Quantum Jumping Into a Parallel Reality of Your Dream Life - With THIS Object

Let me tell you a secret: I have used a small object to help me shift into a brand new reality, and you can do it too! Today I'll share with you how exactly you can make this shift. You can jump into a parallel reality of your dream life right now! 


Reality is not real


Today we're going to talk about reality shifting or reality transurfing to help you realize this: Reality is not fixed!


 How is it possible? Let me prove it to you. Now take a mental picture of your reality. Just look around, then close your eyes. Now open your eyes and tell me about your mental picture of what's in your reality. You are probably going to tell me the different objects around you, right? Such as the chair you're sitting in, your smart phone, iPad or computer etc etc .


Now let me ask you: Are you really sure that this reality is fixed? When your eyes were closed, let’s say you doze off and start dreaming. When you are dreaming, where is this reality that is around you? The molecules of your phone, your chair, your furniture or your room may still be around, but that's irrelevant to you, right? When you're dreaming, you’re literally in a completely new reality! You're no longer in this reality!


In fact we are constantly shifting from one parallel reality to another. These realities these timelines are very very similar and the change is not as drastic as the shift from dream state to wake state, so you don't notice the difference. You think that you live in this fixed timeline where everything is fixed and everything is just happening to you, and you're just this tiny little person.


When you're feeling this way, you are confined in your reality. You have lost your magic and you have lost the real wisdom about what's really happening out there.


Now I want you to be very clear about this fact: everything that you are seeing, smelling, hearing, touching and even the thoughts you're thinking are just products of your senses. They're not real. They’re just images from your senses.


When you are watching my Youtube video, it may appear to your senses that you're watching this person named Karin talking, but what's really happening is s just a bunch of technology and the internet. You're not in my house. You are just watching an image of me, right? Everything you're seeing and touching in your reality is not real! This includes objects that feel real, certain thoughts and belief system that seem so suffocating. None of them are real and fixed!


Once you wake up from that wrong notion that everything is real and fixed, now you have the freedom to shift into your desired reality. Once you understand this, you will know that you are already shifting at every moment. At each millisecond of your life you're shifting from one reality to another, because your perception is always changing. Your body is always changing. Your eyesight is always changing. Therefore, the images in your eyes are changing, and the sound in your ears are changing. Nothing remains solid. Nothing remains fixed. Therefore, you have the freedom to shift into a reality where you are deeply happy and fulfilled.


Why you feel trapped in reality


Now you might be asking, well Karin, what does this knowledge have to do with my life? I'm still trapped in my reality. I’m still trapped in the job I hate, or in a relationship I hate. I’m still trapped in this body that I don't like …


Listen carefully. Let me tell you why you're feeling trapped: it's not because you're really trapped. The trap itself is just an extension of you!


The real you is not this one personality with your name on it.  The real you is really a collection of everything. You’re not just this body. You're also your house, your job, your relationship and this whole entire world. Everything that you can see, touch and think of are all part of you. In that sense, that dream life picture in your mind is also part of you!


Now let me ask you a more important question: which one do you think is more real: the visualization of your dream life, or the device you are using to read this blog? You may be saying: Well, of course, the device is more real. 


The real answer is that they are both as real as they are. They are both part of you. it's just like your finger is part of you and your toe is also part of you. They're just at different places but they are all part of your body. You really have to shift your perception to be able to control your reality. I say it again: you need to shift your perception in order to shift your reality.

When you think “my dream life is just an idea but this phone i'm holding is much more real”, you are giving this phone more energy, and therefore the universe says “so it is!”


The universe doesn't really make judgement. The universe doesn't say “This one is living a miserable life and that one is living a great life.” Or “That one is ugly and this one is pretty”…The universe is simply all -that- is.


To the universe, whether you live your dream life or whether you live a miserable life doesn't matter, because the universe is a collection of all that is. It’s up to you to decide what you want to experience,  and then,  the universe will just take you there.


 Most of us don't understand that. We can perceive only a little tiny piece of the ultimate reality, and we regard that tiny piece as real, and we deem everything else as “not real.” That's why we create a separation between us and our dream reality. We don't know that our dream life is actually right here.  


