How I Manifested $2441.80 In 2 Hours & VIP Ticket To A Paid Collab With A Famous Person

I've been cruising for the last couple of days. I'm in the middle of an eight day cruise and I want to bring this positive energy to you and help you manifest your dream life. Today, I'm sitting here and I'm thinking about some of my personal success stories. I have so many manifestation success stories! Sometimes, I take them for granted, and I realize that I need to share them with you more so that you will feel more confident about your ability to manifest. Remember, it's not about me. It's about how you can use the exact same quality within you to manifest.

You are always manifesting

If you've been following me for a while, you probably know that I've practicing this for over 20 years. I have so many success stories. I've manifested several dream jobs,  and my dream business. I've manifested all the financial abundance I need. I've manifested my dream home, my soulmate, my child, etc. You need to know that everything in your life is a manifestation of your internal energy blueprint. Whether you are deliberately manifesting, and whether you like your manifestation or not, you are manifesting it!

This is why I think, since you're already doing it, why not do it deliberately, and manifest the kind of life you deserve to live - the life you want? That's why we're talking about this. So please don't think that "some people manifest, and some don't." That's simply not true. We're all manifesting. It's just that some people master this process a little better. Some people don't. It just takes a little bit more learning.

The story

This story begins several months ago. At the beginning of this year, I got the idea to make a video about the "three magic words." The three magic words are:  "I am enough." This is something that I got though inspiration from my spirit guides. I turned that inspiration into a video. If you'd like to watch it, the link is above. When I got inspired to make that video, I didn't know that there was already a book written about this, with a lot more elaborate details. And, I didn't know that there was a celebrity-type manifesting master who wrote that book. Her name is Marisa Peer. At that time, it's like I had heard of her but I hadn't read any of her books. I didn't really know what her teaching was all about. I didn't even know that she wrote that book.

After I published that video, I saw some keyboard warriors in my comments saying I stole Marisa Peer's idea. That it was not an original idea. Actually, those negative comments led me to learning more about Marisa Peer. Like I said, I knew who she was, but I didn't really know what her teachings were all about. So I spent the next couple of weeks learning more about her on some of her videos online. I even saw her book! I read part of her book, "I am enough." It is a fabulous book. It went so much deeper than what I said in my video. I became really excited about finding out a teacher with whom I felt I have some alignment. It's like, you know, we both came up with the same idea, but her idea was much more well developed. She developed that idea way before me, and she's had more time to build on it. 

So it was all just beautiful. It felt like divine alignment. I felt like there was some connection between me and her. Now let's rewind a little bit. Before I started reading Marisa's books, I was coaching someone and my client was telling me that he was taking a course by Marisa Peer. My client was from the UK and Marisa is from the UK too. I thought that was very interesting. I feel I was just being connected to this name all the time. That's why I started to dive deep into to Marisa Peer's teachings. While I was reading her books, I had this idea, "Wow, I'd love to one day collaborate with her!" I would love to work with her on something one day. It was a very faint idea. It wasn't something like, "I HAVE TO do that"

Marisa has a much larger influence than me. She's been in the field for decades. I've only been doing this for a few years. From a worldly perspective, it would be very hard for me to connect to her because she doesn't know me. Of course I can write her an email and introduce myself, like all her fans. I'm sure she gets a lot of emails like this. I don't know if any email I send would really reach her. So instead I decided to send that intention to the universe.

I told the universe, "I would love to one day work with her in one way or another." I didn't know how it could happen. I wasn't going to do anything because I couldn't really think of any sure way to reach her. I decided I was not going put in any forced effort. I would just keep living my life. At the same time however, I wanted to keep the intention of working with her one day alive. I also put in my intention that I wanted the collaboration with her to be something that brings financial abundance for both me and her. It has to be a win-win situation. I didn't just want to meet her like a fan girl - I didn't like that idea. I released the desire to the universe and I didn't really think much about it. On some level though, I knew that this intention was going to manifest. I left it to the universe to manifest the way the universe wants. I didn't really put in any action.

One day when I was checking my email, guess what? I got an email from Marisa Peer's assistant! She said, "Karin, we've been watching your videos and we want to work with you. Marisa Peer wants to work with you." She even mentioned the course that my client was taking at that time. He had told me about the course. She then asked, "Would you like to work with Marissa Peer to make a video about her course?" So I realized this was a win-win situation. This was the exact opportunity I was intending to manifest! So I had this amazing opportunity to work with Marisa Peer to learn more about her course. I also got her course for free. She's so graceful. She gave me her course for free. I took the course and guess what? As soon as I started it, I manifested a few thousand dollars.

In addition, I got paid by Marisa Peer to make those videos for her.  

My 3 manifestation secrets

So first of all, I got to work with the famous Marisa Peer. I got to know her some. Secondly, she paid me to promote her course. Thirdly, I made money just from taking her course. It's like the whole universe conspired to create this opportunity for me to get so much value from this connection with Marisa Peer. Sharing about this story gives me goosebumps!

I want to point out a few things that I learned from my own story. I hope you can learn from these as well.

The number one secret is that your biggest manifestation successes often come from a "not very pleasant experience," because the universe loves to teach you through CONTRAST.

Through something you don't want, you learn something you do want. My manifestation didn't start with a pleasant experience concerning Marisa Peer, did it? No, my experience started with reading negative comments on my video claiming that I was doing something wrong. Obviously, Marisa Peer didn't think I did anything wrong because she paid me to promote her stuff. Right? So the thing my "hater" declared had no ground. However, imagine if I got offended and I got angry. What could have happened? That's only going to start a bunch of negative manifestations. I would have never gotten to this amazing manifestation success. Right?

So here's the thing:  When you encounter anything negative in your life, when people say something you don't want to hear, or if people say something about you that isn't true, don't get offended! Instead, dig deeper and see if perhaps there is a blessing hidden within. That's a very important step that most people miss. Most people think that manifestation success implies that every step of it is joyful. It's not always like that. Sometimes you may encounter something that's not entirely positive, and you may even have a negative, initial reaction to it. That is totally okay, but it's up to you to turn it around. So I turned it around. I realized that I needed to find out what Marisa Peer was teaching. I needed to learn about this. From that point on, my manifestation snowball started rolling.

Secret number two is that you don't have to desire long and hard. You don't need to force it. Once you start forcing it, your energy is no longer pure. Once you start forcing it, you are no longer letting the universe drive. When you are doing the driving, your actions are not perfect because your ego only sees a little piece of reality. I have to often tell my ego, "You have to let go of your forced and useless efforts."

That doesn't mean that you can't make effort though. It doesn't mean that you shouldn't take any action. Obviously I took a lot of action along the way with this collaboration with Marisa Peer AFTER I connected with her assistant. There were many steps I took in order to make the money I made, and in order to connect to Marisa Peer, right? So there were actions. But think about it:  Every action I took was divinely guided. I didn't take action at the very beginning. I did not try to force this connection with Marisa Peer, and I didn't send her an email in the beginning. Actually, I sent the intention outward and I let the universe tell her that I wanted to connect, and she received it.

So you really have to have that trust that the universe is all knowing, and the universe will connect to you. It will connect you to the right people and the right opportunities if you can let go. That is very important.

The third secret I want to teach you through this story is that your manifestation has to be a win-win situation. Oftentimes, when people try to manifest something, they try to get something only for themselves. They expect that other people will just give them something. Sometimes that can happen. But, the best manifestation success story is always a story where you win, and other people win as well. This is because that is the moment when you can realize that the universe is perfect, and that the universe has the capacity to make us all winners.

If you have a success story like this, let me know in the comment down below!

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