99% IGNORE This Sign From The Universe That Manifestation is Coming

99% of people miss this important sign from the universe signaling that what you want is coming. Today I'll show you what it is and how you can stop missing it!

The universe is communicating with you 24/7

Did you know that the universe never stops talking to you? Did you know that the universe is always showing you signs? Most of us are so blinded to true reality, to what the universe is trying to tell us - instead, we go to other people for insight, or we try to figure it out with our limited minds. That only spins us in a circle like a dog that keeps chasing its own tail.

Open your mind and understand this:  The universe is talking to you right now. Right now, while you read this blog, the universe is talking to you through me. When you finish reading this, and you go talk to a friend, the universe is trying to talk to you through that friend. In every single moment the universe is communicating with you, and gently guiding you to live a happier and more fulfilling life. But you know what? You have to be open to listen. You have to be capable of interpreting what the universe is saying. 

Let me give you a perfect example - This morning I got an email from one of my gratitude tribe members. She asked me: "Karin, I've been stuck in my current situation for a number of years. I've been trying to manifest a job because I've been laid off." She said that there are three people that all got laid off at the same time including herself, but the other two both got jobs already and she's the only one who is still looking.

I got this email at the exact moment during which I was asking the universe: What kind of video should I make today? Now, I know exactly what video I should make! I want to thank this person, but I also want to thank the universe! This is a perfect example of how the universe talks to me!

The sign from the universe that 99% miss

While reading this email I realized this:  Often times when you think you're stuck, you are not! In fact the universe is trying to talk to you through this situation. You just don't know it!

Let me explain: Most of us go through this situation during which we think other people have what we want. Let me know in the comments down below - when this happens, what is your first reaction? Does it make you feel a little upset? What does your ego tell you? 

Your ego might say - "You're a loser! Look - so and so got what you wanted but you still haven't! So and so is so much luckier than you! You're no good! You have failed somehow..." Sound familiar? Pay attention to this critical voice of your ego. Remember that your ego is very good at making you feel like you are less than others.

However, this feeling is not real, because you're no less than others! You're also no more than others, because we're all divine and we're all special in the eyes of the universe.

Every time you go through a situation like that you need to know that it's actually a sign! That is what my spirit guides are telling me... Let's say you set your intention to manifest that job - instantly, that job is already there.

However, your ego will take some time to match the vibration to get there. How do you know you're on the right path? How do you know you're moving toward your dream job and not moving away from it?

Through the "scenery" around you - the life experience around you. The universe will send you people who got the job that you wanted. It is done this way to inspire you. The universe is saying: "Look! That piece of consciousness in front of you got it. You are just as divine and just as special as that other person. So your turn is next!" You are just as special and deserving as that person.

What this sign means to you

When you see other people getting what you want, that's the universe telling you:  My friend, my love, my child, I love you. I'm showing you: That person can do it, so you can do it too because you and they are connected!

Everyone and everything in this universe is one. They're interconnected. When you see that happen, that means the universe is telling you you're on the right path. You just have to mold your energy a little bit more.

Allow yourself to become more of a vibrational match to what you want. Do more visualization and be happier - be more hopeful, and open your energy.

It's so important to keep your heart open! The moment you feel the sinking feeling in your heart like "Oh, I'm no good. I have failed," or, "Look at me! I'm comparing myself to that other person..." It's like you instantly shut down your energy field. If you could only see the energetic reality of this! This is as bad as stabbing yourself energetically.

Every time you belittle yourself, or you compare yourself with someone else, remember:  Energetically you're just stabbing yourself! I know it sounds a bit extreme but it's true.

On your way towards manifesting, when you keep stabbing yourself energetically, you will feel smaller, and more limited. Feelings of jealousy and frustration are just a reaction of the little, egoistic mind.

The universal mind - your higher self - is saying:  "Wow, since that person has it, that means the universe is telling me that I am just as divine as that person. I can have it too!" This is the sign that most people keep missing.

The universe sends you people who have what you want, in order to help you realize you're on the right path. However, most people do not understand this sign. They push themselves away from what they want when they see this sign!

Using this sign the right way

Become aware of how you feel. Whenever you feel that stabbing feeling that you give yourself, you need to instantly drop that feeling and tell yourself:  "You know what? I'm okay and I don't have to feel this way! The universe is giving me a sign that I am on the right path, and that I am moving toward where I want to go. I am going there!"

Every time you can reverse the bickering of your ego, your manifestation power becomes stronger, and you move closer to who you truly are. In fact, your dream life doesn't exist on its own. It's only there to support who you truly are. Once you become aware of who you truly are, your dream life is a byproduct. It's there to tell you that there's so much more you can experience. There's so much more you can love. There's so much more you can have, and you are so much bigger and more beautiful than who you think you are! 

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