WARNING: Huge Metal OX Energy Shift - What You Need To Know

Do you know that two huge energy shifts are coming your way in this metal Ox year 2021? Today, let's talk about what kind of effect they will bring into your life and how you can get prepared for it. This will actually let you use it to your advantage instead of being taken by surprise and even being harmed by it. 

Shifting Energy

In the past, I've written several blogs about the Chinese astrological perspective of this year, 2021. I've also made some predictions about what could potentially happen. Some of them are really coming true. For example, at the beginning of this year I said that we could expect more earthquakes. On 2/13/2021, there was a pretty big earthquake in Fukushima Japan.

Even metal elements seem to be having some very interesting effects on financial market. If you follow the market, you know that we've had some crazy stuff going on with some stocks like Gamestop, and also with Bitcoin.

The beauty of Chinese astrology is that it gives you a tool to kind of look into the future and understand the energies. It also helps us understand what kind of energies are coming in a pretty concrete way. I don't like to make predictions regarding which celebrities are going to get pregnant, or other kinds of gossipy things like this. This is because, to me, it's really more about energy, I want to let the divine surprise me. So I don't believe that our future is fixed, but I do believe that the kind of energy we're getting is a gift, and it is predictable.

Every kind of energy we get is a gift from the universe. Everything is constantly changing. When we talk about shifts of energy, I don't want you to think of it as something so mysterious and complicated which only in "enlightened masters" can perceive. This is not the case.

In fact, this knowledge is out there for everybody. Think about it. It's just like predicting the weather, isn't it? Thousands of years ago, we weren't able to do that. But now with our technology, we can see what kind of weather is coming our way with decent accuracy. What we do in different weather conditions however, is entirely up to us, right? It is exactly the same as using Chinese astrology to see what kind of energy is coming our way. It's just sad that most people pay more attention to weather predictions than energy predictions. So here you see, we're not making specific predictions on what you will do during a certain weather condition. We are telling you what kind of weather is coming. So lets talk about this metal ox year 2021 - lets look at the first energy shift we will be experiencing.

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 April 5th 

April 5th - I can be pretty precise with these dates but lets have a side note here: My spirit guides always tell me not to be too attached to exact dates. Why? The dates are like a monument in a city. For example, think of the Paris, France. You might visualize the Eiffel tower. But remember that the Eiffel tower alone is not the totality of Paris, right? Paris is actually so much bigger than just the Eiffel tower. When you go near the Eiffel tower, you know that you're in Paris. So when I say April 5th, I'm not talking about that exact date, but you can probably feel the energy shift occurring before, after, or around this day. April 5th is just a landmark. Now what's going to happen on or around April 5th?

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Chinese astrology follows the ancient Chinese solar calendar. According to this Chinese solar calendar, we actually officially entered into the metal Ox year around February 3rd. The Chinese calendar usually starts sometime around February - the Chinese new year uses the Chinese lunar calendar. So that's kind of different, but that's not the focus today. Why is April 5th important? That's because it is around this time that we're transitioning from the month of rabbit to the month of dragon.

Usually when we shift from one month to the next, there is an energy shift. The shift may or may not be significant. Here's why: the energy of the month is interacting with the energy of the year. It's also interacting with the energy of each day, by the way, but we're going to leave out the day part for the moment.

Let's just talk about the month and the year. Sometimes the month energy is weaker than the energy of the year. So the energy of year prevails, but sometimes the month's energy is stronger, or detrimental, to the energy of the year. In these cases, the month energy can overshadow the energy of the year. From that sense, let's talk about the year Metal Ox. Ox essentially is Yin earth energy. At the beginning of this year, we had a month of tiger, and a month of rabbit - both tiger and rabbit are wood Energy. Tiger is Yang wood and rabbit is Yin wood, which is detrimental to earth. They are like a "natural enemy" to the Ox energy of the year.

So, in that sense, even though we entered the Metal Ox year around February 3rd, 2021, we haven't felt much of the Yin Earth or Ox energy yet. The yin Earth energy of the Ox is kind of in the background. It doesn't mean the energy is not there however. That's why we're seeing some earthquakes, but the energy hasn't fully set in yet. It's been sort of "held at bay," by the month's energies. That is, until April 5th. By April 5th, all the wood energy will go away and we're going to have Dragon energy appear. Dragon is a very special sign amongst all 12 Chinese Zodiac animals - they signify power. Dragon is also a Yang Earth energy. When the dragon month comes in, it's going to add power to the Ox energy of the year 2021. So finally this Ox energy will come to the center stage, instead of playing in the background like in the last two months.

When this happens, around April 5th, you are going to feel the shift because the energy is going to become a lot more powerful. This is especially true when we shift from the rabbit energy of the previous month to the dragon energy mentioned above. Rabbit is a very soft and very feminine energy, but the dragon energy is masculine, and is powerful. If you are using this energy correctly, this is a time for you to come into your power. 

Come into your power 

Sometime around April 5th, you need to get ready to step into the highest version of yourself. This month, dragon energy is going to give you extra power for you to shine. If you're not prepared though, guess what? This energy could be too strong and too destructive to you. This is because this energy can destroy anything that is not stable enough. 

