Pluto Return & Future of USA and the World

Today let's talk about the future of the United States and the future of our world. Where are we heading? I want to use astrology to help you understand the energy patterns at play. I also want to incorporate some messages I've been receiving from my spirit guides! 

This video is not just about the United States - this is about where our world is going. I'm just focusing on the United States because I want to simplify this process. Besides, we all know that the United States is a superpower in the world. So much of what happens in the US causes a ripple effect around the planet. A majority of international trade is cleared in U.S dollars too. If you didn't know - most of our agricultural products are traded at a place called the Chicago mercantile exchange. This is a commodity market that does all the trading of our daily bread.

In a way, this country is closest to the pulse of the world. In terms of what we do, what we eat, and also most of the technology platforms we use today - including YouTube - US changes create worldwide changes. So the ups and downs of this country will help us understand the ups and downs of the world. It will also help us understand where we're going. In order to study the United States, I want to introduce the birth chart of this country. There are actually quite a few different versions of the United States birth chart circulating on the internet. Its challenging to determine which one to use because they're all vastly different. This is because no one really knows the exact moment this country was born.

We know the birth day is July 4th, 1776, but the mystery is the time. There is no real birth certificate of a country, right? The birth chart I'm using is based on the research of Ron Holland. He is an astrologer that studies history and he actually went into historical documents to study them. He studied the journal of the U.S congress and according to him, the U.S was probably born around 11:15 am. There are other people who believe that it's sometime in the afternoon. I don't want to go too much into arguing this point however. I want to stick to Mr. Holland's because I feel like this birth chart can also be validated through different historical events of this country.

If you look at this birth chart I feel like it fits the energy and the culture of this country quite well.

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The sun is in the 10th house and according to mundane astrology, the 10th house is really the path to success for this country. It's a very good placement for the United States and it explains how this young nation was able to quickly rise to success. It also explains how it came to be a superpower in the world in just a couple hundred years.

We also see that the sun is in Cancer. Cancer is a very loving and protective sign. That explains why so many people come to this country looking for shelter, or looking for freedom.

The sun and Jupiter are quite close, and the Jupiter and Mercury are in conjunction. That is also giving positive energy to this country. Now let's look at where the moon is...

The moon of the United States is in the fifth house - this is the house of the people. The people in astrology is represented by the moon and the moon is in the right place. It shows that there is some comfort related to being a citizen of this country. A person living in the US theoretically has a good and comfortable life. This is because of where the moon is located.

The moon is in the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is the sign of innovation and creativity. That's why the internet was born in the United States. The smartphone was born in the United States because people in this country are not afraid of asking hard questions, creating new ideas, and putting their new ideas across.

One thing I want to focus on is Saturn. Saturn is a planet that the most traditional astrologers don't like because they think that Saturn brings bad luck or restriction. However, I think Saturn actually represents serious work and a sense of reality. If you don't have Saturn in a powerful position you could be a very airy person without a sense of reality, and you could go crazy. So Saturn is not really a bad player on the US chart. Saturn is in the first house which means that the United States is a very powerful nation. It can also show that the country has a very powerful military - all this fits in with the image of the United States, doesn't it?

If you look at this birth chart, it's almost like someone with a deep understanding of astrology decided when this new country should be born. I think the founding of the United States is really a divine masterpiece. It is definitely divinely inspired.

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We just talked about all the positive aspects of the US birth chart, and if we stop there you may think that this country is perfect, with no problems. No matter how great your birth chart is however, you're always being challenged by incoming energy - transiting energies, and changes within the universe too! So, in a way, studying astrology is not about studying birth charts only. It's more about understanding how you "weather the storm" because the storm is everywhere. So now, I want to zoom in on the placement of Pluto.


Pluto is in the fourth house. The fourth house is the house of the land - a sense of homeland, or security. So the first house is a sense of superficial security. This is the super-strong military of the United States mentioned earlier. The fourth house is actually the deeper sense of security. It's like the inner security right now. The U.S is being challenged by the Pluto transition. When the U.S was founded Pluto was in Capricorn. Remember that Pluto takes 250 years to make a circle and return to where it was - so since the 1760s / 1770s we haven't seen Pluto in this position! In 2022 the U.S will experience an exact Pluto return. This means that, in 2022, the position of Pluto will be in the exact same position it was in 1776. This is a very powerful energy because this is the very first time this country is experiencing this.

