Chinese Astrology Month of Horse Forecast & "Danger Zone" for 10 Core Energy Categories

In this blog, I want to give you a Chinese astrology forecast about the upcoming month of yang wood horse, June 5th to July 6th! We can forecast the flavor of the energy that we're dealing with, however, remember the monthly transits are very transient. They don't stay long-term and you may not feel the energy as the yearly transiting energy.

It's very easy to talk about the year energy of a metal ox (2021) because this energy will last the whole year, but when we talk about the energy of the month, on most days, you're probably still feeling the metal Ox energy.

However, on some days you will definitely feel differently . So, we will focus on these days so that you are prepared for the next month. And I will also try to break this into 10 categories so that each core energy category will get a very quick reading, and know what to expect. If you want to have a more detailed reading of your future, please contact me and let's do a one-on-one session because it's impossible to do a forecast for everybody.

Now let's dive into the Yang Wood Horse energy!

The upcoming month is going to be the yang wood horse month. And it starts June 5th and ends July 6th.

 When it comes to transiting months, sometimes the monthly energy is a lot weaker than the yearly energy so that you probably wouldn't even feel much of the month's energy. But this month is kind of different because this is the yang wood horse. Yang wood and horse are both very, very prominent energies. And in Chinese astrology, yang wood is always a very special energy category. If you're a yang wood, let me know in the comment below. If you don't know how to know which core energy group you belong to, make sure you go to to download my Chinese astrology training kit.

Yang wood is always the beginning of all 10 Chinese heavenly stem elements. It signifies the beginning of a cycle. Since this is a yang wood month, you're going to feel new energy coming in for sure.

This year is practically a yin energy year, ( yin metal Ox. Ox is Yin earth) So, we have a lot of yin energy in the year. When yang energy from the month comes in, you probably feel it more strongly than a yin month. This yang wood horse month is going to leave a mark in your life because it is powerful. It is expansive because yang wood is always about expansion. So, this is a time when you are going to feel things expanding or new things start to happen.

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On the earthly branches, horse in Chinese astrology is yang fire energy. Fire gets its passion and life from the wood energy. In other word, wood generates fire. In this month, the energy flows from the Heavenly stem into the early branch. What does it mean? Heavenly stem is about what we can see, what we can touch in the world outside of us, and earthly branch is how we feel.

This is telling me that this is the month where things will happen in our external world that will make us all collectively internalize things. It will make us all collectively make some decisions, The horse is yang fire energy, It brings about passion and outward action. This month, we're all going to feel internally uneasy. We will feel like we want to take action. We want to do something, and we're getting divine inspirations from the heavenly stems - the wood energy.

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Remember this year is yin metal year? When the yin metal reacts with yang wood, it doesn't do much to the yang wood. Even though the metal is a challenging energy to the wood, the yin metal is simply not strong enough to be a threat to the powerful yang wood.

That's way I'm expecting to see more challenges, but I don't think any challenge will really break us or really cause a lot of harm.

The real challenge within

On the earthly branches, we have the ox energy interacting with horse energy. So, the horse is going to empower the Ox to create more stability and more sense of being still, being stuck, being right here - even though the horse wants to move forward. So, you're going to feel that a part of you within wants to push forward. But you might feel some pushback from the Ox energy.

This is an okay time to start new things, but it's probably not the best time. It is a good time to heal, to visualize, to make plans and to write drafts, to start moving forward (internally) to your goal, however, this may not be the time for you to finally make it big. ( There will be exceptions depending on individual charts) 

Watch out these days

 I want you to pay attention to a few dates in this month. The first group of dates are June 10th, June 20th and June 30th. All of these three days are Yin earth days in Chinese astrology. Yang wood and yin earth they are a pair, which means when they get together, they just disappear with each other. When you have a yang wood month, and when wood month meet the yin earth day, the Yang wood energy will be sucked away by that yin earth day energy.

There's another group of days you need to pay attention to, which is June 11th, June 21st and July 1st. These happen right after the first group, right? On these three days, we will have yang metal energy. The yang metal energy is detrimental to the yang wood energy from the month.

So, on these six days, you're going to feel the yang wood energy either disappear or being challenged or being hurt. When that happens, that's going to affect different areas of your life based on your personal chart.

A small percentage of you, if you are challenged by the Yang wood energy,  you're going to feel a relief during these days.  If yang wood energy is not a threatening energy, but rather a helpful energy in your chart, you're going to feel a dip in good luck or good energy on these days.

What does it mean to you?

If your core energy is yang wood, in these six days, you really, really need to be careful with everything, and you want to take care of your health. You want to lay low. You don't want to make very important decisions because on these days, your core energy is being challenged. I want to suggest you to expand this danger zone to three days before and three days after of these dates and you will be safer.

If you're yin wood, this might affect your social life or your friends a little bit, but it's not a big deal for you.

If you're a yang fire or yin fire, you want to avoid making decisions related to your parents, your home, or anything that doesn't move. You don't want to sign a real estate contract in one of these six days. 

If your core energy is either yang earth or yin earth during these six days, you don't want to make any decisions related to your career, I mean career, not business, that's a totally different thing. It's ok to do job hunting, but these are not the best days for getting into a new job or schedule interviews.  If you're a woman yang earth or yin earth, you may want to pay attention to your relationships during these six days, you might get into some relationship problems, you want to be very conservative about your relationships during these six days.

if you are yang metal or yin metal, during these six days, you want to be very careful with your money and your finances because these six days will probably give you some kind of an illusion to make a wrong financial decision. Avoid these six days and plus minus two or three days when you make important financial decisions. If you are a man (and metel), you want to pay attention to your relationships. During these six days, you may get into some relationship problems. The best strategy is to lay low.

If you are a yang water or yin water, the energies from these six days could potentially affect your mood, making you feel a little depressed, a little down, and it could also affect your creativity. So don't expect to have great inspirations during these days. These energies could also affect your relationship with your children or your pets, pay attention to these areas and don't make significant decisions in these areas.

Danger zone or happy zone?

Mark your calendar for June 10, June 11, June 22 and 21st, June 30 and July 1st.

These days are pretty much the danger zone for most people in different areas of your life. But for a small group of people, it might be a happy zone. It all depends on your own chart. As you navigate through the next month, make sure you channel the positive energy of the yang wood, which is expansion, and the positive side of the horse is taking action. Channel the positive side of these energies. You also want to avoid getting into the negative side of these wood and these horse energies, which is having unrealistic expectations or moving forward without a plan.

If you want to know more about your own energy blueprint, book a session with me and let's talk one on one!


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