Are Your Past Life Issues Keeping You Stuck This Lifetime?

Are past life issues keeping you stuck in this lifetime? Do you believe this is your first time on earth? Do you believe in reincarnation? Do you believe in past lives?

Reincarnation and my son's past life

Reincarnation is a concept that is pretty well accepted in the East. If you come from an Eastern tradition, whether you come from the Buddhist tradition or Hindu tradition or Taoism, all these Eastern belief systems seem to be very sure about reincarnation.

They all talk about how you come back over and over again, to learn lessons that you have not been able to learn in your previous lifetime. In the West, reincarnation is still debatable because it's really not in the Christian doctrine. However, I've read that in the early days of Jesus Christ, in his teachings, he did talk about reincarnation. This teaching was taken out by the church later. Again, I have no time to verify all these historical details. I'm just here to share my opinion, my experience, and my observations.


For me, reincarnation was never something I gave much thought to until about 10 years ago, when I became pregnant with my son.

When you go through pregnancy, the miracle of life is so striking. It really makes you think about life, about your mission, your soul, and more. When I was pregnant with my son, this question just kept coming up to me: "Where is this life coming from?" In the beginning it was just like a little seed. Then he grew and grew and grew. Eventually he came out as a baby who can cry, and who has emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. Now he's growing into a full human being! He's 10 years old now. When he was in my womb, I kept wondering, where is this little being coming from? It's really like a gift from God. After my son was born, when he was a little older - around toddler age - I started having conversations with him about these things.

I know that the most toddlers only talk about imaginary creatures, mommy, daddy, and other fanciful things. When I got the idea to ask him things about his memories, he was around two years old. I asked him, "Hey baby, where do you think you come from? Do you remember the time you spend in my tummy?" Guess what? He didn't even think about it. He just said, "Yes, I remember." I said, "What do you remember?" He said something about a lot of water - water everywhere. Then I asked, "Do you remember what happened before you were in my tummy?" Then he says, "Well, I was old, man." Then, "I was old man in China - I had long beard and long hair." I thought to myself, where did he get this? At that time, he was just a toddler.

All he was watching at the time was Baby Einstein videos on YouTube. All those animals, Mickey Mouse, Barney - those kinds of things. He had never seen a man from China with long hair and long beard. I don't know where he got that idea. I started doing a little bit more research and I learned that most babies actually have past life memories. They remember the previous lifetimes. But supposedly, when we reached the age of five or six, all past life memories are gone. So today if you asked my son, "Do you remember the long bearded man?" he would have no memory of that, according to my research. I also read other stories containing a lot more details than what my son told me about his previous lifetime. There is a story about James Lenninger. I believe this kid remembered his previous lifetime as a pilot in the second world war. There's also a lady who remembers her past life as Anne Frank. Anyway, there are so many stories out there you can read about. The purpose of this blog is not to just discuss the weird stories.

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What past life stories mean to you?

The question I have for you is this:  Do you have any memories of your past lives, or have you heard your children talking about their past lives? Let me know in the comment section down below! Again though, this blog is not about these stories. What I want to ask you is this:  Do you think there's any purpose to these stories? Why do some people remember their past lives, and others don't. Also, why do so many children remember their past lives, and as they grow older, they forget about it! If it serves us to remember these past life stories, then why would we forget them?

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Dr. Brian Weiss did some amazing researches as a psychiatrist, and he did a lot of hypnosis sessions with his clients. He was able to discover a lot of people's past lives stories. He also wrote a lot of books about his research. According to Dr. Weiss, under hypnosis, we can all remember our past lives. Personally I have done several past life regression sessions, and I have remembered many of my own past life stories. Today, I want to go beyond these crazy stories. I want you to think about how you can use your past life memories. Is there any purpose for you to fulfill related to these past life memories. My spirit guides always tell me though, that no matter what stories you uncover from your past life memories, the most important moment is always now. 

The purpose of past life regression

Studying your past life memories can be fun, and enlightening. However, your focus should always be manifesting your dream life now, and moving forward. So don't let these stories cripple you and don't let people tell you that you can't overcome your life's challenges because you did something in the past. That's something I don't quite agree with, and something which a lot of a past life teachers discuss. A lot of people out there tell you that you have to do a lot of past life regressions to uncover your problems. These are supposedly problems of which you're not aware. You need to remember them in order to become unstuck in this lifetime. But in my experience, and in my observation, the opposite is true. My guides tell me it's actually okay to let go of your past life memories.

The details of your past life - where you were born, whether you were a man or a woman, or how did you died - these things actually don't matter. The details don't matter. What really matters is the message behind these details - the lessons behind your past life stories. Are you aware of these lessons? My guides are also telling me that you actually don't need to retrieve all your past life memories in order to understand your lessons for this life. This is because your current life is always a culmination of every moment you lived in the past anyway. This also means that the future and the most powerful point of your life is not in one of your past lives. It's not even in your future because your future doesn't exist yet.

The power of now

It's in the now. The moment of now is what matters the most. It is the most potent, and the most powerful moment. You can go into your past to uncover lessons - there's nothing wrong with that. The lessons are always a soul lesson. They are always related to an emotion - a feeling - and something that your soul would remember. It usually has nothing to do with your identity, and the world around you now. All of these details are just fillers. Here's what I think:  On one hand, I encourage you to get some past life regression hypnosis. If you can uncover your past life lessons, those may give you some insight. On the other hand though - if you don't get that - it's totally okay because these lessons, if they are unresolved from your previous lives, they will also be unresolved in your present life too.

In the same way, if there was a divine purpose in one of your past lives that needed to be passed down to this lifetime, that divine purpose is also unfolding in this present life. We never come into this world as a blank slate.

We always carry karmic lessons, and karmic talents, into this lifetime. We're blessed with this moment of now. I want you to truly look at this moment and ask yourself, "What are my karmic lessons right now?" Also, "What are my karmic talents?" If you feel stuck at this moment in this lifetime, and you think that maybe only going somewhere in your past lives will give you a solution, I encourage you to think again. This is because the karmic lesson is always in each moment. That moment is right now. I want you to also ask yourself, "What is my pain point right now?" Usually your pain point in this lifetime is a culmination of the past lives you lived. Right now your one opportunity - one of many, many infinite opportunities - to solve the puzzle. Also, to learn the lesson and become stronger. Become closer to God too. Me personally -I do use past life memories as a guide.

However, I don't put that as the center of my practice. This is simply because I focus more on the now, and I focus more on the future. Another powerful way to understand your karmic lessons, is through reading your birth chart in astrology. I'm trained in both Western and Chinese astrology and they really come to the same conclusion about people. At the time of your birth, your birth chart is like a snapshot of your energy composition. When you can truly understand your energy snapshot at the time of birth, you can start to live your life according to your divine plan, because there is always a divine plan hidden within you.

Some people are unknowingly living their life according to that plan while some people are not. So this divine plan is not really a fixed destiny. This is simply how you can flow with your energy with more ease, joy, and grace. I encourage you to book a reading with me so I can work with you one-on-one to understand your karmic lessons, and your souls mission.

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