My Spirit Guides Just Told Me THIS Shocking New Way to Visualize and Manifest!

Let me tell you a shocking secret that I received from my spirit guides today about manifestation and visualization. This is going to change the way you think about manifesting!

Visualization Secret

Have you tried visualization? Do you know that visualization is an essential part of the manifesting process? And if you have done it, I'm sure you've had some success, but some of you may have little challenges because I often hear people telling me Karin, "I tried to visualize, but I can't really see anything," or, "Karin, I tried to realize visualization, but it doesn't work for me."

So, today I want to try to address these issues and also show you a brand new way to visualize and to manifest. Make sure you read until the end! 

I have been in this law of attraction practice for over 20 years and all these years I've been visualizing. Visualization does come to me pretty easily and naturally. However, lately I've noticed that I am visualizing less and less frequently simply because I really don't have many pressing desires to fulfill. I'm pretty happy with the way my life is. I'm spending more time enjoying my life rather than imagining my dream life because I feel like I'm already in my dream life. What more can I visualize? Right? So, I kind of stopped visualizing as much as 20 years ago, but this shocking secret message that came from my spirit guides recently really changed my whole perspective on visualization.

It all started with a little discussion I had with my 10-year-old son. As a little boy, he's into all kinds of fantasy stuff. Lately he's been really into Star Wars. So, one day he's telling me about some Star Wars planets, the currency they use, the language they have, and more. I learned from him that there's so much about the story of Star Wars that I didn't know! I've watched all of the movies, but once I turn off the movie, I don't really remember much details. All I remember is the main story line and the main characters. What I didn't know is that there's a whole world in that storyline, and there's so many details associated with this world when he was telling me about it. I was really impressed with George Lucas - WOW, he is a genius! How can his imagination be so rich and so detailed?

Then I realized that Imagination is just a form of visualization. Whether you visualize your own story or you visualize some kind of fiction story, you're visualizing - it's the exact same process! At that moment, I heard my guide sending me this message/question:  "How do you know if the Star Wars universe is real or not?" I paused and asked my guides, "You mean it's possible this galaxy really existed?" The answer I received was, "Anything you imagine already exists." Then I heard this next message very clearly: "Your imagination or visualizations are not make-believe. They are essentially a picture or an image of some parallel reality that is already in existence - that parallel reality is not so different from yours."

At that moment, I felt this very deep connection with the universe. I told my 10-year-old son about this idea and he said, "Mommy, how do you know that we are not in somebody's imagination right now?" Maybe we are a universe that is being written right now. My guides had more to say...

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"Yes! That is absolutely true. Everything we're living right now is not just randomly happening around us. Everything happening right now is being created by a higher consciousness. However, how you experience your reality is not entirely determined by that higher consciousness. It is determined by a collaboration between your higher self and your lower self, or your ego. That's why you're not always feeling the joy. That's why you're not always feeling the gratitude - you may sometimes feel blocked, unhappy, or stuck."

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So, every time you feel a sense of disconnection, that disconnection is telling you that you are writing your story from the perspective of your ego, or your limited version of yourself. Now, what does this have to do with visualization?

Everything you are imagining is real

Let me ask you this question:  What if everything you're imagining in your visualization is real? You might think, "well, it's not real." However, it is real! That is what I was told by my spirit guides, by the higher intelligence. It / They are telling me that your visualization world and your current world are not very different. They're both created by energy, vibration, and frequency. Every moment we live, there are multiple millions and billions of realities, co-existing. It's up to us to pull energy from here or there, or jump into a specific reality. It's all the same thing.

Picture a gigantic net and all these realities overlap with each other. There are many portals where you can jump from one reality to another. My guides are also telling me that those brilliant writers like George Lucas, they are not very different from us. It's not that they just made up that whole story. They are able to energetically go into that portal and see everything that is happening in a different universe, or a different timeline, or a different reality.

In that sense, our entire life is magical, isn't it? There's so much more freedom and so much more fun! I want to show you about your life. If you're feeling less drive or motivation right now, I want you to just sit in stillness and in your mind's eye, start to see the vastness of the universe. Start to see the vastness of all the possibilities, and know that all of these possibilities are real. You can just go and grab it, right? Even if you're not grabbing it right now, because you have blocks created by your ego, that is okay. Know that it is possible for you to jump into any parallel reality, anything within your dream life. Right now, in front of you, imagine there are 10 different life paths - right in front of you. One leads to darkness and one leads to joy.

It's all about which one you choose. That is the shocking secret I received from my guides.

Pathways to parallel realities

Your visualization is not fake. Your visualization is literally a picture of another parallel reality, which means you should take it more seriously. This means I started taking my visualizations more seriously. When I close my eyes, I start not just visualizing to fulfill my desires. I also visualizing a better future for all of us. I'm also visualizing a better future for this entire universe, because I now know that I am writing the story of our universe. You are also writing the same story. We're all in this together. We're all one. Once you truly understand this secret, my guides told me there's a practice that's needed to apply the new understanding. This means you need to practice to get to that level where you can freely rewrite the story of your life. My guides are telling me that visualization takes practice because your ego often blocks the process.

So, how clearly you can visualize is a pretty good indicator of how much joy you can let in. If you have trouble visualizing, that is an indicator of how much ego -or how much of a block or negativity - you are harboring at this moment. At any moment, the more joy you can let in, the more clearly you can visualize, that makes sense. Right?

Once you start letting in more joy - that is when you start visualizing with more and more clarity. That is when you start to visualize with more and more detail. That is when your visualization starts to feel more like reality. That is when you start to really experience that "It's not fake," - it is real. It is really, really real. You can live in your dream life, just like how you can live in your visualization, but you need to practice. Now, just how do you practice?

Put it to practice

My guides are telling me that you need to close your eyes and in your mind's eye, start seeing more details, more color, and more emotions. When your eyes are closed try NOT to perceive so much with your eyes and your ears. You want to go more within. That is why you need to meditate. When you meditate, you are shutting down your senses, so that you can go into that inner dimension. So when you practice, make sure that you start with something simple.

For example, you can pick up something in front of you, like a pen, and look at it for 10 seconds. Then close your eyes try to visualize that pen - just that pen and try to see the color, the details - everything about the object. Then gradually you can expand to more things. You can expand to things that you're not seeing with your eyes right now. That is how you gradually practice your visualization. Most importantly, however, you need to know that anything you can see with your mind's eye, you can experience in your physical reality. You can become a master of visualization (I know you can) - it just takes a little practice.

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