One Word To Manifest All Desires Simultaneously -The Only Technique You Will Ever Need

Today let's talk about the one and only technique you will ever need to make all of your desires reality!

Today I'm writing this blog on my beautiful 8-day Caribbean cruise. I'm getting ready to get off the ship and check out St. Maarten. If you are reading from this beautiful island, let me know in a comment down below!

Before I get off the ship, I want to tell you a little bit about what I've been meditating on lately. Recently I've been getting a lot of people asking, "Karin, I have a list of things I want to manifest. I want to have a nice house. I want to have a nice job. I want to have a new relationship. I want to manifest more fun in my life. I want to manifest more money, and I also want to look better. How can I manifest all of them? Should I do them one by one, or should I do all of them at once?"

You are as big as the universe

I have been telling people to focus only on one desire. However, focusing on one desire doesn't necessarily mean that the rest of them are not being manifested! Here's the reason why:  You are the wholeness of the universe.

You really have to see yourself through a different lens. If you want to manifest your dream life, you first need to realize who you truly are.

If you see yourself in the old way, I'm sorry - no matter what technique you use, it's just not going to work. So the number one thing you need to do before we talk about this technique is to realize that you are this divine wholeness. You are this wholeness that encompasses the entire universe. I'm not kidding you. I'm talking about the real you, the higher version of you. I'm not talking about this brain between your two ears, and your ego.

You have to put down your small "you," and surrender to the bigger you. That's the whole idea of my practice and what I teach. I want you to start seeing how beautiful you are. The wholeness of who you is just like this ocean I'm admiring. This is you.

Distill your desires

While on this cruise, I've had a realization:  You need to distill yourself and your desires. That's why I call this method "Distillment of desires".

Let's say you have a hundred items to manifest on your list. I want you to ask yourself:  "How do I feel about all 100 of them?" If you can't come to just one feeling state of what they equal, more than likely your desires are not distilled.

More than likely everything is on the surface. As I am writing this, a ship just passed by and I see lots of foam stirred up by the passing of it. The state of this foam is like how you are feeling inside right now:  Everything is stirred up and unsettled. You must be able to let all the foam settle and the return to original peaceful state, which is the peaceful state of the ocean.

Why return to that peaceful state? Because only in that state are you connected to the wholeness of you. When you're all foamed up, meaning when you are desperate, obsessed, inpatient, restless, and when you think, "I have so many desires, I'm so overwhelmed!" you are not going to have any power. You are in your isolated ego. The ego is powerless.

You want to return to wholeness. You want to connect to the power of the bigger you, that's why you need to distill your desires.

How to do it

First of all, I want you to spend some time writing down all your desires. Just let your thoughts run wild and write down everything in your mind. Don't worry about having too many items.

When you are done, get into a meditative state and look at all of them. Feel the feeling of these desires. While you're in this meditative state, ask yourself, "Why do I want these? What is the one feeling state that I want through experiencing the fulfillment of these desires?"

You see that feeling state is key. Once you can get to that feeding state, then you have distilled your ideas. You can also group them into multiple categories such as money, love, self-image, physical appearance, etc. 

Then look at each group and get to the feeling state of that group. Try to see through the superficial meaning of your desires and get into the essence of what you want. For example:  Let's say you want to have a new job, instead of just wanting the job, ask yourself, "Once I have this job, what feeling state will I experience?"

Let's say you want a new home, ask yourself, "Why do I want a new home? What do I want to experience through this new home?" Come up with a few feelings like happiness, comfort, and security, for example. 

You are in the the process of distilling. Look through the superficial manifestations of these things and turn these things into words that describe your feelings.

I call these words, "the essence of what you want". 

At this point you will probably have multiple words describing the essence of what you want and that's okay.

Now feel these feelings one by one in a meditative state. Then ask yourself, "If I could mold them into one, or blend them into one overall feeling state, what would that be?"

I want you to come up with a word - just one word or one phrase, that describes the feeling state of all of your desires.

Once you get to that point, you are the ocean. You are the oneness of all. Remember, you can only tap into your manifestation power when you are  aligned with the oneness of the universe. When you're scattered, you are not  able to manifest anything.

To summarize

Step 1:  Write down everything you want.

Step 2:  Distill the superficial manifestations into feeling places.

Step 3: Melt all of these feeling places into just one word.

If you could distill everything into that one word, that one word will represent one of these qualities of the universe:  Love, joy, gratitude, peace, all knowing, all that is.

You might be asking, "I do have that one word now. Now what?"

I want you to put it on as the wallpaper on your smartphone or your computer, so you will always see it. Put that word all over the place in your home so you can see that word frequently. When you're living your life, always think about that word. 

Basically let that word be your reality for the next 21 days. Just meditate on that one word only. This is the one and only technique you will ever need.  You don't need a complicated technique. You just need to return to the basics. You just need to return to the original place of who you truly are. That is the oneness, the one word.

So I challenge you to distill your desires and meditate with this. For the next 21 or 30 days. Your life is never going to be the same! Your life will be completely transformed and you will become a new version of you. You'll be much more aligned with the highest version of who you are. 

At that point, your dreams, all of the hundreds items on your list, will come to you at the perfect time. Maybe they don't come all at once, but you will start to see them coming in. You will change from within. You will be more radiant. You will be healthier. You will improve everything in your life. That is the law of the universe because the oneness is the initial light that gave life to everything. That's what they call the "Tao" in Taoism.

So become that oneness, become one with the Tao and you will become anything and everything you want.

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