How to Meditate for Instant Manifestation - Only 2% Of People Know This

I want to show you a very powerful meditation method which I believe is linked to instant manifestation in my life, and I think only 2% of the world's population is aware of this.

You may think instant manifestation is something you only see in a magic book, or something that doesn't exist, or so hard to achieve - but it's not.

Have you ever experienced this?

You're walking down the street and for no reason, you turn around and somebody happens to be looking at you? Or you're just thinking about someone and suddenly they knock on your door - that person shows up, or you suddenly get a text or a call from that person.

This kind of experience happens to all of us, right? That is a sign of instant manifestation.

Now you may be asking, how come I don't experience this all the time?

And the answer is this: Because we live in this 3D world where we use our five senses to navigate and understand the concept of time.

However, these five senses are also blocking us from experiencing the ultimate reality, the true reality.

"What is the ultimate reality?" 

Ultimate Reality is the quantum field, the place where all possible possibilities co-exist. That is the true nature of the universe and in the ultimate reality, guess what?

There is no concept of time, meaning there is only one moment that is called NOW. Everything happens now. 

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There is also no concept of here and there because there is only HERE. 

So in the ultimate reality, in the quantum reality, there is only NOW there is only HERE.

Therefore everything is manifested instantly.

The more you can access to the quantum field, the more you experience instant manifestation. You don't have to experience it all the time because your life is HERE.

The goal is to access the quantum field as much as possible. This meditation will help you achieve just that.

The inspiration for this meditation comes from a Buddhist scripture, the Heart Sutra. It is one of the shortest Buddhist sutras, but it is really deep, and it is really hard to understand. We're not explaining it all here, but there are 2 powerful lines from the Sutra, and I feel that if you can just go deep into these 2 lines and meditate on them, you will be able to access that quantum field - that oneness with everything.

The 1st line is No eyes, no ears, no nose, no tongue, nobody, no mind. (this is translated from some ancient language). I don't think Buddha is saying, "you don't have eyes, you don't have a nose," etc. When you're sitting in meditation, you should DETACH from your five senses. 

In deep meditation, there are no eyes, no sight, there is no nose, there is no tongue, there is no body - and there is no mind. The more you can detach from these senses, the closer you are to the quantum reality, the ultimate reality.

The 2nd line is "The mind is no hindrance; without any hindrance, no fears exist." This is my favorite line because when you are detached from your five senses, the filters you create with those five senses come with fear. When there is no fear, there is only love - there is only the ultimate reality and there is only instant manifestation. 

Are you ready? The goal of the instant manifestation meditation is to become detached from your five senses.

If you want to feel like you are dissolving the five senses so you can have access to the ultimate reality, use anchors in order to practice this meditation effectively.

Anchors are simply things that help you get centered. Anchors help me manifest. They are like "manifestation props." So I use a different anchor for each different sense.

For example, 

I use flames for sight, for the eyes.

I use a bell for hearing, for the ears.

I use lavender oil for smell, for the nose. 

I use the pure relief CBD oil for taste, for the tongue. 

I use objects for touch.

My goal is to use these anchors to dissolve these senses so that I can enter into the amazing quantum field of the ultimate reality.

"So how do I do that?"

First, You have to have your anchors ready, Then sit in a meditation position. Take full deep breaths. Once you feel that you're calm and relaxed:

Look at the candle flame and just stare at it. Imagine yourself becoming the flame. Gently close your eyes and silently say,

"no eyes, no eyes, no eyes."

When I close my eyes, I like to visualize the flames initially in my eyes and it becomes dimmer and dimmer and dimmer. Eventually, the flame dissolves with my being, with my energy field.

The flame is still there - it's just that I am dissolving my sight. I'm dissolving this sense so that I can enter into the quantum field. (when you do it, at this point, I hope that you are feeling calmer)

Now I use the bell. I will hit the bell gently for the sound. I will become one with the sound. At this moment I'm not thinking about anything else. I am simply focusing on the sound and how it dissolves and say,

"no ears, no ears, no ears."

For the sense of smell, I use something like lavender oil. I smell it, become one with the smell, and as I become one with the smell, I imagine myself dissolving into the smell and I say,

"no nose, no nose, no nose." 

For taste, I used to struggle a little bit. In the beginning, I used to use tea to dissolve my sense of taste, but I wasn't able to feel the texture of it and it wasn't very effective. Then I discovered CBD oil. It's a very interesting product. It has a really minty, and warm flavor. I like the texture - it feels very thick. It was more effective for dissolving into the sense of taste.

CBD oil is also very good for your body, so that's a bonus. It's good for your immune system, and it is also calming. It's works well for taking you physically into that calming place of meditation.

Don't worry, it doesn't have THC in it, so it's really just a health supplement. 

I take a drop of CBD oil, put it under my tongue, and feel warmth inside. I will let it go down until it dissolves into my body. I breathe into it and it feels amazing. As my sense of taste dissolves into the CBD oil, I repeat silently,

"no tongue, no tongue, no tongue."


Lastly, I would find any object around me, I touch it and I would become the touch of this thing. Then I would put it down and just feel my sense of touch dissolve and I would say,

"no touch, no touch, no-touch"

So now that my five senses are calm and dissolved, I am ready to enter into the quantum field. I feel like using these anchors has made my meditation a lot more powerful.

So right before I slip into my quantum field, I briefly think of whatever my manifestation goal is (if I have one - sometimes I don't have one, and that's okay too). Oftentimes, whatever I think of, I just quickly think of it and release it in the quantum field.

Now I go into my meditation with no attachment to my five senses and I will sit there for half an hour. If you don't have time, just sit for 5 or 10 minutes. And then when you feel you're ready to come out, you gently open your eyes. Take a few deep breaths, and come back to the room.

Oftentimes when I do this meditation, whatever I thought of before I slipped into the quantum field, I would see right away. I would get a call or I would get somebody sending me a text message or I would get an email. In my experience, this is the most powerful meditation to help me manifest instantly.

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  • Jehna On

    I haven’t read all of this yet, because I wanted to let you know I found this: There’s a clerical error that changes the message of your quote: “No eyes, no ears, no nose, no tongue, NOBODY, no mind.” (I capped it for emphasis.) I believe what you meant to say is no body, two separate words. It’s a very different meaning and I thought you should know.

  • Dhilma On

    My God, Karin! This is AMAZING!!!!

  • Amarila On

    Well, it seems I still need to practice some more…..

  • Amarila On

    Yes, I will try this today with my lottery ticket.

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