Manifest Money Miracle In JUST 2 MINUTES with EFT

In this 2 minute EFT round, I'll show you the basics of tapping and together we will tap into a money miracle! Get ready for this one because it is powerful! Feel free to repeat it for a few more rounds until you feel you a greater sense of joy, and wait to see miracles in your life!

To learn more about EFT, read this blog post!


You can use this script below to tap a few more rounds and amplify the magic!

Karate Chop Point: Even though I don’t feel 100% aligned with my divine nature, which is pure abundance, I deeply and completely love, honor and accept myself.


Even though I don’t have all the money I’d like to have, I deeply and completely accept where I am in life.


Eye brow: I am starting to open my energy field to allow more money and abundance flow into my life easily and effortlessly.


Side of eye: Miracles can happen any time, and I feel my money miracle is beginning to happen to me right now.


Under eye: I am aligning my energy with source infinite abundance. With each breath I take, I am feeling more abundant and prosperous.


Under nose: Abundance is my natural state of being. I easily and effortless return to my natural state right now. Money and abundance are starting to come to me right now.


Chin: I am now allowing a stronger inflow of money and abundance into my life. I am sensing a money miracle forming in my energy field right now.


Collar bone: The universe is full of miracles. I am sensing the money miracle growing bigger and bigger, brighter and brighter in the energy realm.


Under arm: I am now completely aligned with source infinite abundance. I am one with my money miracle right now.


Top of head: The universe has already manifested my money miracle! I trust that it will be delivered to me at the perfect time. Thank you universe! Thank you!

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