My Journey to manifesting my dream job

Author: Ibtissem Beldi

I believe that chances to become who you are meant to be are 100% if you believe you are , my journey with fashion world started when I was 5 years old, my mom engaged me to some runway event for kids and I played a model , I was so scared at the beginning , but once I walked down that runway I felt amazed , colors, outfits , people , lights , and pretty much that image stuck in my brain , until when I was 11 years old , I started to have dreams , they were all about beautiful models walking the runway , putting the most beautiful gowns you can ever possibly imagine, and if you’re a psychologist or a teacher or a parent or at least someone who dealt with little girls , you’d say , probably because of the pink world of barbies and princesses you were surrounded with , but not every young girl in her 11 wakes up in the middle of the night , from a colorful dream , turns on the tiniest light in room , not to wake up everyone, runs silently to her pencil case , brings out pencils and colors , grabs a white paper and start drawing the same image she had in her dream just for the sake of keeping that particular dress details and sketch it out later at the classroom, but that’s the story of my dream job.

Years passed and I had the same thing with dreams, if you pass by my room in the middle of the night, chances are so big that you’ll find me sketching something I had in one of my dreams, but when I told everyone about it, they mocked me, and with everyone wanting to be a doctor, a dentist or a lawyer in my country , chances were 0% that you’ll ever find a girl in my age who dreams to be a fashion designer.

When I graduated college, I wanted to be … wait , no , my mom wanted me to be a doctor, but as I didn’t earn the grade that will allow me to go for medical career , she directed me to be a biologist , yes I loved sciences , but I definitely didn’t enjoy it , I wanted to be a fashion designer , but this wasn’t a discussable option for my mom because it would definitely bring her shame , in front of her friends whose kids are doctors and highly valued by the society I lived in.

I held in my dream, I never dropped the possibility of being a fashion designer, and in my country , fashion design is not a job, it’s not a career , it could be hobby , but never something you depend on for living, so I started investing in myself , I spent most of my money on sketch books, colors, portfolios, materials, and I spent most of my time learning how to sketch like a professional , because I knew only a good sketching would grabs professional’s attention to  my work.

I also joined sewing school, for two years because I needed to know more about my domaine , for two years I went to class the evening and went back home at night, it was a big struggle because for my family I was spending too much of my efforts on something with no value, but it has a big value to me and I wasn’t ready to give up on it for a second .

In October 2018 when I joined Karen’s YouTube channel and joined her choosing gratitude tribe , I came across a lot of videos , on which I learned  I was on the right path , and I should never give up my dreams and I should keep manifesting my dream career , so I manifested the best area I could possibly be a fashion designer in , Milan , Italy , amazing right?!

But how possibly for a broke girl like myself, with nobody ever who believes in my talent, could get a chance to go to Milan to join Fashion school ? 

later, my mom introduced me to a prospect husband, who mocked my passion for fashion design as we started talking , and I was stuck with taking a decision, me , or marriage , so I chose me ,  and I decided , not to lie , but to bring out the affirmation I was telling myself , I remember I told him I’m going to study in Europe, because I am waiting for the results of the scholarship , he said “ and how do you know you’ll win this scholarship ? “ I answered, because the teacher responsible is my friend ,and she said I had bigger chances”.

I don’t know why I’ve told him that , yes my friend is an important person at the university , yes I was a brilliant student at the university , but I never participated to any scholarship , I just said it because I felt it was going to happen.

I came across 55x5 manifestation while after this incident, and I told myself I am a scholarship magnet and I am going to Italy, for 55 days, 5 times every single day. 

On January 2019 , I got a call from my friend who worked at university , offering me a scholarship fully funded to Italy, Milano for one year . 

Yes it wasn’t  a scholarship in Fashion design , but I , the broke graduated , confused student, got a chance to go to the country of my dreams , because I kept the faith in what I am good at even when nobody believed in me, and I went to Milan on February,2019 

On November 2019 , I heard there was an open day in one of the most prestigious fashion schools in Milan ( it’s called instituto Marangoni , and it’s your choice to keep the name or delete it ) so I took my ready portfolio and just attended it, it was spiritually so fulfilling for me because I would have never imagined in my wildest dreams I would be able to talk to teachers there and finally for the first time being surrounded by people who are on the same page as me, as I showed them my designs they were totally impressed and they all motivated me to go for it and some of them described me as meant to be a fashion designer .

There was an offer for half-funded scholarship by the institute and they all encourages me to participate in it, so I did , but I was somehow doubting myself as it was only one chance for one winner and there were a lot of people from all over the world.

Two days after I participated I got a call from the institute saying that I got the chance and I won the scholarship , but I needed to pay 4000euro as the second half of the tuition .

Of course I didn’t have this much money , but look at the situation from a positive angle , I fought for my dream for almost 16 years , and when I got the chance to prove how good I was , I proved it where nobody got a chance ,among professionals, so  I am extremely grateful and happy and thankful I got the chance , I am surrounded by people who constantly motivate me to do whatever I am meant for, fashion design , because I was always telling myself I will be ,and Karen taught me how I can be . Thank you Karen . 

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