Decode Your Soul Contract + Know What You Are Meant To Do In Life (STEP BY STEP GUIDE)

What are you supposed to do in this lifetime? What is the purpose or the mission of your life?

Many of my clients come to me and tell me that they feel lost and they don't know what they're supposed to do in this lifetime. They feel stuck - they feel like there has to be some mission or purpose to their life but they don't feel it.

Today I really want to dive deep into this topic because if you're not aware of your mission and your purpose in life, and if you're not living that, you really can't feel the divine joy of life. No matter how much you have achieved, no matter how much money you have, or what great job you get, what great relationships you have, you're not gonna have a happy life if you cannot feel divine joy.

Every year we hear about amazing famous people who just decide to end their life. We often wonder why they're not feeling fulfilled with all they have achieved. I want to reassure you that you did not come into this lifetime without a purpose. 

The Concept of Soul Contract

I think this is a concrete way to understand that you are here for a reason. You're here for a purpose, and you're worthy because your soul had a contract or an agreement with God, or with the entire universe.

A soul contract is basically an agreement that you have with the universe before you enter into this lifetime. You may be asking, "how do I know what's in my soul contract?"

The answer is you don't really need to know the details of soul contract, but you need to feel your soul contract. According to my spirit guides, you need to experience as much joy and fulfillment in this lifetime. Before you entered this lifetime, you made a pact with your creator (with God or with the divine). This pact, in essence, stated that in this lifetime you're going to evolve more - you're going to have more joy, more fun, more gratitude, and more expansion compared to previous lifetimes. That is the essence of your soul contract. Don't think of this as something so out of reach or nebulous. NO - this is very concrete.

The purpose is to experience more, expand more, and be more aligned with who you truly are. In other words, your soul contract is only signed for one purpose, and that purpose is to remember who you are. So, who are you? Let me ask you this:

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Who are you? If you answer by telling me, "Oh I'm so-and-so, this is my family, this is my job..." then no, that is not who you are. Those details simply create a mask over who you really are. Once you leave this lifetime, none of those details matter. What truly matters is that you are a divine being in this human experience. It's very similar to when you watch a movie or a TV show. Let's say you follow Game of Thrones for 10 years and when you're watching you almost become one of the characters. When the show is over however, you are still here. Your soul contract is basically an observer contract. It is as if you told the universe, "I'm gonna watch this show from the beginning to the end for this period of time."

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3 Aspects of your soul contracts

1. Find joy in spite of challenges, pain and karma.

This is huge because most people think that once they are aligned with their mission and their purpose, life is just gonna be all fun and games but it's not like that. In this 3-D world, in this human experience, sometimes challenges and pain are just unavoidable. In a way challenges and pain, and even your bad karma, are here to shape you into a more powerful being. All of these things force you to look within and find that divine essence of who you you really are. This is why the first aspect of your soul contract is to find joy in spite of these things. This means you need to transcend the pain in your life, and you need to transcend the challenges in your life - not eliminate them.

The other day I went to get my hair done and I don't know if you can see, in my videos, that my stylist added a little shade of red to my hair. I did this because during this year, according to Chinese astrology, I need to add the fire element to my life. So I decided to add a little red - red symbolizes fire. My stylist pointed  out that you can't just color your whole head red. That would look really weird, wouldn't it? So she did a red Ombre. It probably doesn't show on camera much, but it shows when I'm under the sun. It looks really nice and that's what my guides told me about life - the Ombre is like the joy in your life. It's not going to be everywhere because if you only have one color - one shade to your life - your life is going to be really really boring. This is why you need the pain, and the challenges. The pain and challenge exists so that joy becomes so much more powerful.

2. Find more ways to love and appreciate yourself every single day

Throughout the day are you loving and appreciating yourself? Do you tell yourself, "Oh great job!" Do you ever tell yourself, "I really enjoy this day, I really love you, I really appreciate you." How much self-love and self-appreciation do you experience every day? Don't confuse self-love with arrogance. When you compare yourself with others and you feel that you're better than others, that's not self-love. In a way that is actually self-hatred because other people and you are one. So you need to really distinguish that - self-love and self-appreciation is unconditional. It's loving and appreciating yourself regardless of how you look and where you are in life. My next question to you is this:

Are you able to love and appreciate yourself every single day? My guides are telling me that all you need is to try a little bit more every day. It's like exercising a muscle. Building a muscle doesn't happen overnight, but over time you will build that deep sense of self-love and self-appreciation. Once you can truly live the second aspect, you can now advance to the third aspect.

