them my guides. 

"How did this all begin?" 

I lived a very miserable childhood. I was born as a premature baby, and my entire childhood was about physical suffering. You can imagine from the time I was born, all the way until I was about 13, I was one miserable child. Many people out there have a happy childhood but in my case, the opposite was true. I really can't remember any happy time before I was 13. I was very, very depressed as well. I always wondering, "Why am I living in this world?" My family was not religious, and they didn't have any spiritual beliefs. So there was no comfort like that available to me.

I now believe that, if you don't believe in anything beyond this material world, life will be very hard. There will be no "comfortable cushion" of faith to lean on during hard times.

For me, connecting to a power beyond myself is a way to relax and realize that life is not that hard because I don't have to run my life alone. 

My childhood continued in a state of depression until one day I remember I was in particularly depressed state. I was laying in bed awake, but I didn't have the energy to get up. Suddenly I heard something - no, I wasn't hallucinating. It wasn't like I was hearing voices or anything. It was more like a feeling or a wave that came over me. If I try really try to put it into words, it was as if I realized a powerfully negative internal thought: "You can't find anything good in your life."

It was the first time in my life that my depression was expressed in a clear and succinct thought. It was always there before - I just wasn't aware of it. So, I responded by asking, " If I can't find anything good in my life, why am I living in this world?" 

To my surprise, the voice responded and said to me gently. I still remember how that felt, and can still tap into that feeling. It simply said, "Start finding things to be grateful for."

I think these choosing gratitude moments started from then - just a tiny seed. At the time though, I didn't have any spiritual material to read about. I didn't start practicing law of attraction until many years later. I had nothing in my life to point me towards the spirit realm. I was just one miserable teenager.

But during that experience I remember I feeling immense joy. It was as if a veil had been lifted from me. Everything became more clear. I think that was my first experience of a spiritual awakening. I was told that I can find things to be grateful for and suddenly I had motivation to start looking.

I realized firstly that I wasn't orphan. I have parents - I have family. Secondly I had food, I had shelter, and I had friends. Was my life really that bad? I realized that things could be much worse.

By starting to notice things around me that weren't "bad," I started to feel some gratitude. I started to have new energy to live a happier life.

After that morning I gradually started shifting. I gradually shifted out of my depression over the next few months. It didn't happen right away. After that experience though, every time I would dip into deep depression again, the voice will come to me. I would remember the promise that I made to find things for which to be grateful.

So that was my first experience.

Now On Spotify: 

After that, there were more and more experiences of these kinds until about 10 years ago. Around that time I started to realize that I can ask for guidance. I didn't have to sit there and wait for this voice to come to me.

I started asking more and more often. Every time I ask, if I'm in the right energy, I'll hear an answer.

Sometimes though, I'm not in the right energy. Sometimes my mind is chattering too much, or I'm too invested in the material world. During these moments, even when I ask, I hear nothing.

So if you want to connect to your guides, the number one thing you want to do is to ASK, you have to ask. How do you ask? I suggest you develop a ritual. You can say: 

"Dear guides come to me, come to me." Or you can say, "I'm opening myself to divine guidance." 

Every time you ask for your guides, say these things, or write these things. That way, you invite them to come through.

In the beginning, when you ask, you may not hear any guidance right away.
That's okay. This is because you have been possibly blocking this all your life.

In actuality, this process is not about inviting them. They're always there. They've always been there. They're there right now - feel it. They are right with you. Feel the divine love, the divine light with you right now. Your only job is to remove your ego and receive. Listen to what they have to say.

Once you are used to this process, then you can start asking questions.

First I will pull out a piece of paper, ask for guidance, and feel their presence. Once you feel it, start asking questions. Sometimes the answers don't come right away. Sometimes, when you're doing something else later, the answer comes. 

Sometimes I don't ask anything specific. I just sit there and let the guides come through. I would just feel the feeling, and as I feel it, it turns into words.

Remember that traditional language can never fully capture the guidance from your guides.

Why is that? Simply because the language they speak is much higher than the language we're using right now. That's why I don't claim to be someone who channels (not that there's anything wrong with that) because as a channel, people believe what you're interpreting is 100% purely from spirit guides.

Personally, I don't that's possible because with anything they say - once you turn it into every day human language - maybe 50% is lost in translation.

Remember there's always a blend between the true spiritual consciousness and the person who's interpreting, or receiving. That's why it's so important to connect to your own guides, in order to make your communication as pure as possible. 

Ultimately you want to talk to them through a sort of telepathy, through non-language, not through your intellect. You can begin by writing with your language, but eventually, you want it to feel like a dance of energy. When you get there, that is the best thing in life.

It is better than getting a million dollars, or manifesting better-looking eyebrows, or a new partner.

I want to invite you to start looking into the spirit realm and start receiving guidance. Receiving divine guidance, my friend, is your ultimate dream life, and I'll be there waiting for you.

Another way for you to develop that connection is through clearing your subconscious mind.

The best way to do that is through Subliminals. I created a course called 68-second manifestation magic that is essentially a subliminal course plus Reiki energy work, and it only takes 68 seconds a day.

It's completely free. Start to develop your ability to dance with the divine because that is the goal of the course. 

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