Manifest Soulmate Love with EFT in Just 2 Minutes!

Are you ready to manifest your soulmate love? I'll teach you how to use a powerful technique -EFT- for attracting a partner, manifesting your ex back, or improving your current relationship!

This round of EFT Tapping takes just 2 minutes. Tap along with me and be on your way to meeting that special someone!

To learn more about EFT, read this blog post!

You can use this script below to tap a few more rounds and amplify the magic!

Karate Point: Even though I feel lonely right now, I deeply and completely love and honor myself. 

Even though deep and passionate soulmate love seems far away, I am open to believe that it is possible.


Eyebrow: In spite of feeling this lack of love, I tap into the powerful love from the universe. The universe loves me!


Side of Eye: By fully accepting and embracing myself as I am, I begin to open myself to change.


Under Eye: The opening I am creating by accepting and loving myself is a place where love can and will enter.


Under Nose: By loving myself, and even my current feeling of loneliness, I create a powerful magnet for more love.


Chin: I feel my radical acceptance and love for myself growing bigger and bigger right now.


Collarbone: I am beginning to witness a powerful shift in the universe as a result of the love I offer to myself.


Under Arm: I am now fully aligned to the most powerful soulmate love. Divine soulmate love is filling me up right now. 


Top of Head: My soulmate and I are one. I am in love with this universe, with myself, and with my soulmate right now!


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