Nikola Tesla’s Insane Manifestation Secret

Today. I want to share with you a powerful manifesting process used by the famous, mysterious scientist, Nikola Tesla. It's not the Tesla code 369 method. What is it? Keep reading!

A while ago, I was divinely inspired to create a blog about the Nikola Tesla 3, 6, 9 method.  Since then, this method has taken the internet by storm. Even though I was inspired to create this manifestation method, I don't want you to confuse this method with Nikola Tesla himself. All we were talking about in the Tesla code method is how to leverage the power of these numbers: 3,6,9. If you haven't read the blog, read it now by clicking here

Today's blog is about something completely different. This is not about some inspiration from Nikola Tesla. This is actually about how Nikola Tesla used to live his life, and how he used to manifest all of his inventions.

Nikola Tesla's life

Some people are saying, Nikola Tesla died in absolute poverty. If this Tesla code method is so powerful, how come he didn't help himself to manifest the money like you did, Karin?

Well, here's the answer. Nikola Tesla is not all about money. He did not live his life to pursue money. A lot of you may think that money is all you need, but there are many people out there whose life goal is not completely aligned with wealth. So, it doesn't mean that their methods don't work. It doesn't mean that their inspirations don't work. It's all about how you use the inspirations.

So, what I did was using the inspiration of these divine numbers discovered by Tesla. I use those numbers to manifest what I wanted. Did that make me win the Powerball lottery? No, because that wasn't my intention. That's just not part of what I wanted in life.

Coming back to Nikola Tesla's life, he is a brilliant scientist. For him, money is probably not really his first desire. That' why he was not really into manifest It. However, Nikola Tesla has achieved amazing scientific discoveries and he has manifested amazing inventions. Not another human being could do that.

The Edison approach

Right before we go into details of the Tesla process, we want to bring to light another very famous and great scientist - Thomas Edison. I'm sure you know, Edison, he's famous for inventing the light bulb, right? He's also famous for failing like a million times at creating the light bulb. And finally, he was able to succeed. 

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The Edison approach has always been:  You try hard, you push and you push, you exhaust all possible options that your conscious mind gives you, then the divine light bulb comes on. This process obviously inspired a lot of people. And this process is the known method of how most people live their lives these days. It is very inspiring to hear the Edison approach. However, put yourself in Edison's shoes. I bet you, his life was pretty hard. He must be frustrated and annoyed all the time. He must be very unhappy with himself at times. Yes. He was able to achieve great things, but it came with a lot of struggles. That is he known approach of how people achieve great things these days.

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The Tesla way

Now let's look in Nikola Tesla. He actually has a very, very different approach. He is the opposite of Thomas Edison. Nikola Tesla actually has never tried and failed. Yes, he has never tried and failed!

Every time he wanted to create something, It was said that, he never just went ahead and did it, but he would run different scenarios in his mind. He would literally build that complicated machine in his mind first. He'd build versions after versions of it. And he'd run tests in his mind. If it fails in his mind, he'd abandon the plan. He goes to the next one until he can see clearly that this idea is going to succeed, then he will make the physical version of it.

This is the process I want you to start paying attention to. This is the process that works more in alignment with the universe. This is the process that involves inspired action and divine intervention.

Now think about your own life. Think about every time when you got what you wanted or when you achieved something great. Did it happen at the exact moment you were pushing so hard? More than likely, no. More than likely it happened at a moment you weren't thinking or expecting it! 

The real reality

Here's a secret that very few people understand and Tesla understands it so well. He understands that the life is not about these material things around you, life is all about energy, frequency and vibration.There is a reality that we can't really perceive, but that reality co-exists with our physical reality. Within that reality, you have all the inspirations you need, you have everything you need in forms of vibration, and frequency and energy.

All you need to do is to have the faith that you can get there. All you need is to have that divine connection, to be able to see that energy route.

Also, Remember to have faith. What you see in the energy realm, you will be able to create a physical duplicate of it. Whatever exists in that energy realm also exists in our physical reality. Even though you don't see it, even though you can't touch it, even though it hasn't come yet, it is there! It is vibrating.

How to tap into the divine energy realm

How do you feel that vibration? Open up to that divine connection, open up to that heavenly energy realm. I know this sounds abstract, but you can actually feel it. If you meditate. If you look within, if you close your physical eyes and start using your mind's eye and start visualizing, start exploring that energy realm, you can just close your eyes and ask the universe. "Please show me, show me what you have" and let the universe surprise you.

Physical reality is simply not a solid reality, even though you may see my hand as being solid, what you can't see with your eyes is the energy radiating from my hand. If you close your eyes and if you use your mind's eye, you can actually see it. Some people can see Reiki. Some people can see aura. Why can they see that? Because they're not using their physical eyes. They're using their inner eyes.

A lot of spiritual people talk about opening the third eye, as if it's something so grand and so mysterious, but I'm here to tell you that it's not. If you close your physical eyes and use your mind's eye to start visualizing. What you see is what your third eye is perceiving.  So, your third eye is always open. It's already open. You don't have to go through some religious ceremony to open it. All you need to do is to pay more attention it. Just calm down your thoughts and start paying attention to what your third eye is telling you. Just like what Tesla did, you are going to visualize things before they happen.

Many people ask me how to change the negative things in their lives. For example: Once you are already in the room with a lot of people radiating negative energies at you, it is very, very hard to change that. However, before you step into that room full of people, you could just spend a few minutes visualizing all of them being very kind to you, all of them radiating love and gratitude toward you. I bet you, when you enter that room, the atmosphere will be different. Everybody will look at you differently.

Manifesting process

Essentially, manifesting is not about this physical reality. Essentially, manifesting is about perceiving the vibration, frequency, and energy. And if you can perceive that you can project it out. You are born with that ability. You just need to start doing it!

In the beginning, it may feel weird, It feels blank, you don't see anything, but with more and more practice, you're going to have more and more inspirations. With these inspirations, you will take action because there is no way for the energy not to be projected out. 

In a way, you can't stop yourself from taking inspired actions. If you let the inspiration to come first, and most people take that Edison approach, they never wait for an inspiration. They just keep taking action after action, eventually they get exhausted, right? Some lucky people like Edison ended up exhausting all options, and they did receive that divine sparkle. But a lot of people don't, they will never allow themselves to receive that divine sparkle because they're too busy taking tiring actions. They're not letting in the divine inspiration.

So, starting from this moment, start manifesting like Nikola Tesla, start seeing all of your desires as frequency, vibration, and energy, and connect yourself to divine love and divine gratitude. That's the only way you can not only live a successful life with the money and things, but also live a happy, joyful and fulfilling life because that is what really, really matters. 

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