The Most Powerful Manifestation Meditation Ever -Zazen

Today let's talk about a very important manifestation meditation that you are probably not using right now.

Every day I get messages from people asking me, "Karin I did this technique and that technique and how come I'm still not manifesting?" or they ask, "Which technique is the best one for me?"

I usually tell them: "All the techniques work, however, you have to allow them to work." Then their next question would be, "Well, how do I allow them to work?" My answer is "You need to start meditating."

I talk about the importance of meditation often, and I tell people to meditate. I have a lot of energy work specifically designed to help you meditate. But, there is one single meditation technique that I have always held very close to my heart. It is the meditation I have been using for the last 15-16 years. This is probably the most powerful manifestation practice that I have ever learned. I haven't shared about it in a blog before because it seems too simple. It's simplicity however, often makes it the hardest to practice.

My Meditation Journey

Today I think the time is right - let's talk about this! When I first started learning how to meditate, I learned meditation through a Yogi. My first meditation teacher was deeply immersed in the Yoga practice, so we would spend 3 hours practicing different things. We would spend the first hour meditating and he would guide me through all these fancy meditation techniques. These included balancing the chakras, seeing colors, seeing lights, and more really fancy things. Then we would do asana practice - those are the yoga poses. Finally we would end with chanting. After three hours of that, I would feel really amazing mentally, spiritually, and physically. However, over time I got busy, and I really didn't have the time to do this for three hours every day! I'm still very grateful for my very first meditation teacher though, and I'm also really grateful for the Yoga practice. I just felt that personally I didn't have the time and space in my life to continue.

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The techniques I learned from this particular teacher were very complicated. I felt that oftentimes I couldn't keep up with them and I always worried that maybe I'm not doing something right. It may not work as well so I started looking for something more simple - something that could fit into my schedule. So about 15-16 years ago I started practicing Buddhism. This is around the time I started practicing Zen style meditation -Zazen.

Zazen and Non-Action

When I first started the Zen style meditation (which is called Zazen in Japanese) I thought it was too simple. I remember wondering, "is this going to work?" I remember back then, there was somebody who was also starting the Zen meditation with me. She shared that she was practicing Yogi meditation for 20 years. She had cancer and her yoga teacher told her that the meditation she was doing was too complicated and she needed to find something simple. Her Yoga teacher recommended her to start practicing Zen.

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Now you may be asking, "Karin, I know meditation is very good for me but I just don't know how to do it. I don't know how to get started. Plus I don't think meditation is going to help me get what I want because meditation is just sitting there, doing nothing, right?" Maybe you prefer writing something, or putting up a vision board, or doing some scripting - maybe you prefer taking action, am I right?

Today I want to talk about non-action vs action. It is true that sometimes you have to take action. Other times you have to take a break. This is just like the rhythm of the universe. Think about it:  Your body needs to stay active, but it also needs rest. The manifestation process is not very different. You could practice some kind of technique like writing 5 times a day, 55 times a day, or doing the 369, which includes writing down your desires. You can also put up a vision board, use affirmations, or "act as if." All these are good actions but they should be paired with some form of allowing, or some form of rest. When you are allowing, that's when the universe delivers the magic to you.

Manifesting is not very different from purchasing something online. When you purchase something online, you have to place the order right for that thing to be delivered to you, right? When you place that order, that's similar to using a technique to manifest - this is taking action. After you purchase the item however, what do you do? You don't just sit in front of the computer ordering, right? You just go about your life and trust that they're going to deliver the product to you.

So my question to you is this:  What do you do while they're packaging the product, or while they're making the product and sending it to you? The answer is nothing, isn't it? Nothing - absolutely nothing. There has to be this process of "nothingness" in order for you to attain everything.

How to do it

Nothingness is so important in this process but it's also so easy to miss! The Zen style meditation is exactly doing nothing. All you do is sit on the meditation cushion. If you're not used to meditating you can also sit in a chair - just make sure your back is straight. You shouldn't hunch, and you shouldn't lay down. I've seen people who try to meditate but they sit lousy. That is not meditating.

The Zen style is very elegant, and it involves a really erect spine. It also involves an alert mind so you want to stay alert and awake. You put your hands together on your lap. You can sit crossed legged, or you can sit on a chair. Your feet must touch the ground. Just sit, and stay calm, and focus on your breath. All you have to do is when you breathe in you say. "I'm breathing silently." You're witnessing yourself breathing in, and when you're breathing out you witness yourself breathing out.

Become aware of your breath. If this is too hard you can also count your breaths. When I started my Zen teacher told me to simply count my breaths. Breathe in and count 1, and you breathe out you still count 1. Then your second breathe you count 2. Count from 1 to 10, and then you go back to one again.

It's as simple as that! If your mind wonders - and it will - all you need to do is bring it back. If you lose count, that's okay. Start from one again - that's all you need to do. When you're doing this, you are dropping all your impatience. You're dropping all of your obsession. You're dropping your ego. You're allowing the universe to deliver the magic to you. By doing this, you are simply tapping into the magic. The magic is everywhere - the magic of the universe is all around you. It is you that is putting up a barrier that disallows the magic to enter your life. So all you need to do is put down the barrier.

You do that by returning to the breath. This is because breath is the most important thing in your whole life, isn't it? You can live without eating for quite a while. You can even live without drinking for a few days. However, you can't even live five minutes without breathing. So breathing is actually the one and only thing that is always always mirroring the magic of the universe. Think about it! The breath you take is also a representation of the magic of your life. When you were first born your life starts with your first breath, doesn't it? When you die your body's life ends with your last breath. The breathing is always going on but we're so busy, and we're so obsessed with our egos, that we often forget this magic happening every single moment.

Powerful Meditation for Manifestation 

The Zen style meditation is here to help you to realize that you have been living with that magic all along. Start doing this for 5-10 minutes a day. If you have never done it before in the beginning - believe it or not - can be quite difficult. As you do it more more often however, it gets easier. I've also noticed that some days it's harder, and some days it's easier. If you're someone who just can't get into that quiet place, where you're observing your breath, I recommend you start with some kind of guided meditation.

I recently created a  Chinese astrology inspired meditation package  and I want you to try that because when you balance out your five elements you naturally return to that state of magic. You will naturally return to that state of flow. You can also use those meditations to prepare for Zen meditation. Do you know that if you can return to your breath as often as possible, as deliberately as possible, you are going to become a manifestation genius! This is because that is your natural state of being - that is your flow state. I know that a lot of you are already meditating but you probably are not associating your meditations with your manifestation practice. So today I'd like you to make that connection because the higher quality of your meditation, the higher quality of your manifestation practice. Your life is a manifestation of your divine magic.

Meditation is tapping into that magic, and manifesting is an expression of that magic. That magic starts right now! I hope you start meditating today! 

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