When will the pandemic end? When will we get our life back?

When will we get our old life back?

When will the pandemic end?

When I read your comments under my YouTube videos, I often see things like, "I'm so sick and tired of this pandemic - when will this end?" I can totally relate to these feelings. I think we're all probably sick and tired of this, right? It's been going on for a year and it still doesn't look like it's ending very soon. The other day I found a little video clip that I filmed with my phone from a trip in 2018. The video was shot in a resort in Mexico when my husband, my son, and I went there. We were having a great time! There's a pool in the video and you can see many people dancing and having fun. People were also very close to each other and some were hugging. It brings back such beautiful memories of a time when we used to be able to simply talk to each other, and relate to each other more intimately. All without fear of getting sick.

We always had that lifestyle and we took it for granted. Right now, all of a sudden, all of that was taken away. Thankfully where I live most businesses are still open and we can go out as usual. Everywhere you go however, you have to wear a mask and there's always a little bit of fear in the back of your mind. You always fear that someone you encounter might have the virus. There's this pervasive fear floating in the air everywhere.

So in this blog post I want to address this - I've been asking my guides about why we're going through this and when is this going to end. My guides are telling me that you first need to understand 3 purposes of this pandemic. Yes, the pandemic has purposes. Here's what I received.



Karma is nothing mysterious - it's simply action and reaction, or cause and effect. What you do will create a ripple effect. The effect may not be visible immediately, but at some point, the effect of your actions (including your thoughts and your words) will manifest. Imagine humanity as a whole - the whole human race on this earth collectively - we have our way of thinking, we have our ways of using words, and we have our actions too. All of these are creating collective karma.

My guides are telling me that every so often, there is a peak of maturing when it comes to these karmic debts. Just like financial debts you own, there always comes a time where three or four of your debts suddenly all mature, and you have to pay them back. This is not something to be taken lightly .My guides are telling me that if you take this lightly, if you take this as just some random event happening in the physical world, you will be more afraid. You could also cave into that fear. That fear is like a vortex of negative energy - it could suck you into it.

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My guides are telling me that you need to see this pandemic for what it truly is. What is it, exactly? A world event which shows us that our collective karma is maturing, and we need to pay back some of that debt. We owe this karmic debt. Notice that in almost every religion there is the belief that stealing is a bad thing. This is because stealing is taking something away from others, without their permission. In the energy realm, we could be constantly doing this if we're not aware of it. Every time we say something cruel to others, or we say something cruel to ourselves, we're stealing life energy. It sounds odd but you can actually steal energy from yourself because your true self is a child of God. You are divine - you're a divine being, and every time you bash that true self, you plant a karmic seed which will eventually mature. Think about our past, collectively speaking - we're accumulating these karmic debts and they're all maturing at the same time. That's why we're seeing what's happening right now. This brings us to the second purpose of the pandemic.

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Are you aligned with universal love? Are you aligned with universal joy, with universal gratitude - are you aligned with God? If not, you could very easily be aligned with the opposite of all this, which is darkness, fear and disease. You should see this is a time during which the universe is asking you to look within and find your alignment.

If you have not done any meditation since the beginning of the pandemic, or if you feel really scared, frustrated, or fed up, you should start meditating and praying right away. You should start developing that relationship with your God, no matter your religious beliefs. If you don't believe in anything simply establish the connection between you and the universe, or the ultimate good. Believe in the good of humanity, believe in the ultimate good of all. This is important because it is the only way we can come out of it.

Many of us are still moaning, complaining, worrying, and feeling frustrated thinking this is not going to end. This pandemic will end at a time when fearful energies are mostly depleted, and most of us are ready to return to God (or universal love, universal gratitude, universal joy). When the energy shifts - that's when the pandemic ends. Some of you may be asking well should I take the vaccine? Or is the vaccine going to work in a way that is relevant?

First you have to shift your energy from the place of fear to a place of love, to a place of divine connection. Once that happens you're going to see an event in the physical plane that shows something is happening. Maybe the vaccines will start getting distributed faster. Maybe new treatments will come out that cure the virus 100%. Maybe it's something else - I don't know exactly, but the most important thing is this personal shift within. You can do that right now. If you do that now, the energy you create will also ripple out and invite more people to make that shift.


What we're experiencing today is just a preparation phase. I know that it may sound a little overly optimistic. I know that a lot of people are telling you that we're heading into a zombie apocalypse, or that we're going to have some major disasters. Some are even saying the world is going to end, but I don't really agree with that. If you look at history - this is also what my guides are telling me - there have been quite a few pandemics. The Spanish Flu lasted from 1918 to 1919 - that was a horrible global pandemic! We lost the hundreds of millions of people during that pandemic, and after we came out of it, we had the roaring 20s. We had an era of increased prosperity.

My guides are telling me that we are going through the same historical phase now. Usually after these dark moments in history we enter into a new spring of humanity. So I am actually expecting to see a great decade to come. I think we're going to have a new kind of economy, a new way in which nations relate to one another. This is because we're also entering into this new era of Pluto in Aquarius.

One of my friends studies Chinese history. I remember him telling me that if you look at all the Chinese dynasties which have risen and fallen you see similar patterns. Near the end of each reign, a lot of them would have a plague. Then after the plague, they would have a new dynasty, and suddenly the plague would be gone. We're talking about hundreds of years ago, when there was no treatment, no vaccine, and people didn't even know to wash their hands..

So even though this seems crazy right now, even though this pandemic seems really bad, please understand that this is not the first time humanity has battled a pandemic. I don't know how many times we have battled one. No matter how advanced our technology is, sometimes the universe sends us a message letting us know that we are still subject to the same rhythm of the universe. This means we need a period of time to reconnect to the divine.

We have been overly focused on our external world, our external pleasure, during the last few decades. The growth of technology, including mindless entertainment, is rampant. This is simply a time for us to come back to the core of our being - our alignment with God. This is a time my guides are telling me to never look back. Instead of asking, "When will we get our old life back?" you should be asking, "What kind of life are we expecting in the new era?" This is because our old life is not coming back - our old life is buried in history now.

We need to to empty the garage and let go of old energies. Let go of the karmic debt - the karmic debris that we no longer need. Focus on our divine connection, and step into our next golden age.

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