Manifest Love With Moon Rituals!

Can you use moon cycles and moon rituals to manifest love, romance, or improve a romantic relationship? Read on!

How satisfied are you about romantic love in your life right now? Do you feel loved, and cherished? What's the first thought that comes into your mind when I ask you about this area of your life?

Before we get into the moon rituals, I want you to understand 2 key concepts. If you don't fully comprehend these 2 key concepts, you can do these rituals all day long with little to no result. Too many people are overly focused on the concrete steps of techniques or rituals. They miss the key energy needed in order to infuse the steps with some real power. So let's talk a bit about the energy needed in order to manifest love.

The first key concept is that a loving relationship starts from within, from you, not from another person.

If your response to my opening question above is to immediately think of another person, I want you to physically bring that energy back to yourself. Why? Because your romantic partner is only a reflection of the love you hold for yourself. In this 3D world, we think that a romantic relationship is about two people loving each other. Most of us feel that we don't get the love we need because the other person doesn't do something we like, or because they are doing something we don't like. This is a superficial perspective, and we need more.

Dig deeper. I want you to see your relationship, whether you're in one or not, from a different perspective. Your relationship is a reflection of how you hold love energy within. Because your entire life is an expression of your deepest inner energy patterns.

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I want you to understand that everyone is a manifestation of an aspect of you. In the area of love, if you don't love yourself, if you hate yourself, if you feel that you are not being loved enough, or if you feel that you don't deserve love, then it will be hard to manifest love.

It may be easy to manifest a temporary fling. At first, there's chemistry, and the hormones in your body could lead to a few passionate days or weeks together, but these hormones' effect will not last. In the long run, you will want a relationship that lasts a lifetime.

Remember its not about the other person, it's about you.

So here's the deal. I want you to write down what you would like to receive from your ideal partner. Whether you have that person if your life yet or not - it does not matter. Something like:

I want to receive love from them. I want to receive flowers from them. I want to receive kind words from them. I want to receive time together, attention, etc.

Starting from this moment, you're going to begin giving these things to yourself. If you want to be loved by another, if you want to hear certain words from him/her, start loving and speaking to yourself that way. You can't abuse and/or neglect yourself and expect other people to treat you nicely. That doesn't work.

Remember the 1st key concept is that romantic love starts with Self-love.

The 2nd key concept - which is also fundamentally important - is the concept of divine timing. Know that you are a much bigger being than you think. You're much bigger than your mind. You're much bigger than your brain. You are much bigger than what your conscious mind can understand. Understand there is divine timing, and a lot of times our lower mind just wants to manifest something right NOW. 

When you feel so desperate about something and you don't get it right now, you can't live. If you feel that way, it's really not the right time to manifest anything because, under this kind of desperate energy, your resistance will be great. Anything you want to manifest must come effortlessly, and naturally. Usually, it comes at a point during which you're not even paying attention.

Think about everything that's happened in your past. How often did it happen when you were like, "Oh my God, I have to have it right now!" Probably not often, if at all.

It always happens when you're not thinking about it. So what I want you to do is to start understanding that the universe has its own timing and the more desperate you are, the farther you're pushing the divine timing away from your energy. When the divine timing doesn't click, you are not getting what you want. So whether you're trying to get somebody to like you, or get somebody to come back, or if you're trying improve your existing relationship - no matter what you're trying to do - understand that you must surrender to divine timing. The universe never hides precious things from you. The universe has its own timing. You have to allow it to work.

That's why we're talking about moon cycles; because there are a lot of these cycles at work, and there is a time for everything.

The moon affects our inner psyche. Think about it:  If you're a woman, your menstrual cycle is influenced by the moon's cycles. Love and Life are influenced by cycles as well. Love is a feminine energy, and this energy is ruled by the moon. What I'm suggesting here is to act in accordance with the cycle:  You must flow with the cycle and play with divine timing - the divine cycle. 

If you check the lunar calendar, guess what? The first day of each lunar month starts with a new moon.

A new moon in astrology is when the sun and the moon are in conjunction. That means they're together. That is a divine portal which means a new cycle has started and this is the time to plant a seed. You can always check online and see when is the next new moon.

During the new moon, I suggest you do this:

1. Sit down in meditation and clear your mind

2. Write a list of your desires, especially in the area of love. Instead of saying, I want so and so to love me, you need to say, "I am an expression of divine love and this divine love is expressed through my relationship with so and so" (If you have a specific person in mind, use their name) If you're single say: "I am an expression of the divine love."

Once you have that list done, I want you to protect that list and put it in a safe and sacred place in your home. If you have an altar in your home that's perfect. Put it there and let the energy work itself out. After about 14 days after the new moon, the sun and moon will shift:

They're going to be in opposition to each other. That is what we call a full moon and its usually really, really powerful. A full moon indicates that this is the time. Whatever seeds you plant during the new moon can flourish, and if you have a pure desire, and if you really release that desire to the divine, it is an ideal time for your desire to manifest.

If the full moon comes and your desire doesn't manifest, it means you have blocks. The full moon is a also a perfect time to release blocks. You can perform a full moon ritual at this point: 

1st sit down and meditate and while meditating, imagine yourself breathing in divine love, and breathing out blocks. Then write a list of everything you'd like to release through the full moon. You can look at your "new moon" desires and observe what has manifested and what hasn't for clues. This is a never-ending process, You don't just live through one moon cycle. You live through many, many different ones. A lot of times, what you planted a few months ago may come into manifestation this month.

Be open and be flexible. Understand the power of divine timing. When you're doing these rituals, the meditation, and the writing, make sure that you're doing it with a pure heart. The energy should come from joy, excitement, and centeredness.

It's not about what you do, it's about how you are being as you do.

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