My success story-Job offer with Tesla Code 3-6-9 method

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Hi Karin,

I am very happy to share my success story with the 3-6-9 method you
suggested. Today on day 16 of my 3-6-9 practice, I received an amazing
job offer for my dream job. I wrote the affirmation like you
suggested, putting in the feelings of already achieving it and getting
the job offer. I am very grateful to you. Now, should I stop writing
it because my affirmation was along the lines of " thank you for my
amazing job which brings me ......all the feelings I want in the job".
So technically I want to enjoy all these good feelings once I start
the job too. So should I choose a new affirmation or continue with the
same affirmation? Please suggest, I appreciate all your help and
positivity which is helping change people's lives. Thank you🙏🙏🙏.

Best regards,

Hi Karin,
My update regarding my job is that I continued writing my script/affirmation for two more weeks after I joined my job and amazing things happened. I made amazing friends including employees with significant seniority, got permission in the second week itself to work from home 2 days a week which is usually not allowed for new hires until first 90 days passed, and I was put on two major projects in the second week itself (new hires who were hired 4 months before me were still not assigned a project). I have become very busy quickly and am not able to write the affirmation during work day and at night too, so I have recorded my affirmation and have been listening to it on loop in the car everyday during my half hour drive. 
I am very grateful for your 3-6-9 method, it has definitely changed my life. I have been LOA practitioner for many years now and your videos have helped me solidify my gratitude practice. I have also learnt from you to emphasize the feelings of joy and gratitude to manifest quickly and it is working well. 
Best regards


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