Sandhya and Tayyab's Tesla Code 369 Synchronicity Collage

Here's an interesting story I received from one of our gratitude tribe members...My notes at the end. 


Hi Karin good evening i am doing the 369 method and after 1 and half week i started seeing the number 369 somehow almost everyday and most of all i started getting the number 369 through my boyfriend whom i love a lot so i'm getting the sign through him could you help with that i mean what could that mean because he is not following the method but the signs are coming through him to me and as i told you he sees it almost everyday then he tells me daily and as proof i'm even sending you some attachments..thank you dear Karen in advance and i'm so grateful to you and happiness to you stay blessed 😊😊❤

Sandhya and Tayyab's

Karin's note: The universe is always trying to communicate with you. The question is: are you willing to listen? Sometimes these Synchronicities are just too obvious and it's impossible to put them in the category of coincidence. When things line up like this, the universe is telling you that you are on the right track and that you resonate deeply with these divine codes...Good job Sandhya and Tayyab's!

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  • Karin On

    Hi Yaw, hang in there. Be aware not labeling things as “bad” or “worse” because everything just “is”…everything is already perfect. Sometimes when you have a lot of blocks, starting to change course in life may stir up a storm. Just like when you are washing some dirty dishes, at first you see a lot more stuff coming off the dishes, right? I would say no technique is going to make things “worse”. It’s your own blocks and resistance that are manifesting into blocks so you can return to the old patterns. Just be aware and keep doing what you are doing. love light and gratitude.

  • Yaw On

    Hi, Karin I started using the 369 technique on a 33 day plan and getting to the 3rd week, things started getting from bad to worse in my life, am almost done but I wanted to know if hardship is also a sign good things are coming from the universe because I strongly believe in what am doing and know things are already working perfectly in my life. I’ll be expecting your reply, much love from Ghana, West Africa

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