Why 93% Manifestations Happens Right After THIS...

In 93% of the cases I have come across, including for myself and for my clients, I notice that this exact thing happens right before an important manifestation appears. Today let's talk about what it is, and why this happens.

Who is manifesting?

Have you ever taken a bus, a train, or any kind of public transportation? You probably have! In most public transportation, you hear an announcement right before you get to the next station, right? That way people won't miss their stops. Do you think we have this exact same system built into our wonderful universe? Absolutely! The universe has a similar "announcement system" to help you understand where you are in relationship to your goal. In fact, if you live in the ultimate reality - if you're one with your higher self - there is no distance between where you are and where you want to go.

If you are limited to your small ego, however, that ego only has an awareness of a tiny piece of reality. Sometimes the universe has to send you signs. It can also appear as though you're traveling from point A to point B. That is totally okay because we do live in this 3D reality.

Now the problem is that most people think their little ego is driving this bus. You think that when you're manifesting, when you're using a law of attraction, it's like you're driving this brand new fancy car into your dream life. Are you driving? Well, you are, and you're not. Who is really driving this bus that's taking you from here to there - from where you are to where you want to go? Your higher self! That's the universe. That's the bigger you. The limited ego, that limited consciousness, is simply not the driver.

Don't manifest from the ego!

Why is this so? Because the ego doesn't qualify to drive the entire universe. Think about it. You probably don't even know what's happening in your neighbor's house right now, right? How can you drive this complex system called the universe where millions and billions of realities, coexisting, run perfectly? There are so many intricate things which have to happen in the right way, and at the right moment, in order to manifest anything! For example, it takes a lot of work on my side to write this blog. So when you click that button to read, do you think that there's some amazing manifestation work happening behind the scenes between you and that finger which clicks the button? That process is called the Google algorithm. We must work together for the experience of you reading this post to exist! Your little finger is not the one making this blog that you are reading.

In the same way, your limited consciousness is also not the manifestor. This is a very important fact. That's why most people on this amazing bus driving you from where you are to where you want to be simply miss the stop, or they hear the announcement, but they don't understand it. They simply get off the bus and they get lost and they get stuck. Today I wanna help you understand the true reality.

So here's the typical journey of manifestation, a typical beginner's journey:  Most people see a video like this one, or any other law of attraction manifesting video out there, and they get excited, right? So you get excited and you say, "Wow, I'm going to manifest this!" right? So you're going to try to feel better because ultimately it's about being more positive, feeling more joy, and creating more "allowing-energy." This is because when you're more joyful, or you're more positive, you're allowing more manifesting power into your life.

The actual manifestation process

Theoretically, the process just described should take you to your dream life. Right? The first part that usually happens is that people start to practice and they start to open their heart. They start to open up their energy field. This is the part of journey that is easy for most everyone. Everyone is on this similar journey and during this first half of it, most people feel better - they feel excited. They may also start picking up signs that are considered "signs from the universe" which show you're on the right path. You believe that these are announcements the universe is making to you, and that you're close to your manifestation, However, after this phase - pay close attention here - there is a phase two. In this phase two, only one of two things happen. The first possibility is that you go smoothly into your dream life, or your goal. You manifest, or you see some kind of improvement, and you get more excited.

You get more open, you get more joyful, more grateful, and then you just smoothly manifest what you want. That happens. In my experience, that happens in about 7% of all the cases I know. This is not a scientific research. It's just based on my experience. The other 93% of people experience a completely different scenario during phase two. These individuals - the vast majority - go into a phase where everything they experience is not a vibrational match to what they want. It almost feels like everything they have done in phase one, all the positive energy they sent out, all the trust they emitted into the universe, didn't really attract anything. It seems like a fruitless journey - and you're "in the dark." You may start to question the process of manifesting. You may start to question yourself. You start to wonder, "Well, is this really the right approach?"

When this process happens - let me tell you - 99% of people will actually get off the manifestation bus. They simply say, "Well, this is not going to work for me. I am going back to my negative life. I am going back to my old self. I will never manifest anything again." However, 1% of these people do decide not to get off the bus - they somehow stay on it. And eventually, guess what? They will see the manifestation of their desires. Usually the more important your desire seems to be, and the harder you think it will be to attain, the longer this phase of "dark night of the soul" will last. It's so typical! You may think that you're the only one experiencing this. No - every single person experiences this. This has happened to me multiple times. This has happened to many of my clients as well.