3. Find ways to spread your self-love and self-appreciation to others because you and others are one.

These are actually the only three things you signed up to do when you came into this lifetime.

Number one is to experience joy in spite of the pain challenges. Number two is to truly experience self-love. Number three is to spread your self-love to others, and love others as if they were you. This is because they are you, okay?

Now you may be asking, "Karin I was trying to find out if I should be doing this job or that job, or should I be starting a business, or should I go into this industry or that industry..." My guides are telling me that these concrete things can help you experience a deeper joy, a deeper self-love, and deeper compassion for others. According to Chinese astrology, every 10 years our energy cycle shifts so in a way, there is actually no permanent thing you need to do. No right or wrong etched in stone forever.

I think it's an illusion that people think about their end game. Like to become this movie star, and win Oscars. For some people yes, that is their life path. It's just one single line but the majority of us, we actually shift our focus every couple of years, and that is totally okay.

This is just the divine rhythm of your life. My guides are telling me that you can actually pick anything to do and experience joy, self-love and self-appreciation, within that experience. Unfortunately, we live in a society where certain things are glorified and other things are ignored. The truth is however, that there is no big difference between being a dentist cleaning people's teeth, and being a janitor cleaning the floor.

In our world people seem to glorify the dentist. Ultimately however, how much joy you can experience has very little to do with how society views you. You really need to understand that. Naturally this doesn't mean that you can't pursue being a dentist, or that you can't pursue being the movie star. No matter what you do.. it doesn't matter! What matters is aligning to the three aspects I talked about in each and every moment.

Going back to the art of Chinese astrology, every 10 years your energy cycle shifts, as I said. I remember when I was going through my previous 10-year cycle I was so much into finding my soul mate and finding the perfect job for myself. Now that I'm at the end of this current energy cycle I feel like right now my focus is more on growing my business and spreading love and appreciation to others. I'm not even in the market to look for a job because I have my own business. You see, life will naturally give you different circumstances, different dreams, and different goals or desires. It's okay to keep following those things but the most important thing is to find joy on the journey, and to find love on the journey. No matter what a boring job you have, if you can find just one thing every day that you appreciate, and if you can find one aspect about yourself that you appreciate every day, I assure you that the grand thing you think you will be doing will actually come to you easily. This is because in the eyes of the divine those things are the easiest thing to manifest. What's harder to manifest is actually the essence, the joy, the self-love, and the compassion you have for others!

Now, let me give you some concrete steps to align yourself with your life's purpose and your life's mission.

1. I want you to look back on every single year of your life and try to chart your life path. I used to do this before I got into Chinese astrology and the result of my charting is very similar to what I get from astrology readings. Go back at least 10 years, or as far back as you can. Start remembering your life during each year - what were you doing, what was your focus, what was your mission at that time? Over time you're going have a chart of your own flow of life and you will start discovering what is important to you! Once you're done with the chart you will have more insight and wisdom about your life. Now you can go to step two:

2. Identify the theme for the next five to ten years of your life. Look to the long run, okay? I don't want you to look at "just right now." Look ahead and ask yourself:  What should I be doing today that will benefit me in five to ten years? What should I do, which industry should I go into, what job should I do?" Do this very "loosely," and don't be too attached to anything you come up with. This is because life will naturally bring you different opportunities, and life will naturally give you insights regarding which way to go if you have a theme for the next five to ten years. You will naturally become aligned with your soul's mission because your soul is never short-sighted. 

When you identify your theme you are really crafting a path to a future that you desire.

3. Start finding joy in every small thing in life. While making this video, I'm looking at my patio, and I'm seeing a squirrel climb my tree. My dog is sitting next to me, my house is quiet, and I just enjoy this moment. There's nothing particularly special about this moment really. There's no grand "winning the lottery" or "great success" like winning an Oscar. I am just feeling joy right now. I really want you to experience this too. You can experience this joy at this moment. When you experience it all the doors to different parallel universes will open for you. What you think you want to manifest will come to you easily, and naturally. Everything will start to flow. It's all about defining that flow state. If you want to have something more concrete, you can use Chinese astrology to help you understand your core energy. If you haven't taken my free Chinese Astrology training, go to you'll be able to identify your core energy. From there you can start to mold your energy and become more aligned with who you really are.

Ultimately I want you to understand that the mission and purpose of your life is an ever-changing thing. It's not a fixed object, or a fixed job, or a fixed person, or a fixed path. It's really like the saying, "All roads leading to Rome." It's about this changing and shifting energy that you're constantly molding.

The material you use to mold this energy is really your love, your compassion, your joy, and your gratitude. 

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