Pleiadians, Lost Civilizations and the Lost Magic

I'm on a walk this morning and I figured why not bring you along with me? I want to share something I've been thinking about quite a bit. I've been thinking about how we lost our magic as human beings. I've also been wondering, "How we can return to it? How we can find it again?

The magic we lost

What is this magic?" The magic is simply the ability to manifest a happy and fulfilling life. I'm not just talking about a life that's full of richness of outside experiences, but also a life that is rich both inside and outside. How come we don't seem have this magic anymore? If you look at so many people around us, they are struggling and don't have enough money - or they are struggling with relationships. So how can we reconnect to that magic we have within?

First of all, we must remember that we already have this magic within us. Lately I've been reading a book called, Essential Reiki. It was given to me by my Reiki master. It's a pretty old book - maybe like 20 years old. In this book, it is said that Reiki energy is not something only Reiki masters have. It's the activating energy that holds the universe together - we are all part of Reiki.

So how come it seems like we lost this connection Reiki? In this book, the author spoke to a psychic channel whose name is Laurel. Laurel gave a channeled session at one point. She said that we are actually not from this world. She says we were brought onto the earth by beings from other planets.

She called them Pleiadians but I personally prefer not to use names and labels on them. I do believe however, that we're not local. We're not really from this Earth. We're not like the germs and the bugs born in this world. In some of the Buddhist sutras, the Buddha also taught that we're not from here. Not only are we not from here, we are actually not the first civilization to inhabit this world.

There were civilizations before us that were probably just as developed, or maybe even more developed. Probably lot more spiritual too! That's why it is said that they were able to channel the power of Reiki much more. A lot of us in this world feel lost. We have lost our magic and we have lost the ability to channel Reiki. We lost our ability to use this energy, to change our lives, and to tune into this universe. This universe is everywhere - all around us, and inside us. That is the most important thing to realize because once you're connected to this energy strongly, you will essentially connect to the energy of Source. This is really the energy of God.

Are we really from the earth?

So I want you to try to focus on this question, "Do you really believe that you are from this world?" If you truly believe that you can hear that voice within, confirming that you - as a species -are not from here, you have come to a very important realization which can transform your life. We are from a realm that has a much higher vibration. We were much happier over there. We're just here temporarily to sort of remember, and re-realize, who we truly are. So life is not about learning new things. It's really about remembering what you already know, whatever you call it. This energy is within us. We are a part of it. This is the life force that's flowing through us.

Think about this:  If this is not the first time we've had this kind of civilization, if we've had previous iterations that were more advanced, wouldn't that be fascinating? Isn't that eye-opening? Does that make you feel that now you have a lot more opportunities to grow and develop? You have a lot more possibilities than you can possibly imagine. There are actually infinite possibilities for you to live a happier life, and become a greater version of yourself than you've ever thought possible. It's right there for you - within. That is why so many people are unhappy and they don't know why. You're unhappy not because you're not getting what you want in this world - you're unhappy because you can't remember who you you really are, and what you are capable of. You're unhappy because where you came from is a much better place. All you need to do is remember where you used to be. Then you're "there" instantly because you have really never left. That is what I've been learning since I started practicing Reiki.

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Power of Reiki

Now let's talk about - practically - how you can connect to Reiki, and feel the energy swirling in your palms. Close your eyes and quiet your mind for a moment. Throw out all the garbage that's in your thoughts. Focus on your palms. You're going to feel the warmth build there. That warmth is Reiki.

I read in the Essential Reiki book that in previous civilizations, Reiki was taught in elementary schools - all children are educated about Reiki. When they're going through their education, they're initiated right away to practice Reiki. As they advance they become Reiki level two, or Reiki level three, etc. Once they become adults, everyone is a Reiki master. 

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In the world of Reiki practice, we use Reiki symbols. These symbols are simply divine inspirations. They are kind of a visual representation of Reiki energy - a snapshot of the energy. Reiki masters are given these Reiki symbols.

reiki symbol cho ku rei

These days, there are only a handful of them unfortunately, because we lost most of them over time. You can find the ones that are left online. I recommend downloading them, and learning them. Start visualizing them and putting them in your mind. You can place the Reiki symbols all around you actually. If you can practice like this, after a few days, you're going to feel a shift in energy.

Now you can try to lay your hand on your body. Just place your hand on your heart for example, and feel the warmth going through your hand and into your body. You can do this with your other Chakras as well. Once you're comfortable with that, you may want to get a Reiki Attunement. A Reiki Attunement is simply a Reiki transmission from a Reiki master to you. So feel free to come to my website, and go to coaching section to learn more about that.

You can get a Reiki "attunement" session with me as well. Alternatively, you can look for a local Reiki Master in your area. I recommend after practicing a little bit, and you begin to understand what it is, get an attunement from someone. This is because you're going to feel different after you receive your first level of Reiki. After you get level one wait for seven or eight weeks to get level two. Then wait another seven or eight weeks to get level three. If you want you can become a master and teach Reiki to others.

If you're level one and level two, you can do healing for others. If you're level one, you can do local healing. You can put your hand to other people or on yourself to share healing energy. If you're level two, you can do remote healing. Once you're level three, you can transmit Reiki to others. Then you are a Reiki master. This is not meant to make certain people, look more spiritual than others. Calling themselves Reiki masters doesn't mean they are better than you. It simply means that they're a little bit more attuned to this energy. You can become more attuned as well. Why not start right now?

Start by feeling that energy in your palms. If you quiet your mind and you focus hard on your hand, you will feel it. Once that energy is activated, your psychic vision is also activated. I even remember having a few dreams about those old civilizations that came before us - what they look like. They were amazing! In those societies, people didn't age! It's as if their skin are like baby-skin forever. No one had any wrinkles. I think, in a way, we age because of the psycho-spiritual weight we carry in this world. It is because of the stress we carry in this world. It weighs on our body as opposed to a place and time during which everything was lighter, and everything was vibrating faster.

I hope your mind is a little bit more open now, and that you're more attuned to Reiki energy today.

Let me know in the comments down below how you feel when you first start to activate Reiki by yourself. I also sent out Reiki to you all. I feel myself doing Reiki in so many different ways!

So check out my Reiki videos and receive Reiki from me that way. You can also get some one-on-one Reiki Attunement with me, if you like.

Today though, I just want you to try the palms exercise, and open your heart - open your energy channel. Remember also who you really are. It's not about learning Reiki. It's about remembering it.

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