Self-Love EFT! [2-Minute EFT Tapping your way to Miracles!]💕

In this 2 minute EFT round, I'll show you the basics of tapping and share one of my favorite ways to tap for self-love! Feel free to repeat it for a few more rounds until you feel you can love yourself a lot more, and wait to see miracles in your life!

To learn more about EFT, read this blog post!


You can use this script below to tap a few more rounds and amplify the magic!

Karate Chop Point: Even tho I have trouble loving myself as I am right now, I deeply and completely honor and accept myself.

Eyebrow: I am now able to feel a rise of love for being exactly who I am.

Side of Eye: I fully forgive myself for the blocks I’ve been holding which prevent true self-love from blossoming in me.

Under Eye: I can slowly begin to feel a strong alignment to the love of the universe. I’m starting to accept myself.

Under Nose: The full acceptance of myself has opened the portal to overflowing self-love

Chin: I  am feeling the wave of self-love rising higher than I ever thought possible.

Collar Bone: I am seeing how this powerful transformation within is completely transforming my external world right now.

Under Arm: I am a master at experiencing and sharing love.

Top of Head: I now deeply and completely love, honor and accept myself, and I allow all the miracles to happen in my life right now!


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