How To Dissolve Manifestation Obstacles Once for All

Do you have obstacles to your manifestations? Today we'll talk about how to eliminate them once for all right now!


Now I want you to look at your life and tell me the followings: What is your biggest manifestation goal? And what is your biggest obstacle to manifesting it? Put your answer in the comment down below and let's all hold energy for each other.


Internal and external obstacles


Over the years since I've been working with a lot of people I noticed that there are many different kind of obstacles. Some are external and some are internal.


Some examples for external obstacles: You want to manifest your dream home but right now you don't even have money to pay rent.

You want a certain dream job but don't have the degree the employer requires, or you want to pursue a business but everyone in your family is against it…External obstacles are limitations in your physical reality.  let me know if you have these.



There are internal obstacles such as: You really want to start a business but you don’t have the courage to take the first step. You just can't become a vibrational match to it. Or you really want to confess your love to the person you want to start a relationship with, but you just don't feel confident enough. Lack of confidence or lack of faith are internal obstacles.


Most people think they can't manifest what they want due to these obstacles. Through this blog I really want you to turn that thought around.


Why you have obstacles


Ask yourself why you think these obstacles exist in your life in the first place? I encourage you ask this question because the universe doesn't give you anything just for no reason. Everything in your life has its unique purpose. The purpose may not be understood with your current frame of mind.


Things in life may seem random, but if you just look back what happened 10 years ago - look back 10 years will help you see a path of how you became who you are today. Every random event in your life shaped the current version of you!


Everything in life -including these things you consider as obstacles, whether internal or external -are all here for a reason.


 That's step one to transform them: You need to acknowledge your obstacles are also components of a much bigger picture. You can't see them as just huge blocks that you have to get rid of.


Here's what happens to most people. First when they launch their desire to the universe, they're  happy and excited. Guess what, soon after they get on that path, they realize that there are obstacles there -  internal and external obstacles. They feel that these obstacles are so big and that they simply can't overcome them. 


The easy way to dissolve obstacles


I'm here to tell you this: you don't have to tackle every single one of these obstacles. I say it again: you don't have to tackle every single one of your obstacles!


Oftentimes these obstacles are just here to show you that you are not yet a vibrational match to what you desire. Every time when you encounter an obstacle on your path, I want you to immediately say to yourself: this is nothing but an indication that I am vibrationally not a match to my desire YET. 


That’s all you need! All you need is that conscious awareness. Awareness is everything. You don't need to come up with a solution to it right away, and this is so important.


Step two is don't try to find a solution right away. If you your mind considers something as an obstacle, then obviously your mind has no answer. Every time you encounter an obstacle, whether it's internal or external, you need to see them simply as reminders or lessons from the universe.  Simply change your attitude toward them. The more you try to approach these obstacles in your old way, with your old mindset, the more you're stuck, the bigger the obstacles grow and the harder they block you.

Step three is: Whenever you encounter an obstacle, just say “thank you for the lesson you teach me”, and then you say “I don't mind having you in my life”.  That's it! 


When you don't mind something then that thing literally doesn't exist for you.That's how you can instantly remove anything you don't want in your life: start by not minding it and not giving mental energy to it.


Energetically dissolve all obstacles


When your mind thinks that you're pushing something really hard away from your life, energetically, you're just grabbing it on harder and harder.


Now make a fist with one of your hands, and I want you to visualize your your obstacles as this fist. When you have an obstacle, and what you tend to do is you grab it tightly with your other hand. You can do it now. Grab the fist with your other hand and feel the tightness. The harder you are grabbing it, the harder it is for the fist to open up and get out of the way, right? The longer you fight it, the harder you grab it, therefore you are just stuck here.


All you need to do is loosening the hand that was grabbing the fist, and open the fist. Visualize it. Your obstacles will just go away on its own. The universe will have a solution for you! 


Even though the physical forms of these obstacles will not go away instantly, in your energy field they're gone. From that point on, they either won't bother you anymore, or they will transform.


For example, people around you -if they are not in agreement with your desires or dreams - watch them, they will turn around. The universe will send you the right people, right opportunities and the supportive energy. 


Remember, you are not the one manifesting your desires. The universe is! The universe has already manifested your desires, however, when you are not a vibrational match to your desires, when you are not in alignment with your soul's desires, the universe will just send you reminders telling you “hey! You are not on the right path. You are not there yet!” That's all it means.


The more you grab on to those things the more you identify yourself with the obstacles. Oftentimes I hear people say they hate this and that. They don't know that by hating that so much, they're becoming more and more like that very thing they hate,  or they are becoming more and more like a victim who is deeply attached to this very thing that they hate.


You don’t have to agree with everything


Be aware of anything that happens in your life. If you don't like them simply say “thank you for the lesson you teach me” and turn around. In some cases, your lesson may be in your face,  like for example if you find yourself in a situation where you are physically or verbally abused. You can still thank them for the lesson, but from that wisdom of awareness you will turn around. You will go somewhere else.  


This approach doesn't mean that you just let people take advantage of you. To the opposite, you can actually get out of the situation with a lot more ease.


You can actually offer gratitude for everything in your life. it doesn't mean that you are in agreement with everything in your life.  At the beginning of your practice you might notice that there are many things in your life that you don't agree with, but you offer gratitude anyway. You offer gratitude and turn away. Offering gratitude for something doesn't mean that you will stay with it. If you have an abusive partner you can say thank you for the lesson you gave me, but don't stay with him or her! 


 If you start living with this new kind of energy and awareness, you can easily dissolve any obstacles in your life, and everything in your life becomes a blessing.

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