Every time you experience a Pluto return it always brings about deep soul-searching, and deep transformation. As individuals we never experience a Pluto return because we don't live long enough, but we have a very similar phenomena called a Saturn return. You can look at where Saturn was when you were born. Then take a look at when Saturn will come back to that position - usually it happens around the age of 29 or 30. Then it happens again at 59 to 60 years of age. That also coincides with a cycle of Chinese astrology but I'll talk about that in a different blog.

What does a Pluto return or - on a personal level, a Saturn return - ask us to do? It is a time to take a very hard test, a time for revealing the score of that test. Usually, it takes 250 years for the universe to observe a country and see how it has been doing. In 1776, the U.S. was founded, based on principles like liberty, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness for everyone. These all seem like great words but are they really implemented in this country? After 250 years the universe is asking us this question. I think this question is not just being asked of the United States, but also to the whole world: "Are we really upholding the values the universe gave us, promising us a great future?" 

Now it's time to come back and review this: How are we doing - are we still in alignment with these values?" - that is the key question. This question actually began being asked in 2008m when Pluto entered Capricorn. This energy doesn't just start at the exact point of the Pluto return. For the U.S it takes 20 years to manifest!

In 2008 when Pluto first entered Capricorn this question has been raised over and over. Now it's going take Pluto all the way till 2024 to leave Capricorn. We now have all this time to take the test. We are in the process of taking this test and that is why we're experiencing this pandemic. That is also why we're experiencing a lot of shifts in our world. I believe however that whether we pass or fail has not been revealed. It won't be revealed until 2024. That is why I always say that this year we may see a glimpse of the future - but the real future comes in around 2024.

You may be asking, "Does this mean that after the Pluto return the U.S will cease to be a superpower?" I think the answer to that question is still in the manifestation process. We have plenty of other cultures that have been around much longer than the United States. For example, if you look at Chinese history, there's hardly any Chinese dynasties that lasted longer than 250 years. The majority of them don't pass the test. There are some dynasties that followed completely different paths. In the United Kingdom they've been through a few of these Pluto returns and somehow, these returns strengthened the country and made them a superpower at that time. I guess the question the universe is asking the U.S and the whole world is, "What kind of future are you creating going forward?"


Pluto is making its way to Aquarius slowly. Aquarius is not a sign specifically calling out "superpower," but rather it is a sign of humanity. I think Pluto is taking us to a new golden age where it doesn't matter if the U.S is a superpower or not. This is because we want the entire world to be empowered, not just a specific country. Once we go into the age of Aquarius, which coincides with Pluto entering Aquarius, I think we're going to see a lot of changes where people will start to come together. I think freedom will be restored and we're going to experience a new phase of renewed prosperity. It's probably going to be based on a new system - something very different from what we have now.

I think this Pluto return is a good thing for all of us because it's asking us to realign ourselves with the divine purpose of the United States. It is also the divine purpose of us living in this world. Interestingly, Aquarius on the U.S chart is in the house of entertainment, so I think after 2024 everything will look less serious and more fun! The entertainment industry will get its revival. 


Remember that in the last 20 years Hollywood has really been making a lot of money - that's the power of Pluto - it includes the energy of making money. After Pluto goes into Aquarius, Hollywood will probably find new energy and new creativity. When Pluto was in Capricorn the big issue was government corporations, and physical reality - the structures of our world. Pluto is slowly but surely tearing down all of that and once we get out of this Pluto return, a lot of people will relocate because Pluto is in the house of the land, and I think we will see different areas of U.S also change.

For example, New York is the financial center, and Silicon Valley is the center of the tech companies. Maybe that will all change, and maybe physical locations will no longer matter. In a way, this is a result of the pandemic. The pandemic is still a part of the divine plan. It's part of this Pluto return energy. It's really playing out in divine perfection even though it doesn't look very good right now.

It all boils down to the key question the universe is asking us both within the United States and all over the world:  "What do you choose? Do you choose love or do you choose fear?"

There are only two elements in the universe - one is love, and the other is fear. You can also say one is expansion, and one is restriction, or one is light, one is dark. The universe is just asking us which one do we choose?

For many years, we have been focusing on something else. We have not been focusing on this really important choice. We have to make that choice, and now the universe is giving us all of these crazy events to help us return to our center. It is encouraging us to return to that one and the only relationship that matters - our relationship with the universe, with God, with all that is love. So I am optimistic about our future. I think we'll choose the right thing. Through these blogs, I'm also hoping to help you make the right choice. It's not about the choice of a country, or the world - it's a personal choice. When we all make the same choice together the energy we send out to the universe will help us manifest an amazing Golden Age.

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