Coronavirus & Divine Protection

Life as we know it is quickly changing because of the coronavirus.

If you are feeling fearful and worried, try a round of EFT tapping. If you don't know what EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is, read this post first. 

Once you are ready, let's start tapping!

EFT for Divine Protection and Healing

Karate chop point: Even though I sense a lot of fear around me, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Eyebrow point: Even though I sense fear and panic from within, as I take a deep breath, I'm replacing fear with divine healing light.

Side of eye: I trust that divine protection is available for me, my loved ones and our world.

Under eye: I trust that I can receive divine protection whenever I ask for it.

Under nose: I trust that loving and healing energy will pierce through our collective karma. We are loved.

Chin point: I am now one with the divine healing light.

Collar bone: I am safe and protected by the divine. My loved ones are safe and protected by the divine.

Under Arm: I am sending out this healing light to the entire world. Our world is safe and protected by the divine.

Top of head: I am this universe. I am love. I am divine healing light. I am gratitude.


Feel free to repeat it until you feel a sense of deep peace. Once you get yourself feeling safe and protected, keep reading!

(Below is the transcript of my video with messages I received from my guides on the coronavirus)

People around me seem to become more and more worried and concerned about this Coronavirus. If you live in one of the regions with a big virus outbreak, I'm sending you all my love and healing energy and hopefully, this blogpost will send you some comfort and insights.

So how concerned are you about this virus? when this virus first broke out, I was surprised and not surprised: surprised because I've never seen anything like this in my whole entire life; not surprised because I was already receiving the message from my spirit guides about the upcoming year and the upcoming decade.

I mentioned in my 2020 video how I communicate with the spirit realm. I feel that we all have guides and how we access their wisdom is entirely up to us.

Watch my full 2020 Predictions and messages from the divine video here: 

When this virus broke out, I asked my spirit guides:" Why is this happening?" This is something we have never seen in our lives. Look at how the world economy has been impacted by this virus. Eventually, I believe that every one of us living on this earth will feel the impact of this even after the outbreak is over. And this is a very, very powerful event for us to return to what we are really about.

My guides are telling me that an event like this is really an indication that the earth is finding its own balance. In order for the earth to find balance again, it has to shed a lot of negative energy.

It's like when you first come out of a swimming pool, you have a lot of water. So you shake your head, right? When you shake your head, the water comes off and you become dry. It's a very similar process. The world is really shaking it up. And in this process, we may perceive this as negative. (Obviously, it's a big inconvenience.) However, I want you to see this in a different light, this is part of how we collectively manifest our life, we're all manifesting this together.

My guides are also telling me that this is happening because of our collective unconsciousness. When we're just living in this limited 3D world, we're unconscious of the divine. When a lot of people are collectively unconscious of the divine magic, blocks form. And in order for the universe and the mother earth to find balance again, these blocks will need to come off. That's why we're seeing something like this happen.

I asked my guides, "how can we feel protected? How can we be divinely protected?"

The answer I received is that you have to ask for protection. If you don't ask, you're not getting it.

I was given 4 STEPS to ask for divine protection and receive it. 

1ST STEP: Trust that this universe is a benevolent place.

My guides are telling me that trust doesn't mean you have to be careless. Trusting here really means that you are protected no matter what. Even if you get sick, you're still protected and remember everything that is happening in your life is created out of love- because there is only one substance in this universe, that is love. Once you can tap into that love, then everything becomes easy. You wouldn't feel fearful, you wouldn't feel worried. 

2ND STEP: Become one with the divine.

My guides are telling me that our mind and our body don't feel that we're one with the divine. We feel that we are separate entities as if we're not connected, but in the ultimate reality, in the spirit realm, we are all connected and once you become one with divine energy, you are naturally protected. 

"how do we become one?"

You can do so by simply asking for it. You can affirm it. You can sit in meditation and just find that divine light from within.

3RD STEP: Release your negative energy consciously

What do I mean by that? most people are not aware of their negative energy from within. When they feel something negative, they usually blame something that happened outside, and that way they miss the opportunity to heal. Imagine if you are unaware of the divine light, your true nature and the magic of the universe, and you keep missing the opportunity of healing over time, these blocked energies will manifest as disease in your body.

I'm not saying that all diseases are caused by negative emotions, but a lot of them are. It's not just a negative emotion for one moment, we are talking about negative emotion that is built up over time that is not released.

If we have a lot of collective negative energy or collective dark emotion; These are going to manifest as these epidemics. So whenever you feel negative emotion coming within, don't blame anything that happened rather give yourself a hug and say,

"I am opening myself to healing."

Every time you experienced some negative emotion, which is normal, we all do. When you experience these negative emotions and you open yourself to embrace it, to heal it, you release negative energy consciously. By doing that, you're not accumulating these energies in your body. Therefore you stay healthy. That's where vitality is coming from.

4TH STEP: Sending out healing energy.

My guides are telling me that we are all healers. All of us have healing energy because this energy is flowing through all of us. This is the ultimate healing light.

When you send out healing energy to others, your life force is actually enhanced, and by doing so, you're actually protecting yourself because you and others are one. When you heal others, you heal yourself. So it's very important that when you are asking for divine protection, you're sending out healing lights to everybody.

Send out healing energy to people who are affected. Send out energy to people who are sick and just wish them well. The more you can do that, the more you will be divinely protected. So ultimately, the Coronavirus is not here to scare us or make us miserable. It is here as a reminder, as an opportunity to return to the alignment with the divine. And that is the ultimate message that I received from my guides.

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