Two Life-Saving Mantras to Clear Karma

Today, let's talk about mantras again. I want to share with you two mantras which I think you should start practicing as soon as possible - before it's too late - here's why!

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a blog regarding 3 mantras I practice daily. After posting that blog, I also recorded three videos of me chanting each. I posted them as my weekly meditation on my you tube channel.

I received some amazing feedback from the gratitude tribe about this practice. Many of you told me that you feel an immediate energy shift once you start chanting with me, and some of you say that your health has improved. Some have reported seeing changes in life already and that's really great. I also got some concerned questions however. Some fearful too. Some people say, "They sound so weird. Once I start chanting, I feel scared. Should I still continue chanting?"


Today I want to address these questions a little bit and clear up possible confusion. This is important before we move into the two very important mantras I want to introduce to you today. So first of all, if you don't know what a mantra is, a mantra is a capsule of divine energy. Like I explained before, usually these mantras are passed down from generation to generation. They're written in some kind of ancient language.

That's why they sound so weird! It is because they are in languages you've more than likely never heard before. In this way, mantra work is very similar to listening to subliminals. If you have listened to subliminals usually you just hear some sort of music file, or perhaps some nature sounds, right? The true message of the subliminal is not the music, or the nature sounds. You can actually remove the music track and the subliminals still work because the subliminal is all about the message embedded within the music. Mantras are very similar in that way. So it's not about the weird ancient words they use. It's really about the meaning that is embedded within those words.

There is actually a purpose to these words sounding so weird and not being understandable. It is because, that way, when you chant these words, the divine power hidden behind the words are passed into your subconscious mind - they bypass your conscious gatekeeper.

Yes, we all have a conscious gatekeeper, which is our egoistic belief system. For example, if you grow up believing that money doesn't grow on trees--  you can chant "I am rich, I am rich," hundreds of times and I bet you, you're not going to be rich because you have a belief system that says, "money doesn't grow on trees." These beliefs activate through language that is recognized and consciously understood.

That's why we need to bypass that gatekeeper and influence your subconscious mind. That's why we use Subliminals and Mantras. To me personally, Mantras are even more powerful because when you chant a Mantra, you are creating a direct relationship with the divine. You're connecting to the universe, or to "all that is," through some great work created by masters centuries ago. That's what I believe. Now it's time for me to introduce you to these mantras, even though they may seem a little weird.

If you have a religious belief that says, "These mantras are evil, they are not from a divine source." If you don't feel comfortable using them, that's okay because there are so so many other ways to connect to your God. If you want to try these however, give the mantra practice 30 days, and do it 10 minutes a day. You are going to feel a shift. All the Mantras I introduced to you are very safe. They've been used for centuries, and they're truly from the highest energy of the divine. So I'm really not worried that they're from the devil or something. Of course however, use your own judgment when it comes to this practice.

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I want you to see these mantras as "affirmations on steroids." What does that mean? No matter what religious belief you come from, when you speak affirmations, you strengthen your belief. You can change your beliefs - that can help you reprogram your subconscious mind, and help you move into the writer's room. So these mantras, even though they are mysterious and they're from spiritual masters, don't see them as something "creepy." They're not. They're really just an ancient affirmation chanted by spiritual masters. When I introduce you to any mantra, I will tell you exactly what they mean. You will see that they don't mean any harm. I don't want you to see this as something creepy, or something scary, but rather it's a very powerful affirmation practice.

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You can of course, choose to use this type of practice or not. These mantras are really nothing more than a mega-powerful affirmations which will help you connect to the universe - to your divine light within.

In my last blog post, I talked about 3 Mantras that I use daily and all 3 mantras are amazing. They really helped me to manifest my personal dream life. I want to admit that my focus right now is actually not on manifesting my own dream life because I feel that my life is good enough. I feel I'm very content with what I have. These days I am more concerned about our collective destiny. 

I do however, see a world out there that is still in a lot of darkness. I see a lot of people suffering. I see a lot of people struggling. I see a lot of lack. I also see people who don't seem to lack material resources, but they are still lacking in happiness, and fulfillment within. That's why I have been praying more for the world than for myself, because ultimately, the world "out there" influences every one of us. We're not living in on isolated islands - we are all connected.


My guides have been inspiring me to chant the following two mantras. They work on Clearing Karmic debt. We all have karmic debt, or karmic lessons, or karmic debris scattered in our energy. There are things we have accumulated through our infinite past - not just this lifetime, but infinite pasts. They serve as some kind of karmic debt that at some point, are going to manifest.  Oftentimes they manifest as something not so positive, and not so welcomed in our lives. A lot of times, it's really hard to understand these things with your conscious mind. When something bad happens you often hear people say in reaction, "Well I never attracted that! I never consciously wanted those things. Why did they come to me?"

I think this year 2020, and next year, 2021 we are going to collectively face a lot of the karmic debt "maturity." Having to see the manifestation of our collective karmic debt is tough. As such, this is really a critical moment for all of us to collectively pay back our karmic debt, or at least become aware of it. We must work with the divine to clear karmic debt, or better understand karmic lessons. 



A Hindu tradition that is pretty well known if you're from India, but if you're not from that tradition, you may not be aware of this mantra. 

OM basically means "all that is." When you chant OM you basically become one with the entire universe. NAMO means devotion. A lot of mantras have these words OM and NAMO. So in this mantra what are you devoting yourself to? NARAYANAYA is what you are devoting yourself to. So NARAYANAYA has many different translations. Some say it's Hindu God, other translations say that NARAYANAYA is your divine light within. So when you devote yourself to your divine light within you're creating a pathway to heaven. You're creating a pathway from your egoistic self to your divine self. That's why this mantra is so powerful. When you sit in meditation you can silently chant this Mantra 108 times, and when you do you are establishing a divine connection to your higher self, and to the universe.

2. NA MU SA MAN DA Mantra

This second mantra is probably less well known unless you practice Zen Buddhism. This is a Zen Buddhist Mantra and this mantra was actually preached by the Buddha himself. This is the mantra to clear karmic debt and avoid misfortune. It invokes positive outcomes, or attracts fortune. It's all about turning misfortune into fortune.

Here's the full mantra

In my blogs, I have talked a lot about the upcoming energy tsunami in astrology. We've talked about how this metal rat year, according to Chinese astrology, could potentially lead to a lot of chaos and some very strong energy. At this time of turbulence, this mantra: NA MU SA MAN DA is really a lifesaver. I highly recommend you to learn it and chant it at least three times a day. It's a little long, but it's very powerful.

The way I'm chanting it is actually the Korean version because I have been going to a Korean Zen Buddhist temple for the past 12 years. When I first started practicing Zen, I was with a Japanese school. I learned a different version. What I'm teaching you today is just the version I've been chanting most recently - for the past 10 years in fact. If you come across a different version of this mantra, you can chant that as well. You can see how chants throughout history spread to different cultures, and into different languages. They end up sounding different. I'm sure there's also a Chinese version. That would sound very different, but why do all these versions work? I want you to think about that. Even though the sound is important it's not about the language, its your devotion to the mantra.

When you're chanting it, don't worry so much about whether you're doing it perfectly. You're probably not. I'm not doing it perfectly either, but when you hold that sincere heart to seek your divine light within, you become one with the mantra - you become one with the universal wisdom.

When you do it, it sounds a little like a song. So instead of listening to some random music, why not sing this song to yourself? Like I said, I will be making a chanting meditation video just with this mantra so we can spend more time doing it because this one is important.

Why should you practice these 2 Mantras before it's too late? Because we don't want to see our karmic debt manifest into some kind of misfortune or disaster. That's why we're all chanting this together.

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