My way of manifesting specific person into my life

Author: Ibtissem Beldi

Have you ever met a person and you wish you made part of their circle of acquaintances?  I’m not necessarily talking about love , but have ever wished to be friend with someone and that eventually happened?

That happened to me several times, and mostly those people I wished to attract into my life were my teachers.

I believed that strong women have specific bodily and mental characteristics , of course they are not all necessarily true, but I was fascinated by women who have strong ability to address a huge number of people without shaking in their voices or interruption in their speech , I believed that strong women are leaders, who can make a change, and during my childhood I misused this concept that always was in my mind for some reason, because mom is actually a strong woman , so I started befriending mean girls and I ended up always stabbed in the back , don’t confuse strong with mean , don’t befriend mean people!

When I went to university I was already suffering the effects of passive aggressive friendship, so I decided to never befriend anyone as a protection to myself, and I even started questioning myself, why did I attract only passive aggressive , greedy friends, who keep asking me stuff , but never really give anything in exchange? I literally dreamed about having a friend who , professionally speaking is competent enough to teach me things in life, I was in university but had very little experience about how people and things really are , and I had to go through two universities to finish my studies.

The first day of my first university , I attended literature class, and I read the name of the teacher ( L. Ymene .. again it’s your choice to put names ) and I saw her walking towards the board , she has a warm voice and a svelte walk , she was all I wanted to be, she presented that lecture and I had so many questions in mind, but at some point that they were pointless so I decided not to ask any, but later on I saw the way she was dealing with us, students, and I had nothing in mind but befriend her .

The universe had brought her sister to the group of students I was hanging with , and I don’t know if this happens for anyone but the second they introduced pepper to me I was sure she’ll be my friend ,  and she was a vital copy of my idol teacher , I started talking to her whenever possible and I discovered she’s the sweetest angel on earth , Pepper now is my soul mate and we never ever had the smallest argument in seven years , and through these seven years I found myself a part of their whole family and they made a perfect second family to me .

When I went to the second university , Ymene ( my first idol) and ex teacher and now friend,  called me on the phone and told me there’s a teacher at university I’m going to now , I need to be cool with , she said “if you can keep her close, she’ll really guide you very well during this journey , and with a master degree, you really need guidance” I can never forget this favor from Ymene , because I made sure to attend her class and see how’s she going to be , everyone around me said she’s mean, arrogant, hard to deal with, but I didn’t understand why , until I attended her first lecture, she was a professor , and she had earned a very high position at the university as a vice rector responsible of external affairs, and God know she ruled her position in an excellent way possible. 

The first class with her was perfect , there is this charming thing about her way of teaching when she lectures , catchy, competent to a high extant , and for me I wanted also to be that, and as days passed , we saw her very few times due to her super charged schedule , but her lectures were so sufficient that we didn’t need more , and I got my first chance to personally work with Nawel ( or as I call her my second idol ) when she organized an international seminar and called me along with a team to work as organizers , at the end of the day  I had a personal conversation with her , and that was all .

Six months after I graduated, and went back home, she wasn’t my friend, and we had no conversation at all , but I kept following her amazing successes on Facebook and here’s when we became so close , I used to talk to her and we got really close to each other’s after one year of my graduation, when I invited her to my brother’s wedding she came with a kind heart and open arms. And here she became acquainted with my family and I still had no answer why among all her students, she became my friend ?

When I met Karen’s YouTube Channel I started to question the reason behind every single incident in mu life and I had my answers too, I knew I was subliminally attracting her to be my friend , because I loved the way she acted confident , competent to her domain, and above all , I loved how humble and down to earth she was, she was definitely all I wanted to be, and then when I followed Karen’s YouTube channel , I knew more answers , because she was the reason why today I am in Italy , living my dream experience, when she called me first to represent her projet at the university of Milan , I knew I did the right thing , or at least the universe was conspiring for me to be here , and everything I went through , was just to end up here today . I started attacking more people to my life, and they all were the exact same models I wanted to be, I ‘m not saying I failed friendships since then because I definitely did , but now at least I know why I failed, and I ‘m pretty happy what comes is yet the better .

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