The Crazy Secret Subliminal They Are Hiding from You!

The crazy secret subliminals they are trying their best to hide from you! Today, let's unveil what this is all about, and how you can use subliminals to change your life! A lot of people come to me and ask about subliminals. You'll also see that I offer subliminals as additional resources for manifesting. I embed subliminal messages (which I make together with my client's input) in soothing music files because those will more easily reach the subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is basically a storehouse for all possibilities, and that storehouse is wide open to the power of subliminals.

How subliminals work

When you were a child, anywhere between zero and seven years of age, you were wide open. You received whatever information was in your environment and using that information, your subconscious mind created behavior patterns and templates for processing reality. These behavioral patterns and templates form the way we conduct our lives today. The way you conduct your life manifests your reality - that is how powerful subliminal messages can be! After you grow up, you know, it's not that your storehouse is "closed." It's just not as open anymore. By that time you'll have something called a conscious filter. You'll have your own egoistic consciousness and it builds boundaries that block out things. You'll start to make judgments regarding what is good for you, and what should be rejected. It begins to determine what you want to take in, and what you don't want to take in. Once your belief system is formed, it becomes very difficult to change.

Let's say, when you are a child, you believe that "money doesn't grow on trees," and that money is actually really hard to come by. As an adult, no matter how many wealth affirmations you speak to yourself, that deeply ingrained belief system in your subconscious mind is still creating your reality. Remember though, that storehouse of your subconscious mind is actually still slightly open. It's never completely closed. The only way to put things in there freely is to have subliminal messages sent into your subconscious mind. They enter through that little crack in your consciousness. On my website you'll see several subliminal message products. These are music files embedded with subliminal messages - positive messages that are created to help you penetrate that conscious filter in order to change your beliefs. The music sounds really boring because the music itself isn't really the point. It's the embedded messages your conscious mind can't hear under the music.

Today I want to talk about that little crack in your consciousness. I want to tell you how that crack can be so powerful. Believe it or not you are unknowingly being influenced by the society, and by people around you. These people out there who are trying to control you through this crack do it because they understand how the crack works. Most people are not aware of this secret. It's strange though because it's not like this secret is completely hidden. In a way, it is out there, but they are trying to hide it from you. Who are they? I think they are basically our collective negative consciousness, or simply, people in power who don't want you to be empowered. So, it's not really a specific person or a specific group of people. I think it's just our overall consciousness.

Feng Shui and Subliminal

A couple of weeks ago, I was on the trip in Arizona. We visited a very small national park called the Montezuma castle. The Montezuma castle is actually not a real castle though. It's just a bunch of caves that the Cape Albino Native American Indians carved out as dwellings on a mountain side. They are seated on a mountainside and facing a river. When I saw that I thought to myself, "Wow, these native people really understood the principle of Feng Shui."

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One basic Feng Shui principle is that you want to have a mountain behind where you live, and a river in front. Unfortunately, these days, it's very rare for us to get that kind of Feng Shui living situation. It would be difficult to have a house situated in that type of environment. I think the reason for that is because collectively we are no longer aware of the power of our environment. We are no longer aware that the energy from our environment actually serves as a subliminal. Yes, here, I'm not talking about subliminal videos, or subliminal products. I'm talking about the subliminal messages you receive from your environment every single day. Every one of us is getting bombarded every moment with subliminal messages from our environment. Think about it:  Every day when we get out, what do we hear? We hear traffic, right? We hear noise. Daily news - these are very, very negative energies. These are actually things that penetrate through our positive energy circle and create a disruption in our natural flow of energy. As our human civilization evolves, a lot of people are becoming less and less aware of where we're really coming from. We're becoming less and less aware of what is really good for us. Therefore, we allow people who want to control us to dictate how we live, don't we? Many people want to live in big cities that stay away from nature.

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We're no longer near rivers, creeks, mountains, and those are the powerhouses for our manifestations. Essentially, we are all collectively living in a pretty crappy subliminal environment which tells us that we are supposed to live a miserable life, have conflict with other people, and never get what we want. It's like we're reinforced to live a miserable life. This is because we live in this environment which sends out this negative subliminal message. I hope you're able to see that picture.

Awaken to your true power

The reason I'm writing this blog is for you to know that your true power within yourself is much more powerful than these negative subliminal messages around you! So, to get more specific, there is one crazy, negative subliminal message which is everywhere. Big corporations know it and use it. For example, when you're on YouTube, the way they designed the app, the way they send videos to you is all geared toward making you become less and less aware. It begins making you more and more dull.

This makes you more open to receive negative energy. I want you to become aware of this. Even though this so called secret is not really hidden, they are in a way helping you ignore the secret so that you can continue to let this negative subliminal affect you.

Now let's talk about how you can break free from this. First, I want you to understand that your space - the environment around you - in itself is the most powerful subliminal ever. It is VERY important to make your environment radiate positive energy. That is the essence of Feng Shui, right? It is more important to make your environment vibrate in alignment with your desires. It should be in alignment with your soul, with how this universe operates - which is pure love, pure gratitude, and pure joy. 

How do you do it?

First of all, look around and see how much clutter is in your environment. Start really cleaning it up. That's the first step. Once you clean out all the garbage you can see you are going to feel better and your life is going to improve. It might not happen right away, but it will happen over time. The second thing is to remember is that you need space for pure, positive energy to circulate. I'm in a space of six feet most times. Try to have a space of at least six feet around you as often as possible. If you use the metric system, it's about two meters. You want to think about this space around you and make sure there is no clutter. Create space around you for energy to flow.

After you have that space think about what your desires are. What are some of the objects that vibrate at the level of your desires? Let's say you want to manifest a new home - you can put a picture of your dream home somewhere. Don't put it on top of a bunch of clutter though. You want to replace the clutter with everything that reminds you of your dream life. You want to not only have a vision board, but you also want to have vision objects around you. You want to This will give you the feeling of being in your dream life. If you want to manifest a dream car, go buy a model of the car and put it around you. Make sure it is arranged neatly - cleanly - not just in a messy pile.

When you do this, you're already changing the subliminal messages you receive from the environment. The next step is to add natural elements to your environment. Plants, for example, and / or a small water fountain that has water circulating in it. The most important thing is that you want to have objects that remind you of mother earth - the nature out there. This is because these serve as reminders that nature is really your manifestation powerhouse. I hope you understand that your environment is one big subliminal, and how you design your environmental subliminal is entirely up to you. Don't let the society decide for you what kind of environment you live in. Stay away from the noise, stay away from the traffic. Instead let your environment remind you of all your dreams, all your goals, and also your true power in manifesting.

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