What You Must Know about Soul Contract & Manifesting Soulmate Love

Today let's talk about soul contracts, soul mates, and how you can manifest your soul mate into your life!

Today I want to take some time to focus on manifesting love. There's something very special about manifesting romantic love, which includes the concept of soul mates, or soul contracts. This past weekend I was chatting with a client and she asked me, "Karin do you believe in soul contracts? Do you think that in some relationships there is a purpose for that relationship, and when that purpose is fulfilled, the contract is ended?"

This would mean that not every relationship is supposed to last a lifetime. That does make some sense but - I think it goes way beyond that.

First, let's look carefully at the meaning of a soul contract, and what is the concept of a soulmate? In order to honor the definition of soul contract or soulmate you have to believe that your life is not just limited to this current physical reality. You have to believe that you are an infinite soul who has lived lifetime after lifetime, and that there is a purpose for this infinite journey of your soul. You may believe in reincarnation or living in multiple realities at the same time. The bottom line is however, that you would have to expand your thinking to not just this one life - this one physical reality. If you do that then the concept of soulmate or soul contract starts to make sense.

Yes, you're not just one person living in this one physical reality. As you're reading this, you should realize that you have lived many lifetimes. Please don't think that you are traveling through time all by yourself, as a lonely soul, because you're not - you're never truly alone. The universe always gives you soul companions.

My guides are telling me that soul mates are not limited to romantic relationships, and that the concept of soulmate is also not like destiny, lover-for-life, or any other strictly romantic conceptualization.

Soulmate simply means that these are the companions for your soul. In other words, your parents, your friends, and the people who are very close to you - in a way, even your pets and animals - they are all your soul mates. In the eyes of the divine, they are all your life companions. Love is never restricted to just romantic love, or physical love, or sexual love. Love is actually much broader than that, and my guides are telling me that if you can broaden your view - if you can expand beyond your current physical reality, and if you can expand your understanding of love to more than just this physical love or romantic - then it's going to be much easier for you to manifest loving relationships. This is because in that sense, when you broaden your perspective, you're also broadening how you feel self-love.

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The truth is all these so-called "soul companions" or "soul mates" are essentially you. You're one with all of them. You're one with your soul mates, and even though you may be single right now, and you may be trying to manifest your soulmate, know that in the ultimate reality - in the spirit realm - you and your soul mate are already one. It's impossible for you to want a soulmate and not have one. There are people in our world who feel quite alone and maybe they're okay with not having romantic relationships. If you feel that you want a romantic relationship however, or you deserve a romantic relationship, that simply means that your soul companion is already one with you and he or she is already manifested. In the spirit realm, they are simply waiting for you.

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Now you may be asking, "Well how come they're not showing up? How come they're not falling from the sky?" Well here's the reason:  It's because of soul contracts. You see soul mates are executor of these soul contracts. Without soul mates there can't be soul contracts right?

2 Kinds Of Soul Contracts

1.Temporary Soul Contracts

Let us say you want to remodel your kitchen and you contact somebody to to do the work. When the kitchen is complete, they are not going to continuously work for you, right? 

2. Perpetual Soul Contract

These are supposed to be in your life perpetually. You experience this oneness - this union not just between you and them, but also between you and God. You and the Universe, with this perpetual kind of contract, will see that the relationship doesn't end until one of you decide to leave this physical body.

Interestingly, there is actually no difference between the two kinds of soul contracts. As you live through your life you're making moment to moment decisions on whether you want your soul contract to be a temporary one, or whether you want it to be a perpetual one. Most of you may be thinking, "Well I want to manifest a relationship that lasts a lifetime." You want the perpetual kind of soul contract and sometimes, when we break up with someone we try to comfort ourselves by thinking, "Well that's just a temporary soul contract." In truth however, both kind of contracts are divine and both type of contracts are here to help you grow. At any moment you can make that decision to switch between this one and that one. Both are okay, and both are up to you.

There is a divine sort of destiny element to this because you are divinely connected. You are souls that used to travel together on the same path and you're supposed to be on the path at the same time. However, you and that soul both have free will too! You can stay at any time, choose between a perpetual soul contract, or a limited soul contract.

Most people are not aware of the fact that they are already complete. This is the universal truth that you need to understand before you decide to manifest your soulmate. If you're looking for someone to come into your life and complete you - if you feel unloved and you want someone to come into your life to love you -  oftentimes what you manifest is a limited soul contract. This means that a partner may come into your life and immediately point out the weakness - the "sore spot" in your inner psyche. That is a tricky aspect of romantic relationships. They are the only kind of relationship that can be heaven, and that can be held correctly when you are aware and living in the truth that you are one with the universe, that you are one with your soul mate already. This also means that you already feel complete. If you feel this, you are going to attract someone into your life that is the soulmate who is going to experience the completeness with you - who's going to celebrate your life with you.

If you believe that you are incomplete however, you will feel lonely. Then the person you are more likely to attract is simply someone who's going to point to that belief that you're lonely, and that you're incomplete. That is why so many couples fight all the time. You can also activate a perpetual painful contract for yourself because sometimes your partner keeps pointing out that painful truth about you - that you don't feel complete and that you expect them to complete you. This energy could manifest into a million things that upset you. This could manifest into someone who doesn't want to take out the garbage, or someone who says something that bothers you all the time.

Of course, you have to look beyond these superficial things and dig deeper. Find a deeper truth because once you're one with that deeper truth, you're going to manifest the partner who is your soul mate. On a deep level, I seriously don't believe that you only have one soulmate. You have many soul mates and the universe will keep sending you the perfect partner to help you at a certain stage of your growth. That's always the perfect partner for you even though you may not feel that they're the perfect one.

So how do you manifest a soulmate in a perpetual loving relationship? We already touched upon that and let me say that again

1. You need to develop a healthy relationship toward yourself. Whatever you want from your future potential partner you have to give it to yourself. So if you want them to treat you kindly, you need to treat yourself very kindly. You need to speak kind words to yourself. If you want them to be grateful for you then you need to be grateful for yourself. This is really, really important.

2. Have a healthy relationship toward God - towards the divine, towards the oneness. Remember that your soulmate relationship is just a reflection of your relationship with God. There is no difference between different types of love - they are all the essence of love. Essentially you're trying to manifest divine love in the flavor of a romantic love, right? So it's very important to develop this relationship with God. When you feel divinely connected, you will also manifest someone who is divinely connected to God.

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