Now let's talk about the earth energy of Ox. The Ox energy is very stabilizing and it moves slowly. This is actually good for people who want to build wealth slowly. This is favorable for people who want to take a conservative approach in terms of building their life. Being very centered, and being very aware of who you are, and not being overly ambitious or impulsive.

Being really centered and stable is the kind of energy Ox wants you to have. Then the dragon energy comes and it is giving the Ox energy extra power. What ends up happening is - if you have put in the work in the past year, or in the past few months - the new Earth energy is going to make you feel stable. If you have been looking for stability - like in the case of looking for a new house to buy, for example - this is probably the time to finally close the deal.

In the last couple of months, we had the wood energy. Wood energy was not as stabilizing as this Earth energy. So this is super good for stabilization of growth - slow growth, like a slow cooker.  It can however, also be destructive to people who have not built a very solid foundation. Now is a good time to look into the foundation of your life. What's the core desire that you have, and what are the most important things in life? Nurture that! That's what this energy shift is going to bring to light.

So here's the deal:  This Yin earth energy is asking you to feel more stable. It is asking you to find the core of your desire. However, this energy is probably also going to make you slow down. If you feel that after April, everything slows down, you know why. This is just what the metal ox wants you to do.

Once the ox energy fully comes in with the help of the Dragon energy from this month, that energy will stay with us all the way until the beginning of December. It might weaken then because December is the rat month and the rat may take away the power of the Yin earth. We'll talk about that later. Then after December, it may come back for a month or two. After that we'll get into the next year. We'll talk about that as well, when the next year comes. What can happen if you're not looking for stability this year? If you're not looking for slow, but balanced, growth? This year may feel stagnant. You might feel boxed in, and after April 5th you're probably going feel more like that. You may feel that everything in your life is stuck. This is because Ox energy really makes people feel stuck.

So you could feel that you're being pinned down, or that you're not growing. Don't worry if you feel that way - simply feel the Ox energy. If you're not looking for growth at all, you could get into the shadow side of this ox energy. This might make you feel like your life is not going anywhere. This is the feeling of total stagnation. 

Remedy for you if you are stuck

When you feel this way, don't feel too upset because that will just draw more of that kind of negative effect of the Ox energy into your life. Instead, I want you to focus on what's already stable in your life. Focus on what you already have and offer gratitude, right? That gratitude will slowly take you to the positive side of the Ox energy. The Ox energy can be very rewarding. It will reward you for the work that you put in years ago.

You just have to get on the positive side of this energy. If you're feeling that you're attracting a lot of this energy that makes you stuck, use metal to remedy this negative energy. Metal will alleviate some of the "pain" of this Ox, the Yin Earth Energy. You might be asking, "Well, don't we have a metal year right now." Yes we do. That metal is on the heavenly stems though. Remember I said, "heavenly stems" is about what's happening out there.

Earthly branches are about how you feel. If you want to change how you feel you can use metal because the element you use in your life can affect both the heavenly stems and the earthly branches.

While you're meditating, you can use bells and you can also hang some wind chimes in around your room. The movement of the sound - that vibration, that healing sound - will help you get out of that stagnant feeling. In part two, we'll talk about the next energy shift that you need for which you need to be prepared!

The Second Big Shift 

Welcome to part two of the important energy shifts coming in 2021. Let's dive into the second energy shift that's coming in 2021!

In the beginning of this blog, I shared about how we're going to experience this huge shift when we transition from the month of rabbit to the month of dragon - this will be around April 5th. That shift happens on the Earthly Branches. Every time you encounter references to zodiac animals, they're really discussing Earthly Branches - the animal signs are just symbols.

The Zodiac Animals don't literally point to that animal. They are just representing a kind of energy. The zodiac animals only affect the earthly branches, which are the bottom part in this pillar of time. So when we talk about Metal Ox, for example, Ox is the earthly branch. The earthly branches usually represent how we feel, and how we struggle internally. This actually happens a lot in people's charts. We may see that the elements on their heavenly stems are in perfect balance but when you look at their earthly branches - there's a lot of imbalance. This is typical.

Many people seem to be fine on the outside but internally they struggle, so these animals actually represent those struggles. Inner struggle is what we focused on in the previous blog. Now we're going to focus on the heavenly stems. Remember Heavenly Stems are the top part of this pillar of time. So when we talk about Metal Ox, metal is the heavenly stem. In fact there are many different schools of Chinese astrology and they all have different approaches to analyzing charts and reading energies. In my school, we think that the heavenly stem energies are not as stable as the earthly branches. Typically the elements on the heavenly stems of the transiting year only rule a part of the year. Usually about half of the year.

In this sense, even though we are in the metal ox year, the metal energy is not gonna be present throughout the whole year. The metal energy came in pretty strongly around February so as soon as we enter the metal ox year, the metal energy comes in.

