Quantum Jumping: Reality Loophole Just Opened...

I really hesitated before writing this post because this is the first time I'm sharing so openly about stuff like this. Even though this may sound a little crazy, I want to talk to you about reality loopholes and Quantum Jumping.

This morning it happened to me again - it's not the first time. It's just the first time I'm talking about it. I'm experiencing a reality loophole. What is a reality loophole?

It's basically something that happens in your life that can't be explained by physics or logic, or the rules typical reality tends to follow. It's a pretty simple thing this time:  This morning, I picked up this little bell that my son found and gave to me. I asked him where he got it. He said he had no idea. I thought to myself, "this thing just appeared out of nowhere - I have no idea where it came from." This is not the first time something like this happens. You may be thinking, well it's just a little thing - what's the big deal? Maybe my son just found it somewhere that I hadn't looked for a while. I am someone who is very conscious of every single detail in my house though.

Everything that I have around me has a meaning. I may talk about this at some point, but I know exactly what's in my house. I also hardly keep any clutter in my living space.

This means that every single thing - if I don't need it in the house - I throw it out. So every time a new thing appears in my reality, there is always a lesson to be learned. This really can't be explained by logic, because we're still in some sort of a lockdown and we haven't gone out and bought anything recently, other than groceries being delivered to us. So how did this little bell - which is pretty exotic, and antique-looking - show up in my house?

Although this is a tiny example of a reality loophole, I have experienced much larger ones.

Let me share this with you:  Many years ago, a girlfriend and I decided to take a trip to Thailand. We saved up for this trip for quite a while. This girlfriend of mine - at the time - had just started working for an airline.

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So she got some really cheap tickets. We were both single and I was living alone. At the time I was not yet living in the U.S. and I had to go to the bank to get some US currency to take with me to Thailand. So for me at that time US dollars were not part of my everyday reality. Not like today since I live here, in the U.S., where U.S. dollars everywhere. I got a couple of hundred dollars at the time for my trip, and for me, that was a lot of money.

I remember getting hundred dollar bills. I put these bills into an envelope and I took the envelope with me to Thailand. When we got to the hotel, I put the envelope inside the safe box. I remember taking one hundred to spend. I went to exchange the money to Thai currency. I left the other $400 or $500 in the safe box.

So we went out into the city and had a great time. When I came back to the hotel room, I opened the safe box and checked on my money.

Then the next day it happened - I was ready for more vacation fun. When I opened the safe box the money had disappeared - the entire envelope with US dollars was gone. I was the only one who knew the code to open the safe. I remember it was a pretty nice four-star hotel in which we stayed. It didn't seem like a place where they'd openly commit this kind of crime. The whole thing was a mystery to me, and I was really upset. The rest of the time in Thailand, I had to borrow money from my friend.

Thankfully she had brought more money than she needed. I was able to continue my travels. After our trip to Thailand, we returned home, and can you guess what happened next?

The first day I was home, I opened the door and the envelope full of the money that I saved up for Thailand was sitting on my desk. It was in my apartment and I can't explain it to this day - how is that possible??

Remember that I was living by myself at this time. I left my apartment for the trip and the whole time I was in Thailand, my apartment was locked and nobody was there. When I went to Thailand on day one, I took money out of this envelope and I put it in the safe. I clearly remembered that! I wasn't crazy because my friend was there and she witnessed the whole thing as well.

We both even tried calling the hotel to resolve the loss - trying to figure out why the money was gone. We had made a big fuss about it.

When I opened the envelope, the exact amount of money that I had minus the hundred dollars I took out in Thailand on day 1 was in there! To this day, that was probably one of the biggest reality loopholes I have ever experienced. After that experience, actually, I realized that reality is not real. Just like what I've always been talking about on my blogs, You think that your reality is so fixed, hard, and unchangeable, but look at what happened to me back then!

If you've had a similar experience like this, leave it in the comments section down below. I'd love to read about it.

After all these years this kind of thing has happened to me so many times. Sometimes it's just small things like this morning with the little bell that popped up out of nowhere. Sometimes it's bigger things! No matter what it is today, I'm no longer shocked. I'm also no longer thinking that I must be crazy because I'm sure that this happens to everyone - almost everyone - or anyone who is still a little bit connected to the reality outside of this physical reality.

Most people experiencing this kind of situation will just brush it off. They may think, "Oh for a moment I was just crazy, Or maybe I'm remembering it wrong. Or maybe it's just not something I want to look at." They just allow these opportunities to slide. BUT actually these reality loopholes, if you ever experience them, pay attention to them because usually, they're portals that are shifting you from one reality to another reality. When you're experiencing that sort of portal, oftentimes you have more creative control over where are you going.

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If you are experiencing a reality loophole or you happened to be experiencing them from time to time, the first step is to not look at it as something weird, scary, creepy, strange, or even special, because these loopholes happen all the time. They serve as an opportunity for you to shift from your current timeline to your desired reality.

Ever wondered how to do quantum jumping? Here's how...

Most people miss these opportunities because they brush them off. When you're experiencing them, make sure that you become very conscious and focus your attention on:  What is your dream reality? What is the reality you would like to experience next? Or what is your goal in a specific area of your life? Focus your energy on it, wait for the amazing energy pouring through you, and your life that will push you into that new reality. 

This is essentially quantum jumping. Quantum jumping does not mean that you wake up and live on Mars, or that you wake in the past or the future - it's not always like that because your conscious mind can only take so much expansion at once. When it expands too much, your physical brain won't be able to take it.

That's why even though you're always shifting, you usually shift into the exact same reality all the time. These loopholes are here to remind you that this time you can take a bigger leap. You can take a bigger step than your conscious mind can habitually take. Understand this, and be at ease with it. You can shift into your desired physical reality.

Remember that reality is not fixed. Reality can be changed and reality is up to you because you are the creator of your reality. That's why sometimes your reality has a loophole because you're not a perfect creator - none of us is a perfect creator.

Our life script isn't always perfect. That's why these loopholes are here to remind us that We can write our life script a little differently.  You can invite better writers to come in with you. You can co-write that script with them. This is called connecting to the divine dancing with the divine. That is what I've been trying to teach. It's not about just relying on your own creative power, but also bringing in the power from God - the power from the entire universe. This is the power from the spiritual realm. When you create this way your quantum shifting is going to be a much more pleasing experience.

So remember, at this moment you are shifting into a new reality, but you are the one who decides what kind of reality you're shifting into. You're the only one who can make that decision. 

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