Feeling Lonely and Depressed? Do THIS to Manifest Love Instantly!

Today I want to share with you a powerful technique that will help you manifest more love into your life. Whether you are currently in a relationship or not, this is the technique for you! Whenever you feel lonely, unloved or unappreciated, you can always come back to this technique.  


The truth about love


Do you feel loved? Or do you feel somewhat lonely and unappreciated? Let me know in the comment below. 


Before we get into the specifics of today's technique, I want to tell you something that might blow your mind.  You may not be ready to hear this, but let me tell you this anyway: 


Whether or not you feel lonely has nothing to do with your relationship status.


What do I mean? Whether you're in a relationship or not, has nothing to do with how lonely you feel inside!


If you are have never had a romantic relationship, you may have some big dreams about your ultimate, soulmate relationship. You might think that once you have that soulmate relationship then you will never feel lonely again. If you had some relationship experience, you probably would understand the statement I just made on some level, however, you may not fully embrace the truth. You may just think that you have to manifest a new partner or improve on your current relationship (if you are in one now) to manifest that feeling of being totally loved.


Here's the truth you must know: Your capacity of feeling loved and fulfilled has nothing to do with whether or not you have a partner.  Only if you develop that capacity of loving and being loved, then the perfect relationship will form in your life, and the perfect soulmate will appear right in front of you.


I have seen this happening over and over again in my clients lives, and this is what happened to me. As soon as I was able to find that capacity within myself to be loved, I quickly manifested my husband. Now we've been married for 16 years!


For those of you who are currently in a relationship but still feel unloved and unappreciated, know that it's not just about your partner. I really really want you to understand this: The capacity of being loved and loving is something that you can develop without a partner and without involvement of your partner. 


The key to manifesting a loving relationship


 In a way you really have to develop this yourself in order to share it with your partner. The more you share this with your partner, the richer your life gets, and the more loved you will feel. No matter you are in a relationship or not, no matter how happy you are with your relationship, you can always use this technique I’m about to teach you.


This technique is powerful especially for those of you who constantly feel lonely, unappreciated or unloved.  If you feel this way, you need to do this every single day.

When you practice this long enough, one day you will open your eyes in the morning and realize that you are deeply deeply loved. There's so much love within you and you just have to go out and share this love with that special person!


Now let's talk about the technique. Remember, we can use this technique to cultivate this feeling of being loved.  Why is this feeling so important? Because it is the manifestation material of your divine love relationship! This is also the material to improve all kinds of relationships in your life. 


The Gratitude Walk technique


This technique is called "Gratitude Walk.” 


This technique requires you to leave your house and go out for a walk. I suggest that you pick a natural place- a place where you're not going to see a lot of people. However, if you can’t walk in the nature, you can walk on a busy street if that's all you have. It's all about how you do it, not where you do it.


 While you are walking, first start focusing on your feet. When you're focusing on your feet , say “thank you for your love.” and you will feel the love that comes out of your feet.  I'm not kidding you. When you do this, you will definitely feel it.


Once you feel the love from your feet, move your attention to your legs and say “thank you for your love”, and then feel profound love coming out of your legs.


This way, you just move your attention from your feet all the way to your head. While you're walking, just scan different parts of your body and say to that part of your body and say” thank you for your love”, and wait to feel the profound love that comes out of that part of your body.


Initially, you might not feel it right away. You can imagine it. Just imagine pink or white light coming out of the part of the body you are focusing on. I bet you, after you do this for a while you will really really feel it. Some of you may even feel a buzzing kind of feeling and that's common and just perfect.


After you go through your entire body, now expand this conversation to everything you encounter on this walk. You might encounter some squirrels- like where I live we have a lot of squirrels ,ducks  and birds - any living creature you encounter, just say to them “thank you for your love”, and wait for their love to come back to you. You will feel the connection to them. When you see trees, especially big trees, touch them, feel the love, and tell them “thank you for your love”.


Just do this for about 20 minutes to 30 minutes. You will have a great walk. Through this walk you will experience profound love and gratitude. Through this walk you are experiencing the true reality. What is the true reality?


You are connected to everything around you!


Everything including the animals and plants, even the the desks and the computers radiate love.   In this dimension our eyes can't see it, but if you're willing to be open to this frequency, you are going to receive it! 


Once you start receiving it then you would be much kinder. you would feel much more fulfilled. You will feel more complete. Only when you are complete, you attract another complete person into your life. Otherwise all the partners you'll be attracting into your life will be people who are also incomplete. In that case, you will just rob energy off each other. That's why so many couples fight.


It's very very important to do this exercise ALONE. If you could do this every day, in 21 days you will feel completely different and you will feel totally loved and appreciated. You will KNOW deeply that you are connected to everything and everyone. This is not just imagination. This is true reality. Only when you can get to that point, when you feel connected to your environment, the nature, and your body, then you can go to your romantic partner and feel the connection.


If you don't have a partner, it's a little easier. You can just keep using this technique, and at the end you can start visualizing a perfect romantic partner, and just say “thank you for your love” to them.  


How to use this technique to improve your existing relationship


If you already have a partner, here's what I want you to do:  After you get into this state of being connected to everything, then go to your partner.  Don't say it with words,   because they might not be in the same mood at the moment. You just look at them - while they may not be paying attention to you and that’s fine - just silently say “thank you for your love”. 


Initially they may not receive it consciously. They might even look at you like “ what are you doing? You're so weird…” That's OKAY. Just say it silently “thank you for your love, I send all my love to you.” Then, visualize this energy of love between you two. You don't have to say anything. You don't have to persuade them that they need to receive this energy now. Here's the beauty of the energy work - It is never done on the physical level.  


When you do this kind of energy work, you are getting in touch with your partner’s energy field. Initially you may not see any result. Be ready for that! A lot of people living in today's world are totally insensitive to energy. They are deeply rooted in the physical reality. They really really don't feel it, but that's okay.  Their energy body is still sensing it.


Over time, when you send and receive energy with them, they will come around. The most important thing with this practice is- Don’t check.


What do I mean by that? Well, in the beginning you might be feeling great by connecting to the nature and the living creatures around you, and you can also feel more love with your pets,  because they're usually open to your energy.   While you feel great, and you start to project this energy to your existing partner, like I just explained, they might not feel your energy. At this point, don't be disappointed. When you're “checking”,  you feel like “ how come you're not feeling this?” Guess what, you're instantly back to where you started when you start checking!


Therefore, make sure that you're just doing this silently. you don't really need to make your partner become aware of what you're doing. Over time he or she will feel it. They might not feel the energy consciously, but suddenly they will be more kind and loving to you.  


 The most important factor


Ultimately this is all about helping you feel more loved and more loving. The more you cultivate this energy of loving kindness, the more love you will experience in your life.


The most important thing to focus on is to becoming more loving, kind, happier, and more fulfilled yourself. This practice boils down to loving yourself more.  The more self-love you feel, the more energy you will have to fuel up this love tank that you're building.

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    Thank you so much Ms. Karen for your lovely videos. I am looking forward to manifestation of my Scholarship for higher education in music of the Asia Pacific. I am already a PhD in Indian music and l tick all the boxes that makes me feel I deserve this scholarship.
    But I do get succumbed to doubts in terms how things are going to change for better.
    Please help me. Thank you. Love and light

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