Once you're trapped in your ego, you start to adapt to your ego's perceptions. Your ego is always making a judgment. Your ego is always making a separation between itself and others. Therefore, you’re constantly making these judgments. Every time you make that judgment - whether you're judging yourself or others - (it doesn't matter because you and others are one, and you and others are all you), you send out that energy of judgment. All that energy does is separating you from your dream life and separating you from true happiness, because it’s separating you from who you really are - which is the entire universe.


The ego will always shift between pleasure and pain because the ego separates everything as pleasurable and painful. The ego resists pain and seeks pleasure. Problem is: in this tiny little realm of your ego, your pleasure pain are not very far away from each other. The separation grows bigger and bigger as your range of experience becomes more and more diverse, but that doesn’t help. Eventually, everything becomes painful.


How to gain real control over reality


 Today I want to introduce a new concept: The feeling of joy, love, peace and gratitude are actually not equivalent to pleasure.  These are actually experiences beyond pleasure and pain. Now focus on the feelings of profound peace, joy and gratitude. I call them “essence of who you are.”


The essence of who you are is beyond what you call pleasurable or painful. They can exist in both pleasurable and painful situations!


When you watch an existing show, eat some good food or win the lottery, the feeling you get is pleasure. But remember,  pleasure is always short-lived. No matter how great the pleasure is, it will always end. It's never prevailing.


That's how you tell the difference between pleasure and joy. You really have to transcend your pleasure and pain of life and get to that level of joy.

 Only in that realm of joy, love and gratitude -the true essence of who you are - you have control over your reality. In that realm, what you perceive as pain is not necessarily painful. It’s just something that tells you “ this is the opposite of my essence”.


Everything in your life is really just there to give you a temporary pointer to help you understand what is more in alignment with who you are, and what is not.  When you gain control, you don’t eliminate all painful things in life. You don’t control what is put in front of you, because this type of manipulation is not the essence of what you are.  


Who you really are needs to see all of it, just like when you go to a buffet. You have to see all kinds of food. You have to have the selections in order to pick what you want to eat. Don't be scared of things that you don't like in life!


Now you can transcend the pleasure and pain of your life, now we're talking about real control. Now we're talking about real shifting realities. 


Everybody just talk about “well, I want to shift into a new reality where I have a new car or I have won the lottery.” Well, the new car and lottery will give you a temporary nudge. The feeling is freedom and happiness and that is what will prevail, but not the lottery winning.  If you're shifting from one egoistic reality to the next, your reality will eventually decay. The only real reality is the reality of joy. And I want you to make that shift.


To shift into joy, you have to see everything in your life as “normal”. You have to see the reality of winning the lottery just as normal as getting your paycheck. You have to see the reality of having a successful business just as normal as a brushing your teeth.  It has to be normal to you because in the realm of love joy and gratitude everything is normal, everything is an expression of love, joy and gratitude.


Use a small object to shift into a parallel reality of your dream life


 Now let's talk about how to use a small object to make this shift. Actually what object you use doesn't even matter. It just has to be an object that is pretty common and pretty normal to you.


 I picked this object which is a lip balm. You can pick anything like a pen you can or your toothbrush or your phone…whatever object that stays with you a long time and that is normal.


Every time you think of something you want, the thing that you put on the pedestal like “I just want a million dollars "or “I just want that partner to be happy”, you are gonna visualize yourself taking that thing off the pedestal and say “that person/thing is just as natural and normal as my….(name of your object)”


 I know in the beginning it may feel weird because in your head you know that thing is still so much bigger, but over time as you keep using this method every day, eventually you will feel that winning a million dollars is as the same as using this lip balm. Anything that you can experience in the world is just as natural and normal as this lip balm in my hand. And once you get to that stage you will realize your true essence. The real joy comes from being one with the true essence of who you are, and whatever you dream of will come to you naturally and effortlessly. But that's not even that important anymore to you! The more important thing becomes - you are fully expressing who you are in each moment!

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