Secret Hack to Manifest What You Want FAST!

Today, I want to share with you a hack to help you manifest super fast! 

This idea comes from a dialogue from the '90s between the late Dr. Wayne Dyer and Dr. Deepak Chopra. They were having this conversation about how to manifest what they want.  I don't remember the exact words, but what they were saying was this:

"you will always get what you really wantbut you will never get what you really, really, really, really, really, really want"

What does that mean?

When your desire changes from its pure forms of being excited about something into: "I need to get this thing, otherwise I can't survive"... Once you turn your desire from this expanding feeling to feelings of desperation and heaviness, your desire is not going to manifest.

So the important thing here is to be able to understand, "am I desiring this or am I feeling desperate about it?" These are two completely different feelings.

Most people are not really aware of the difference and they think that desire is desperation.

Now, take out a piece of paper.  Write exactly what you want to manifest, and then ask yourself:  "How desperate am I?" 

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Erase that desperate feeling because it's an illusion. if you think that you can't live without that thing, think again: You are already living without that thing, which means you are totally capable of living very well without that thing.

The key here is to shift your desire to intention and move out your desperation and move it into excitement. 

How do you do that? There is a very, very important thing that you can do and it's called diminishing importance. This comes from the concept of the Reality Transurfing theory. In this theory, they believe that everything you want is already in a parallel reality. All you need to do is simply shift into a new timeline and new reality. Therefore, nothing is more important than others.

When you put something on a mental pedestal, you think that you can't be happy without it; You're basically denying the reality that this thing is already existing in a parallel reality. You can just go and grab it! When you're thinking it's so hard to grab it, you're manifesting the reality that it is hard or difficult.

This happens a lot in relationships, have you been in love with someone and that person doesn't know that you like them? You feel like that person is out of reach. well, instead of feeling that way, drop your anxiety and say; " They are just a fellow human being. I have a lot of good qualities and I'm going to manifest the reality where we are best friends and I'm the best lover with that person." You know when you put all that weight down, your desire will start to manifest very quickly. So the only way to speed up law of attraction is diminishing importance. 

The question is how exactly do you diminish importance? 

Here's the hack I want to share with you:

The hack is to practice delaying instant gratification. Where is that importance coming from? That's from your ego. basically, your ego is creating an illusionary weight on that particular object, person or that particular desire.

What I want you to do is to throughout the day practicing, delaying getting what you want.

That almost sounds like a contradiction to your desire of manifesting fast, right? However, by practicing lightening the weight your ego creates, you move faster towards your desire. For example; when you are watching a TV show; nowadays we all have streaming services where you can watch a whole season from episode 1 to episode 20 in a day, right? Your ego will create this illusion; "I want to get to the end" In this case, the end is weighing so much,

I want you to practice this through these small little insignificant things and say, "I'm done today. I'm not going to watch more. I'll just delay the gratification"

Another example is "I really, really want to eat that chocolate cake" At that moment instead of following that instant gratification, better to say;  I'm not going to eat it now."  when you practice delay little instant gratifications, you are going to have much, much stronger manifestation power.

Now you know why these days a lot of people get in debt, it's because of that feeling of instant gratification. But you can stop that, when your mind is telling you this thing is so important and you want it, just take a short break at the moment and say "I'm willing to drop it for now." And things will actually come to you much easier.

So the hack is practice delaying instant gratification throughout the day.

it can be as simple as, for example; you see a video on YouTube that spikes your curiosity. You say; "I'll watch it tomorrow." 

My spirit guide has been telling me that going for instant gratification is the number one way you slow down the manifestation of your true desire because your life becomes full of quick fulfillment of meaningless things.

And when you spend a lot of time and energy on these things, your energy will scatter. You're no longer tapping into your inner manifestation magic. You're no longer tapped into your deepest will that is in alignment with the will of the divine.

Think about this; when you're scattered, how can you manifest anything? How can you manifest anything fast?

Challenge yourself to delay instant gratification, at least for 3 days on 3 different occasions each day. In a few days, I bet you your life is going to change; you're going to feel much more energy and your desires will manifest a lot faster. 

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