The FIRST HOUR Of Your Day Is Crucial. Avoid These 3 Mistakes In The Morning!

The first hour of the day is crucial. There are three things you might be doing right now that are potentially damaging to your manifestations. Today we'll talk about what these things are, and how you can start manifesting a perfect day every day. When every day of your life is a perfect day, you are already in your dream life!

What's more important than morning rituals?

Do you have a morning ritual? Have you ever tried a morning ritual? Your answer might be, "Well, I once tried a morning ritual, but somehow I can't stick to it." If that is you, let me know in the comments down below! I often get this question from my readers:  "Karin, do I create a morning ritual that I can stick with?" I have written about simple morning rituals before, but this post is not about morning rituals. Why? Because removing bad habits in the morning needs to be done before creating a morning ritual!

If you could remove these things that create negative energy in your life, your life will start to change with or without morning rituals. Also, once you remove these negative things, your positive morning rituals will automatically establish themselves.

A morning ritual could be very simple. It could be just using an affirmation for five minutes, or looking at yourself in the mirror and telling yourself that you love yourself. You can also sit in silent meditation for five minutes. It doesn't have to be complicated. In order to stick to a morning ritual, you first have to "empty your garage" - remove things you do that are not helpful.

These are the three things that most people do unconsciously which create a lot of negative energy in their lives. You need to become aware of them!

The first common mistake

The first thing is pulling out your phone to start checking. Look, I have nothing against phones. I think smartphones are a great invention. I also think the internet is a great invention. Without smartphones, without the internet, I wouldn't be connecting with you here. Right? But what I don't like is that people are addicted to these devices, and to the internet. In most cases, they put you in a trance-like autopilot state. As soon as you wake up, you pull out your phone and connect to the internet, and you start checking notifications.

Then somebody sends you a text message on WhatsApp, and then you're lost in the conversation, right? Or, you get a message or email from work, and you start replying to these messages. And then you know what? You will have no time and energy to practice any morning rituals.

It's ok to store your affirmations on your phone, possibly by typing positive affirmations in your notes app or something. If you use the apps for this purpose, then I'd say it's okay to use your phone. But you need to be careful! Try putting your phone on airplane mode before you go to sleep. That way, in the morning, when you turn on your phone, you don't get bombarded by messages from other people right away.

It's very important that wake from your sleep state ALONE. I say it again, it's very important that you wake up from your sleep state ALONE. That's because when you're sleeping, you're merging into non-physical. You are becoming one with the universe. When you are one with the universe, you're no longer fragmented and you're no longer separate from the oneness of the universe. So in that state, there is no separation between you and others. You are literally alone and at the same time you are everything. You are the divine wholeness.

When you first wake up, the best way to empower yourself is to start tapping into the magic of the universe. How? Stay in that oneness. It's very hard to get into oneness when you have somebody talking to you via a messaging app. You can't get into the wholeness when you're worried about your business, or when you are responding to a messages from your boss.

When you first wake up, it's very important that you are by yourself. Have an honest conversation with yourself and ask, "What am I grateful for today?" You should wake up to your daily affirmations, or your daily meditation. Of course, you can get out of bed first, brush your teeth, and go to the bathroom. You can even take a quick shower, but try to stay silent, and try to stay on your own if you can. Try not to speak too much.

It's important to stop checking notifications during the first hour of your day. This will open up your energy field and help you receive pure positive energy from the universe. This will fill your day with positive energy. This will build the foundation of your day and wire your brain for a high-performance day.

Remember, In the first hour of the day, the minute you look at an email or a text message, you are literally starting to decrease your vital life force. It's very important in the first hour, not to even look at your phone. I usually leave my phone in a different room when I'm sleeping. I never bring my phone into my bedroom. You don't have to do the same. Most important thing is not to check your phone when you first wake up. 

The second common mistake

The second thing most people do right after they check their phone, brush their teeth, and wash their face, is what? They eat a big, sugary breakfast. You may be used to having a carb-heavy breakfast with pancakes or bread, along with a big cup of coffee, with milk and sugar.

Look, what you put in your body during the first hours a day sets the tone for the vibration of your body in the whole day. The vibration of your body determines the vibration of your mind.

I actually don't eat anything during the first hour of my day. I do intermittent fasting, so I don't eat until much later in the day. If you want to try intermittent fasting, that's great. It will really boost your life force. Some also lose weight when they do it.

If you're not used to it, if you have to eat breakfast, that is okay, just make sure you eat a breakfast that is not super carb-heavy. Eat a healthy and nutritious breakfast, with vibrant colors. Eat fruit or something that reminds you of the abundance of the universe. Don't put sugar in your breakfast! That's the most important thing.

I would try to refrain from eating during the first hour of the day, if you can. If you can't, at least do not eat any sugar during the first hour of your day. This will boost your energy. You might be saying, "Karin, I can't wake up without my morning coffee." If you have to have a cup of coffee in this first hour of the day, you can have a black coffee, just don't put any sugar in it.

If you quit eating sugar for the next 30 days, you're going to notice a huge difference in your ability to manifest, but if you can't do it, that's all right. I want you to be gentle with yourself as well. At least try not to put any sugar into your body during the first hour of your day.

The third mistake

The third thing I notice people do is they immediately start to interact with other people. They immediately get emotional. Remember, your emotions have immense power. Whether you are happy or upset, whatever the emotion is, that emotion is taking you into an energetic state corresponding to the emotions. That energetic state has a lot of potential to manifest into physical reality.

During the first hour of your day, try to be as quiet as possible. Try not to speak much, try not interact with people with a lot of emotion. I observe that with a lot of people, when they wake up, the first thing they do is to look at what other people are doing, and they start to feel upset.

Instead of focusing on what other people around you are doing, why not focus on yourself - on how you would like to feel?

That's why, whenever a client comes to me with a problem with their families or their children, I always tell them to get up 10 to 30 minutes earlier than everybody else in the house. Spend that crucial time alone. It's so important to spend the first hour of your day alone, if possible. If you can't, that's all right, but try not to engage in much emotional interaction with others.

Focus more on yourself. Focus more on how you would like to feel. If you can't get to that feeling place of joy, at least get to that feeling place of peace, because peace will lead to joy. If you can't get to the feeling of peace during the first hour of your day, you will probably have difficulty manifesting any peace for the rest of the day. 


During the first hour of your day, stop these three things:  Checking your phone, eating something unhealthy with a lot of sugar, and having emotionally-charged interactions with others. If you could remove these three things from the first hour of your day, you will feel that sense of flow.

As your life flows, you will be more in alignment. Throughout your day, you're going to be more in alignment with the universe. When you're in alignment with the universe, guess what? You will naturally become aligned with the perfect food that your body needs, not the unhealthy sugar! You will also manifest the right information which may or may not come from your phone. If you're always on your phone, then you're missing out on some vital messages the universe is sending all the time, via other means. You will also be naturally drawn to the right people, and the healthier interactions with others.

Start paying attention to these areas of your life. Gradually you will naturally build a healthy and simple morning ritual. The simplest morning ritual is sitting in silent meditation for five minutes and maybe end your silent meditation with a simple prayer, or you can play my morning ritual- Reiki and affirmation video.  If you can keep doing this for 30 days, your life is never going to be the same!

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