Signs and Synchronicities - How To Use them To Manifest?

Let's talk about synchronicities and signs!

How can you see more of them? What do they mean, and how can you use them as a roadmap to your manifestation? 

Many of you have asked about signs - like seeing certain things, repeating numbers, or odd dreams.

You came to me and asked what those things mean but the most important question here is how can you use these synchronicities and signs to manifest your dream life? They can really mean anything if you're not using them correctly. 

So in this blog post, we will talk about how you can correctly use signs and synchronicities.

What are synchronicities and signs, really?

To each's own, right? If you don't believe in these things, they mean nothing to you. For me personally, synchronicities and signs are just helpers. They are things on my roadmap that can help me navigate my path in life.

I don't want you to give too much magical meaning to these things - don't be too attached to them because ultimately:  It is YOU that has all the magical energy within yourself to manifest your dream life. Its not really about what you see outside of you. 

Let me give you a good example:

Let's say you are driving on a highway when you're approaching a particular city, and you see a sign that tells you the city is 50 miles away, 

Then as you drive further you can see a sign that indicates 20 miles to go. When you drive even further, it goes to five miles, and then one mile to that city, correct?

Synchronicities and signs are just like that. They are reminders, like road signs - they tell you where you're heading.

On the other hand, let's say you're going to a city and you see the sign, but you can't read it. You don't know that you're getting really close to the city and you take a different turn and end up never getting there. In this case, even if there are signs and even if you see them, if you don't read them or follow them, you're not going to get there.

So people come to me and say, "Hey, you know, I see repeating numbers all the time.  I see this particular bird, I just had a dream - How come I'm still not manifesting my dream life?"

So I want you to ask yourself: Where do you believe the real power lies?

If you believe the manifesting power is outside of you, and you are attached to one of these signs, then you are missing the point. This is because you are not focused on the real authentic power from within. 

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I want you to see signs and synchronicities as a way to communicate with the divine. They are actually examples of divine broadcasting, which is always there. Whether you receive the broadcast just depends on whether or not you listen.

There are radio waves in the air right now, but if I don't have a radio, or if I don't tune to that particular channel, I can't hear it. So I want you to see these synchronicities and signs as things that are always there instead of things that are so rare.

When you see them don't be like "Wow! This is amazing." It's not like that. Constant communication from the divine is available.

So once you're clear on that, let's talk about how you can interpret them.

When you see these signs and syncronicities, instead of trying to figure out what they mean, I want you to tune into the feeling of gratitude instead, and align that feeling of gratitude with your souls' true desire.

This may sound counter-intuitive because our tendency, when we see these signs and syncronicities, is to try to interpret them. In my opinion however, the minute you start trying to figure out what something means, you are missing the true magic entirely.

The meaning is simply already there, and you can only see it when you feel the gratitude within. When you feel that you're aligned with what you're trying to manifest you feel grateful.

Alignment and gratitude have to be there in order for you to interpret signs.

Another thing a lot of people do is they go online - go to Google - thank God for Google, right?

Maybe 50 years ago people would go a library to look for a book containing words or lists that tell you, "if you see this, it means that; if you see that, it means this." They would look for the meaning so they can decode what these signs are telling them. Once you start to do that however, you're missing the point.

Synchronicities and signs only have their precise meaning when you are one with them. You are not going to be able to figure out the meaning on paper - or through intellect - because when it happens, it's a feeling

It's a feeling. It's an urge. It's a very subtle thing that happens within. It's not something that you can read about in a book. It's not something that somebody can shout into your ears so you'll "get it."

So how often do you truly experience synchronicities and signs?  Is it determined by how aligned you are to your divine nature, and how connected you are to the universe. That's really it.

If you are connected 24/7, then everything around you is a sign. Everything around you is magical. So it's not just those signs, or the moments of synchronicity, it's everything around you.

Basically, all signs and synchronicities are constant communication from the divine.

You may be wondering, "How can I get more more aligned with the universe then?"

It's not very different from any other relationship, really. I'm suggesting that you should have a relationship with the divine, however you define it - you can call it God, you can call it the universe, you can call it Allah - whatever you call it in your religion or belief system.

Think about with people you know very, very well - like close family members.

Sometimes you know exactly what they will be doing in the next moment, right? When they do certain things, or when they have a certain facial expression, you know exactly what they are up to. Are they happy with you? Are they sad with you? Are they upset with you? You just know.

However, when you just start to date a new person, you feel uneasy, right? You don't know what to say, and you don't know if they like what you do or not.

What kind of relationship do you have with the divine? Is your relationship really trusting, much like how you can read your family members' facial expressions? Perhaps you're in a different kind of relationship with the divine -one where you really don't know what life wants from you, or what God needs you to do.

It is possible to have a closer relationship with God, with the divine, but it needs to be cultivated. How exactly do you cultivate this relationship?

First, you need to constantly remember to ask and to notice that you are not alone. 

You have a power that's beyond your imagination that is here every time to guide you, to love you, and to show you the way. When you can fully experience this, then you really have no choice but to have a very close relationship with the spirit realm - the power that is it beyond your ego's understanding.

Spend some time every day to stop for a moment and be in silence and feel that you are not alone. Ask yourself to do this a few times a day. Once you slip into silence, once you turn off your phone and close your eyes and feel the presence of your spirit guides, (or God or the universe, whatever you call it,) you will know it. It can be felt in silence in meditation, but you really have to be there to ask, to open yourself to receive it.

A second way to cultivate this relationship with the divine is to keep a conversation with God journal.

I do that all the time. I also have my question to my guides or to the universe and then I'll forget about it. I let go. at some point, the answer will just come to me and when an answer comes, I will just type it up. I would have a question and an answer.

Sometimes, the answer comes before the question. When that's the case, you are entirely connected to the divine. Once you are one with this divine energy, you will see more signs, and you will be able to truly understand what these signs mean. 

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  • Richard On

    (oops, scrap the last question. I see it’s consistently Karin. )

  • Richard On

    hey Karin,

    Awesome post! For a very long time my guardian angel has saved my ass in many a difficult situation. Occasionally almost like weird freaky James Bond situations. “Ouch, is he gonna live or die?” But after each scary event I didnt want to include my guardian angel in my decision making. Because I wanted to learn to do and figure out things by myself. Like a little kid. But that policy hasnt worked out at all. I have heard this knowledge so often. It is all you anyway. So better to include your guardian angel and guides in your life. But still paid no heed.
    But now you have made things so abundantly clear that I cannot deny this truth.

    I am also quite impressed with your own life story and courage to share.

    oh, and speaking of changing patterns in a short amount of time, Have you heard about Agni Hotra? there is a particular timing during sunrise and sunset which brings about a change in atmosphere. and some say atmosphere is consciousness.

    Is it Karin or Karen btw (I noticed two different ways of spelling)?,

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