The Money Formula They Are Hiding From You!

Today let's talk about a formula to manifest money and abundance which "they" are hiding from you!

Now, let's first talk about this concept of the wealth formula, or the abundance formula. There actually is a formula! You have never heard of it because we are not taught this formula in school, and we're not taught anything about this in society. That's why I say, "this is the formula they are hiding from you." Who are "they?" I'm not talking about a specific person or a specific group of people - I'm simply talking about group consciousness, which includes how our society is structured to educate us. 

Ask any school in the world - most of them don't teach kids anything about money. Even if they do, they only teach children how to save money, and how to invest money (still rare!). However, they don't teach them the core of manifesting money and abundance. In my opinion, that is the number one thing missing in our society. That's the number one reason why most people are not manifesting the abundant life they deserve.  The formula is very simple:  There are only 4 steps to this formula and different people are at different levels of mastery when it comes to this formula. That is okay - even if you don't become a master, just by knowing this formula, you are going to manifest more money and abundance in your life! 

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The 4 Step Money Formula

1. Understand The True Meaning of Abundance

Manifesting money and abundance is not about simply starting to save money. We must understand the meaning of abundance. We must understand the true nature of abundance. Most people don't understand the true nature of money and abundance. Most people think money is the numbers you have in the bank. That's part of it of course, but nowhere near the full picture.

The true nature of money is actually an expression of this abundant universe. I don't think the universe gives us money just to have us exchange these little green pieces of paper, right? The universe gives us the concept of money to help us understand that this is an abundant universe. Everything flows just like air, just like water, and just like every element in the universe. This is an abundant universe. If you could really understand the nature of money - an expression of divine abundance - then you're going to start manifesting money from a much higher level.

You're not down here counting bills and fretting about not having enough because this kind of "lack of consciousness" actually repels money. When you focus exclusively on those green pieces of paper, or the numbers in your bank, that's when you limit yourself to the numbers - to the bills. That way you're actually limiting the flow of abundance into your life.

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2. Awareness and Removing Your Money Blocks

Once you understand the true nature of money, you are going to look into yourself. We can all agree that we all have money blocks, right? This is because we are all brought up in this society in which they teach you, "there's not enough money to go around." You may have also been taught that, "It's unfair how some people makes lots of money, and some don't." When you are brought up with these types of beliefs, it is impossible for you not to have money blocks. So, step two consists of looking within and examining your belief systems. Start identifying some of the limiting beliefs you have about money and work on removing them.

There are many techniques to remove these blocks. I have many blog posts on my website covering this. 

3. Create New Money Beliefs

Once you remove the old, you have to establish the new! I think a lot of us intuitively know that we have certain blocks, but we tend to focus too much on the fact that we have blocks and we don't work enough on establishing new beliefs. We need the right beliefs about money! But what are the right beliefs about money? Simply put, money is abundant and you are a money magnet. You have everything you need to manifest money, and the abundant lifestyle you want. So, when you start writing down everything you want, you may start to hear a small voice in your head saying, "No, you can't have that - that's impossible!" When you hear that voice it's very important to realize that it's just an illusion. It's very important to become aware that the voice of doubt and lack is not you - and that you can create a different belief system. The belief system must be the complete opposite of what you were brought up believing.

4. Start Asking for Abundance

Most people start at this level. They start manifesting money by asking the universe, "Please give me more money." It's important to note right here that if you don't go through the first three steps above, then this asking is not going to work. That's why the steps matter! The sequence - the order - they matter. So, after you've completed the first three steps, you can start asking the universe to give you the money you need, and to give you the abundance you want. Of course, there are many good techniques to help you ask in the right way.

When you don't ask the right way, you're also not going to get it! By asking, we must be clear that it's not just about asking verbally. It also means asking in your meditation, and asking with your actions. It means asking in your day-to-day life - in the way you conduct your life. If you're not aligned with divine abundance, more than likely your behavior and the way you live your life is going to show that. So, in everything you do, and in everything you say, you must be mindful that these are expressions of how you view abundance.

Imagine divine abundance as being this beautiful bright light energy. The closer you are to it, the brighter you feel, and the more joyful you feel. The further you are from it, the more you'll feel gloomy, the more you'll feel despair. You'll also notice that you're paying much more attention to the numbers in the bank, or the green paper bills you can count. Once you are aligned with divine abundance you will no longer be bounded to the small numbers in the bank. Paradoxically, when you stop giving so much emotional weight and attention to the thought, "I don't have not enough money," or, "how much do I have now?" you are going to have more flow of abundance. Money and numbers will just flow into your bank account. That's just universal law, and now you have the four-step formula of manifesting money and abundance.

Like I said in the beginning, simply knowing the formula itself - knowing it intellectually - is not enough. This is because we all are practicing to achieve a certain level of mastery, right? Try to learn from people who have truly achieved mastery with this formula.

If you want to learn from me about this formula, check out my "Choosing Abundance" course. It will take you on a 30 day journey to learn how to master this formula. I will see you in the course!

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