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August 9, 2021

Since last year was a yang metal year, this shift may not be as significant as some of the other shifts. You were feeling the metal energy since last year but now it will be just a little softer - this yin metal energy will be with us from February until about August. The beginning of August - precisely around August 9th - things will start to change. Around August 9 the yang fire energy is going to take away the energy of the yin metal.  The yang fire and yin metal are actually a "pair" in Chinese astrology. A pair means that when they come together, they get sucked into each other and then they disappear. This means that when we enter the yang fire month on August 9th, the yin-metal energy will slowly disappear.

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Now, they never truly, fully disappear. They just kind of work in the background.  That's when you're going to start feeling a shift because the energy suddenly seems to disappear. If the yin metal energy is beneficial for your particular chart, what you're going to feel is like a drop in good luck. This is because the energy that is good for you is gone.

Around August 9th you might feel a sudden shift in luck - like suddenly things are starting to fall apart. Suddenly things may feel like they are not working out for you anymore.

At the same time though, if Yin Metal energy is something that challenges your personal chart, then around August 9th, you are going to actually feel a shift in a positive direction. Either way, you're going to feel that something is changing around this time. This is going to impact things happening in our outer world - especially in our collective experience.  This is because yin metal energy has this cooling and restrictive nature. When the Yang Fire takes that away around August 9th, you are going to feel an increase in freedom all of a sudden. Things will probably happen in our outer world to prove that suddenly we're going to be a little more mobile - a little bit more free.

I suspect that around that time, the travel industry will be making a significant come back. It won't quite hit pre-COVID levels yet however. This is around the time when a lot of places will slowly come back to normal because the restrictive energy will be lifted.

There are potential negative impacts too though. In the field of money for example - this is because yin metal has so much to do with money. When the Yin Metal gets sucked out in August, the financial market might tumble. You're probably going to see the market become a little more volatile. It might even go down quite a bit. You are also going to see some problems related to debt. Remember we talked about how the energy on heavenly stems tends to be kind of unstable - therefore the money energy represented by yin metal in this year is simply not stable. This year people are probably going to feel a lot of shifts in relation to money. This is especially true in the second half of the year. If you find that stability from within however, you can channel that Ox energy from your earthly branches and you may be just fine.

Please pay attention to the negative effect of debt because right now, due to COVID-19, globally, every government out there is raising a lot of debt. On the personal level, I know a lot of people are also accumulating debt. All of these moves are still "okay" because the yin-metal energy has been sitting here all along keeping things afloat. That's going to change when the yin metal energy goes away around August 9th however. You're going to slowly see the unraveling of all these debt problems between August 9th and September 8th.

September 8th 2021

During that month, you're going to see the yin metal energy gradually go away. Again, this is because the Yang Fire is a very gentle partner of the Yin Metal. So it's not going to take it away abruptly. Once we hit September though - once we hit September 8th or September 9th - be very careful. That is when we enter into the Yin Fire month. The energy from the month of September is going to have a lot more negative effect on the Yin Metal energy of the year, so this is going to be the time when the Yin Metal is completely wiped out.

When the Yin Fire energy challenges the Yin Metal energy of the year, that challenge is more violent. This means around September we're going to see more of this financial trouble in the world.

I'm sharing this blog around April because I want you to start paying attention to your personal finances and start eliminating debt. If you have a debt problem and if you don't address it now it will be so much harder to address in September. September going forward all the way until the winter will feel like a "financial winter." This will last until around December.

I think a lot of the financial problems are waiting to happen between September and the beginning of December. These three months are pretty dangerous for people with a lot of debt, or those who use a lot of leverage. So definitely watch out! But if you have been handling your finances cautiously like I have suggested in the beginning of the year - if you have been going slow - if you have been conservative with your money, you'll be fine.


Remember that in Chinese astrology, there are always remedies to energy issues or problems. The problem with this sudden drop in Yin Metal energy can be remedied by using Earth Energy. We do have this remedy available somewhere in the earthly branches...what does that mean? It means you need to find stability from within. You need to start feeling stable first. So instead of looking to expand into 300 million things, you'll want to focus and find stability first.

That's what the universe has been telling us. That's why we're given this Yin Metal Ox energy. It is the Yin metal and Yin Earth so basically, your remedy is hidden in your earthly branches. It's all from within - just look within and find that stability. If the disappearance of the Yin Metal energy is impacting you negatively you could also use the Earth Element as a remedy. This means you can wear more of the color yellow - or more earthy tones. You can play with sand castles, or you can climb a mountain.

Anything that brings you back to mother earth will be helpful. Don't do these things just yet however. Wait at least until mid August and get a feel for yourself. It's also important to understand your own core energy. These shifts impact individuals in different ways! If you don't know what your core energy is just download my free training kit called "Decode your Life."

You can go to  and get it for free! It takes about 15 minutes to go over everything. Then you can be fully aware of what kind of energy you are. That will help you understand how you'll be impacted by the incoming energy and the transiting energies. 

Don't forget, you are always welcome to schedule a one-on-one reading with me using the button below. I will give you personalized strategies to help you manifest your dream life with the ancient wisdom of Chinese Astrology!

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