If You've Ever Felt “Not Good Enough”...

Do you sometimes feel that you are not enough? Do you feel that you are not successful enough, not lovable enough, not good-looking enough, or not rich enough? Anyway if you feel that you should be further along than where you are in life, this is the exact blog you need to read today to manifest your dream life.


I want to start this blog with a story that I read online, and this story moved me deeply. 


The story of the raven 


An enlightened buddhist master is meditating under a tree. While he was in deep meditation he noticed that something dropped on his head. So he opened his eyes he saw that a raven was sitting on the tree and dropping tears on him.


The master asked the raven, “ Why are you crying?” The raven answered, “master, I've been observing you for a while. I know you're an enlightened being. I know you have abilities I don’t have. I know you can help me change my life. Please help me!”



The master asked the raven, “how can I help you?”


The raven said, “master, I just feel so sad to be myself. I'm an ugly bird. Nobody loves me. I have ugly feathers and an ugly voice. I want to become a beautiful bird, a bird that people love and adore.” 


The master looked at the raven and said, “Well, I can help you if you can tell me how exactly you'd feel if you were a beautiful bird. There's a zoo over there. There are many beautiful birds that live there. Why don't you go to the zoo and ask some birds how they feel? Then come back to me and tell me how you would like to feel.  I'll turn you into that bird.”


The raven was happy and he took off immediately toward the zoo. There are many different species there and he knew that he doesn't have time to ask all of them, so he went straight to the most beautiful bird in his mind, which is a peacock.


The raven thought, I’d love to find out a peacock feels and become a peacock myself!”


He went to the peacock and said, “hey peacock, I'm here to find out how you feel. Tell me why you're so beautiful and happy!”


The peacock gave him a puzzled look, “I don't think i'm that beautiful. I’m not happy!”


The Raven can’t believe what he heard. “Come on, you are the most beautiful bird I’ve ever seen! How can you not be happy?”


The peacock looked at the raven and said, “Raven, I've been wanting to tell you this for a long time, because I see you flying by all the time…. I envy you. I wish I could be you.”


The raven was shocked. “what? why would you want to be me?”


 The peacock said, “ You are not like any of the other birds here. We are all living in cages but you're the only bird I know that is free.”


The raven had a big realization. Now he returned to the master and he told the master master about the conversation he had with the peacock, and he said, “ I now understand how special I am. I don't want to be a peacock anymore more. I just want to be me! However, I want to be a happy raven!” 


The master said, “so be it, so it is!” 


 The truth about real happiness


I hope this story moved you as much as it moved me. Whenever you feel that you're not enough, or that something is missing in life, I wish you could become the raven and just go ask someone who seem to have everything that you want but don't have. Ask them if they are really really happy.


If that person doesn't have the wisdom and gratitude within them what, they will tell you is that their life is just so so and they are not that much happier than you.


I have worked with many people from all walks of life. Some people are unhappy because they don’t have a successful business. Some successful business owner are unhappy because they are stressed out by their business….Listen. You can always find reasons to be unhappy no matter who you are and what you have or not have in life. 


Today I hope you understand this: the number one thing you need to cherish is who you are. You must be Okay where you are and see the blessings you have like the raven did. 


I also want you to look at your life and ask yourself, “Name one thing that I have that I would not want to exchange with any amount of dollars?” I want you to hold that thing close to your heart and tell the universe “thank you, thank you for blessing me with this”.


The universe is a copy machine 


The universe is like a copy machine. The universe will just say yes to who you think and who you are.


 If you think you're someone who's incomplete, you send out that vibration. The universe will just say “You're incomplete.” When you're incomplete, no matter what you obtain in the world, your life will always be incomplete. I'm not against manifesting money, love and things, however, I want you to remember that you must look within and find out the value of who you are right now before you start manifesting anything.


You have to be in agreement with your inner being, which is the entire universe. You need to agree that you are worthy and you're enough.


I do have things I want, but to be honest, it doesn't matter whether or not I get them, because I am just so happy to be me. I can look at my life with appreciation and I say to the universe, “nothing is missing.”


 What to do if something IS missing in your life


 You might be saying, well Karin in my reality something IS missing. If that is the case,  just don't look at that part,  and instead focus on another part of your life where nothing is missing. For example, maybe now you don't have the money you want, but you have pretty good health. Maybe you don't have the love you want, but you have loving friends or loving families. I want you to start looking at these things and really appreciate them.


Tell you universe you're grateful for what you already have. This is the foundation of building your dream life.  


When I first started reading about the law of attraction years ago, I thought that the first step of law of attraction is to tell the universe what you want. I did that. I told the universe over and over. I prayed and I begged. Years passed sometimes I would get what I wanted here and there but it always felt like something was missing.


It took me many years to finally realize that the first step of manifesting your dream life is not telling the universe what we want.   that's probably step 10! Step one is to realize that you already have everything you want. And realizing how much you have in life that you can be be grateful for.


The universe will send you blessings if you do this


 Once you get to that point you're truly tapped into your own manifestation potential. Interestingly, this manifestation potential is just like a credit score. The banks will only give loans to people who have good credit score, meaning people who don't really need money!


Right now, I have a 830 credit score, but I don't need to take any loans. Manifestation business is very similar. The more you feel rooted in the goodness of you, the fulfillment of your life, and the gratitude in your life, the more you improve that manifestation potential.


 That's like your credit score to the universe. The higher that becomes the easier the universe will just send blessing to you left and right. You will be amazed how much more you can be and do and have.


 Even when you're expanding in your life you can never forget that you already have everything within you. That is the most important thing so remember! Affirm today: “I am happy where I am in life”, and wait to see all the miracles happen!

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