Warning: Huge Shift Entering Chinese Astrology Month of Monkey!

Today, I'm going to tell you everything you need to know about the upcoming, and huge, energy shift coming around August 7th. This date marks the beginning of the month of Monkey, according to Chinese astrology. 

August 7th is sort of a big day in Chinese astrology because this is the day we move into a new season. According to Chinese astrology, this is when we move into the fall season. This is the season of harvesting. We also move into a new month at this time. This is the month of Fire Monkey to be more exact, and we are literally shifting energies from the peaceful and introverted sheep month to this powerful yang fire monkey month.

Usually when we shift from one Chinese month to the next, there is always an energy shift. Not every energy shift is worth talking about, but this one is because this is probably the biggest - or one of the biggest - energy shifts of the year.

Yin metal is going away for a while

Within Chinese astrology, there are many different schools. They don't always agree with each other. My school believes that the year's energy on the Heavenly stems doesn't stay all year long. According to my school, the energy of Yin metal, which is the year energy of 2021, stays with us until August 7th.

So August 7th is the day when the yin metal energy disappears. It will not come back until beginning of January of 2022. It will stay with us for probably another month or so after January 2022, and then we'll have the year of water tiger next.

I want you to focus on this August 7th day - this is the day when this yin metal energy makes a huge transition. We're at the end of the time where the yin metal energy is with us. That's why it's so important because throughout this year, we have been supported by this yin metal energy.

Some of you, if your chart benefits from this element, you have been feeling pretty comfortable. You have been feeling like, "I'm in my element," but around August 7th. This energy is going to go away.

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Of course, yin metal energy represents different things to different birth charts. I can't really tell you what it means to you unless you get a one-on-one reading of your chart. But overall, the yin metal energy represents a sense of being in control. It often represents the energy of abundance and money. Of course, every energy could have two sides. When you use it well, it serves a great purpose. When you don't however, it creates disasters. It's the same with this yin metal energy. If you have tapped into the beneficial side of this yin metal energy in this yin metal Ox year, this would have helped you financially.

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However, when this yin metal energy goes out, you might see a sudden disappearance of income or a sudden drop in the market. Sudden chaos in some kind of trading is also possible. That's something to which you may want to pay attention.

How do you remedy that? You want to really pay attention to your money. I've been talking about this since the beginning of the year. I have been warning you about this debt crisis. You need to manage your debt and your money very mindfully and carefully. Try to attain a sense of security that you can create for yourself in terms of an abundance mindset.

Remember the physical money in our world is really just a manifestation of your abundance mindset. That's why I've been making many videos about abundance, and there will be more. At this moment however, it's very important for you to really tap into the abundance mindset, because that's the only place where you can manifest the resources you need.

All right, now let's look at how this yin metal Ox energy interacts with the new month, the fire monkey energy. If you look at the heavenly stems, the yang fire element and the yin metal elements in Chinese astrology are a pair. There are a couple. This means that when they meet each other, they are going to disappear or dissolve into one another. This is why I'm saying that now the yin metal energy is dissolving - why? Because of this incoming yang fire. The yang fire energy is going to take away this yin metal energy of the year, but the yang fire energy from the month is not going to survive either.

Usually, yang fire brings a lot of passion, and a lot of strength. Due to the yang fire's interaction with the Yin metal, this may make you feel as though you have this great passion one day, and the next day you feel like it's gone. That's just something you want to be aware of.

in Chinese astrology, we always talk about the pillar consisting of two parts. The pillar is always a month, a year, or a day. It consists of heavenly stems and earthly branches. The heavenly stem is always an element like yang fire. Earthly branches are always an animal - the Zodiac animal. They also represent a certain kind of energy. They are labeled as animals. The heavenly stems are always about what's manifesting outside of us. We talk about what could manifest, don't we? You need to be prepared for the sudden drying out of money. You need to be prepared for this, a sudden explosion of some kind of market. This doesn't sound too positive does it?

Monkey on the earthly branches

Let's look at the earthly branches now - that is what's happening within us. When you look at the earthly branches this year, we have the ox year. The metal Ox year, to be more exact. Ox is the earthly branch of the year. The monkey is the earthly branch element of the month. Let's look at the relationship between the ox and the monkey. They are actually not too bad with each other because the ox energy is essentially yin earth. The monkey energy is essentially yang metal. Earth gives life to metal. The ox earth gives life to monkey. The yin metal is life-giving force, and is very gentle and very comfortable. So, there is a lot of harmony in our earthly branches. This is telling me that the monkey energy in this month is really highlighted because of this element of monkey, it gets energy from the ox. Hopefully that makes sense to you too! 

Usually fire is detrimental to metal, but the yang fire energy is so busy with the yin metal energy from the year. Now the monkey energy is left very powerful, and very strong. This is the element of the month actually.

This is also the element that creates this huge shift I've been talking about. This is telling me that even though the metal energy on the heavenly stems in the world outside is disappearing, we still have very powerful metal energy within. The earthly branches is all about how we feel inside!

This points right back to the strategy that I want to highlight, which is tapping into the abundance consciousness within. The abundance consciousness in this month is the cure to any problem that could arise outside. The abundance cannot come from outside of us. It comes from inside of us. It comes from this monkey energy- this yang metal energy.  The quality of yang metal energy or the monkey energy is strong, powerful, hard and unwavering.

My guides are telling me right now that this unwavering strength from within us is like a protective force. It's going to protect us, even though the world outside of us may crumble, and may look crazy. We have this peaceful and very strong base within, so you need to tap into it.

Remember that we all have individual birth charts, and we may need different elements, but I sense that a lot of you are probably in need of this yang metal energy. If you feel like you lack strength, perseverance, or that your life is lacking purpose, then this is the exact energy you need.

The remedy

You could put a lot of metal energy around you - use a metal decoration. You can also use a picture of a monkey to amplify the energy. Use this as part of your daily meditation in the upcoming month.

Especially during this shift, you need to avoid two things.

1. Avoid escalation of conflict. If you have a conflict with someone, try to not bring it to the table because the fire monkey energy could easily make a small thing explode. This is not a time to escalate conflict because it might get to a point where you can't control it.

2. Avoid is toxic relationships or toxic people around you. The energy of this month is like a magnifier of these toxic relationships. If you have a toxic relationship in your life right now, see if you can stay away from it, or get rid of it. Once you enter into the month of monkey, it could amplify as well. The monkey energy prefers working alone. It prefers developing a very strong, personal resolve. It's all about finding your personal power.

The month of monkey also coincides with Western astrology sun in Leo. Right? Think about that energy of Leo. That's also the energy of personal resolve and personal power. So that's what you need to tap into. 

Lastly, the month of fire monkey could impact the health of our heart and our lungs. So I would be very cautious with the COVID disease and also pay attention to the health of your heart. If you want to work with me one-on-one to decode your personal birth chart, use the link down below!

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