Why does this happen?

The other day, I was asking my spirit guides in meditation, "How come in the beginning of my law of attraction practice 20 years ago, I used to experience this 'dark night of the soul' more often?" At that time I really had to persist in order to manifest anything that I considered important. These days however, this dark phase doesn't last as long. Truthfully, it hardly ever happens. Why is that? The answer I received on this is so interesting. My guides are telling me that the reason why we experience this dark phase -this phase of "nothing works" - is because our limited mind always holds on to some negative karma that serves as blockage to our goal. In order to remove the block, the dark phase seems necessary. Think about it! At night, the darkest time is actually the time right before dawn, isn't it?

In Chinese astrology, these are the hours of the rat and the ox. This period of time is usually considered the darkest, with the most Yin energy. Right after this phase, guess what? You start to transition into the hour of the tiger, which is the hour where the yang energy starts to come in. My guides are telling me that it's not necessary to experience this dark phase because obviously it's not comfortable. However, most people will unfortunately experience this simply because, there could be lifetimes of debris in your consciousness, and this debris need to be cleared up. Of course, there are many ways to clear these things. My guides tell me however, that all the tools we use, like energy work, Reiki, subliminals, etc., they only work as catalyst for your transformation. Deep down, you still have to be open to this transformation.

And the hardest part of transformation is what? Change! The moment your energy starts shifting, all of your old resistance will start to hover over the area of change, because your ego wants you to stay exactly where you are. This doesn't mean your ago wants you to be miserable. Your ego just doesn't like change. It's unpredictable and therefore seen as "unsafe." So your ego will want you to stay exactly where you are. That's why your ego is manifesting all of these conditions, experiences, people, things that happen to you, so that the change seems impossible.

What to do about it?

Now this is the most profound part: Whenever you experience this dark period of time, especially after you've been feeling really good about your manifestation and suddenly this phase hits you, here's what you do. First, don't think you're alone. You're not, again, this is very typical. This is actually a sort of "tunnel" that you have to go through.

When you're sitting in this magnificent bus of the universe that's taking you from where you are to where you want to go, all you need to do is to trust. You need to trust that the universe has the perfect way to take you out of this stage. Most people  jump off the bus at this time, right? If you give up, then forget about it. It's not going to happen. This is because you do have free will. So if you can, persist. This doesn't necessarily mean that you have to take some serious action to persist. Just in your mind, you need to say:  "Universe I trust you. If you are using this way to help me dissolve my negative karma, I am willing, I am willing. I am willing. I am open to do it." You must be hundred percent accepting of what is happening.

You must not argue with reality. You can think positive thoughts about reality. Obviously you have to, but, you can not say something that is happening right now is not happening, just for the sake of "staying positive." You have to accept that it's happening, and it's outside your ego's control. However, how you experience it inside is entirely up to you. For example, let's say you are trying to recover from a disease and you are feeling better about yourself. You're doing the affirmations, and perhaps you're receiving Reiki... You're doing all the right things. Suddenly though, you have another flare up of the disease. What do you do at this time?

You don't blame the process. You don't blame the energy work you've been doing - the new energy you're welcoming into your life. You don't blame anything you've done before. You don't question what you've done. You'll simply say: "Universe, I understand this is a process to clear up my remaining negative karma so that I can be free from this disease. I don't give up." Okay. If you just keep your faith and stay trusting, you are going to overcome this dark phase very quickly. Typically when you come out of the tunnel, your destination is right there.

If you're one of the 7% lucky people who just manifest everything smoothly without experiencing any setback, congratulations to you, you're doing a great job! But if you're not, congratulations to you as well. You are doing nothing wrong. You just need to continue to trust, continue to let go, and continue to stay focused on what you believe you can manifest.

Let me know in the comments down below that you are committed to manifesting your dream life! The best way to do it is full acceptance, no matter what happens outside of you, and offer gratitude - even thank the universe for things that you don't desire because gratitude will transform anything negative into a positive experience from within. That beautiful feeling of gratitude that's flowing within - that is almost unconditional... If you can get that, my friend, that is the most powerful thing in the universe. That is the true essence of you. Once you have found that, congratulations, you have found the true essence, the true power within yourself. You'll be surprised how much life will open up for you!

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