Manifesting 5X Faster with Scripting: The Easy Way

In this blog, I'm going to teach you the easy way to use scripting to manifest your desires 5 times faster! All it takes is for you to script what you want the right way! 

More importantly, I want to share with you a new tweak  I've been making in my scripting method that will make it much easier and more effective. Nobody else out there is talking about this. Make sure you read till the end! I call it "the hero's journey scripting”. 


Scripting explained


I have used scripting in the past 20 years to manifest my desires. First, let’s talk about what scripting is. It is essentially writing a story of your dream life. Scripting is all about getting into the details. If you just write “I am living in my dream life”, or “I have a million dollars and I'm very happy”, that's not scripting!  


Scripting is writing a detailed story of your dream life. You have to add the characters, settings and as much detail as possible to make your script realistic and believable to your subconscious mind.

Ideally your script should be like an interesting story. It should make your subconscious mind think that this is real. Just think of your favorite novel or your favorite tv show. Even though the story is fake, and on some level you know it's not real, but somehow you're drawn to it and you feel like you're in the story.


That's what you need to do with your scripting! The only difference between reading your favorite novel and reading your script is that the main character in your script is you.


If you could do your scripting like what I just described, congratulations, you are already a master at scripting. Have you ever thought to yourself: what makes a story enticing? This is very important question to ask when you want to do good scripting. The secret to good storytelling is the feeling that story can invoke from you. 


The key to scripting 


Sometimes while watch a TV drama you find yourself unmoved when an important character dies.  That's not an enticing story, right?


A good story makes you feel emotional. It invokes your feelings. Your personal scripting should do the same. You need to make the story so believable that you really feel the feelings.  It doesn't have to be long. it just have to invoke your feelings.


By now you already know so much more about scripting than most people out there. Now let’s dive even deeper.


Recently I noticed that some people have a very stubborn and skeptical subconscious mind. No matter how good their script is, their subconscious mind just doesn't buy it.


When scripting doesn't work 


 I have a client like that  I've been working with her to manifest her dream partner using scripting. She has done some really amazing scripting work because she is a writer. She's so good at writing and her script is like a real novel! When I read it  I feel emotional, and I thought it’s good enough and it should work, however, in reality it just doesn't work for her. 


I have another client who is not a good writer at all. However, once  I got her to script with emotion she manifested what she wanted very quickly. I thought long and hard about why scripting doesn’t work with my writer client. Then I realized this: For some reason her subconscious mind just doesn't buy it, because her subconscious mind is so used to reading all the beautiful stories she writes, and it can easily file her script into the folder of “fictional narratives”.


The key to scripting is not just writing a beautiful story to move yourself. You have to write a story that is believable to your subconscious mind!


I then realized why scripting doesn't work for some people like my writer client. when you're scripting for your dream life, you write about how happy and everything being perfect. Sometimes it's just too good to be true. Your subconscious mind doesn't think it is possible. Where you are in life you don't feel that great. This way, your subconscious mind can regard the desired feelings as fake. Sometimes, you could be faking these feelings you just don't realize it.

How to fix this? 


The hero's journey


There is a common formula in writing creative stories that is called “the hero's journey”. In fact all of the stories you read these days are basically heroes journeys. Usually a story has a main character who goes through a lot of challenges before he/she reaches the happy ending. The character is not always happy in the story, right? That is called the hero's journey. 


Usually the hero start out to accomplish something. In the beginning is very exciting and then the hero will face resistance and obstacles.  Eventually the hero has to overcome the obstacles to reach their goal. All the stories you're watching out there, movies, TV shows and novels are all like that! Even though they're different stories, they share the exact same formula.


When your current scripting method doesn't work, here's what you need to do. You need to make yourself really feel the hero's journey. In your script, add a small part where you face challenges and obstacles but you do not give up.


For most people, the moment they face obstacles, the first reaction or impulse from your mind is to give up your intention. Your mind would say “let’s dodge this pain”. Your ego mind doesn't want to experience anything unpleasant, however, life is full of pleasant and unpleasant experiences. That's why most people suffer! 


If you could work through these unpleasant feelings and experiences, life becomes much easier and you become much stronger. You then become the real hero.


 There's also another very important formula in any creative writing, which is the development of the hero's character. The hero is never the same person at the end of the story. The hero always grows through these obstacles in the story!


So, instead of just writing that you are only surrounded by pleasant things, you can safely write this: “Something happened and I thought I would have to give up on this desire, but I didn’t. I sat with myself with my inner being and the universe and = I merged with my higher self. Once I became my higher self this obstacle is nothing. I overcame it. I was able to get out of the darkness and now  I am manifesting my dream life…”


I told my writer client about this she totally gets it. She started scripting this way and she wrote about how she felt all alone and she felt that she will never be loved, and then she felt her inner being speaking to her. She felt that she's filled with love and light. She realized that she IS love. She IS light. There is no way she will never be loved. And then she proceeds with her script.


Right after she's done with this part, she got a call from someone that she's loved many years ago who she has lost contact with. This person actually came back to her, and now they're in a beautiful romantic relationship.


This is the power of the hero's journey. I want you to see yourself as a hero in the story and don't be just limited to pleasant experience in life. Be okay with some of the unpleasant or darkness in life, because those are the moments that shape your character. Those are the moments that turn you into the hero you deserve to be! If you want to know more about scripting, read this blog on my step by step scripting formula. 

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