This Insane Strategy Will Manifest Your Dream Home Fast!

Today I'm going to give you an insane strategy to help you manifest the home of your dreams really fast! This Metal Ox year according to Chinese astrology is an earth sign, and earth is definitely the focal point of this year. We know that in many places - as I'm writing this blog - the real estate market is booming. This means a lot of people are thinking about moving into their dream homes, or maybe investing in real estate. This is a good time to talk about this topic then, or at least think about how to manifest your dream home! If you're in the process of manifesting your dream home this blog is for you! Before we get into our insane strategy though, I want you to understand a very important concept because without understanding this strategy it's not going to work.

Become a Vibrational Match

Essentially the process is fine-tuning your own energy to become a vibrational match to your dream home. Understanding the concept of a "vibrational match" is very important when it comes to manifesting. In most cases homes, houses, and/or apartments out there are almost like living, breathing entities. This is what my guides have been telling me about this year. They say that houses and homes have living and breathing energy, which is in line with the Chinese concept of Feng Shui. The essential point of Feng Shui is to help you understand the flow of energy around you, and in your space. It helps you optimize your energy to manifest what you want.

When you think of manifesting your dream home, I want you to not only think about this beautiful home, and its nice appliances, beautiful floor - all the interior. Don't just think of those material things. Instead focus on manifesting the best energy for yourself.

In some homes, the energies might not be beneficial even though it might look like a dream home to you. So that's why becoming an energetic match to your dream home is super important. That's why, before you start manifesting, before you start going out and looking for houses, or even before you start dreaming of houses, you want to do some meditation on this dream home.

Ask yourself this:  "How can I become a vibrational match to my dream home?" Ask yourself that question, and when you do, go into silence - go into your inner wisdom. It will begin give you ideas and inspiration. You may see a magazine or go to a website and things about a dream home will start to pop out into your awareness. Somebody may knock on your door and tell you something that's related to your dream home too! The point I'm making here is that it's really important to do the meditation first, before jumping into frantic action.

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If you are not vibrating at the level of your dream home, even if you find it, even if you can afford it, and even if you've made all the money in the world to purchase it, you won't get it! I've actually heard a lot of stories about people who think that they move into a more expensive, and "better" home. After they move however, somehow, they start to have health problems, or they start getting into bad investment decisions. Things just start to fall apart - so it's super important to start looking at the energy of the house. 

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How exactly do you become a vibrational match to your dream home?

Have a clear idea of what your dream home may look like. That's easy, because there are pictures on the internet you can use for inspiration. There are even videos about beautiful homes you can watch. You can also be driving by some neighborhoods to see certain houses. You will like them! I want you to start paying attention to the potential dream home. It may not be the specific home you will be living in, but you know, I want you to start projecting your energy first, and start matching that vibration. Remember that sight is a vibration. When you see things, you're really perceiving the energy of that thing. If you're seeing a particular home, whether in a picture, or on a website, that's already a step forward.

A lot of you might be in a situation where you're very uncomfortable with where you live. Maybe you're living with friends, family, or perhaps your living environment is less than ideal in some other way. It's very important to stop complaining about it, and giving too much attention to how bad it is. Instead, focus more attention on where you want to live. Occupy your mind with the vibration of that beautiful home that you deserve to live in instead of the current environment in which you feel trapped. That is the number one important thing. Now let's talk specific strategies.

3 Steps of the Insane Strategy

1. Have a picture of your dream home. The picture could be either something you found online, or something you found in a magazine, or a picture you took on your cell phone when you're driving in a neighborhood. Try to find a specific home that you think you would like to live in. I want you to also ask yourself how confident are you about manifesting this dream home.

If you feel like you are so far away from this really beautiful and fancy mansion, I want you to be a little bit more realistic and find something that you feel is more possible. To be clear, I'm not saying that you can't manifest your ultimate dream home - it's not like that - a lot of times when we challenge ourselves too much in terms of manifesting it has an adverse effect. This is because a part of you will think, "This is ridiculous, I can't do this!" If you feel that you just can't believe you can live in your ultimate dream home, that is okay. Find your comfort level, and pick the right image.

Once you have that image you are going to cut it out, or put it on your phone.  Have it near you everywhere you go. You should definitely have one that's printed out though. Put it on a wall that's visible all the time. If you work in a cubicle, you can also put the picture in there. You'll want to see it when you're working. While you're looking at it, this is how you should raise your vibration: Say to yourself "I'm raising up my vibration to become a match to my dream home." This affirmation is very important. More important than the picture itself.

2. Make an effort to really set foot in the place. You may be asking, "Well you know, my ultimate dream home is mansion in Beverly hills," or, "My ultimate dream home is this fancy home on the other side of world." Try to find something locally that you can see and touch.

If you see a really nice house on sale there's usually an agent's number attached to it. I want you to make an effort to call that agent. You might thinking, "Karin, that's just my dream home and I don't have money to buy that home," or, "I don't have money to rent that place yet." That's okay! You don't have to tell the agent that, right? You don't have to tell them that you can't afford it.

I still want you to call them and schedule an appointment so you can really, physically be in the vibration of the home. You might not manifest that dream home immediately, instead you might manifest it next year. Just by being in the vibration of the home though, shortens the process of manifesting it.

This also works if you are trying to manifest a dream car. You can always go for a test drive! Most people are too shy about test driving their dream car, or going to see the nice house in which they want to live. Don't be shy because, these agents, they are not really expecting you to buy the home just by looking at it. Most of them know that they have to show the home to a number of people in order to make a deal. It's okay to go and just see.

While you're there you can send some good vibes to them, and silently bless them for making that sale. If you're not ready to buy now, just by sending out that positive energy and being very nice to that agent, you are creating positive energy for yourself and for others. Every time you create positive energy for others that energy comes back to you multiplied!

So, in a way, you're doing them a favor by going to see that home and sending positive energy inside it.  This is super important because when you're only looking at a picture of a home, you can never truly feel the full vibration of the place. Enter that home and focus on gratitude and joy. When you physically go into a home that looks like your dream home, go in with a lot of gratitude.

Simply thank the universe for giving you the opportunity to be there. Being there means the universe already created this space, and that means it is possible for the universe to create that space for you to eventually live in. Once you're in that home, there's a third step - this one is sort of crazy and insane, but do it anyway...Are you ready?

3. Try to make a beautiful video in that home. Try to film yourself being in that dream home! When you're having that tour of the home, you may feel embarrassed if you shoot a video. Try going to the appointment with someone else, like a family member or a friend. Let the friend talk to the agent while you look at home yourself alone.

Then it will be easier to pull out your phone and make a quick video of you being in the dream home. Make it very short - maybe a minute long - and say, "Hey, I am in my dream home, this is what my dream home looks like." Now you have a piece of physical evidence in your hands - now your dream home manifestation genius is fully awoken!

Now you can go home and start putting that video on a loop and watch it. You can also listen to it with my dream home frequency video in the background - it includes Reiki which will amplify its power. So while you're watching yourself in your dream home, play the dream home Reiki in the background. Do it simultaneously. If you do this every single day for 33 days, you are going to feel completely different about your dream home. You are going to raise up your vibration. You are going to feel that it is possible, and likely, for you to live in your dream home. That is the seed of your manifestation. That is the beginning point from where you can allow the universe to do the work. You are going to be amazed at what can happen in your life!

Remember, you deserve your dream home and you can certainly get it. You can manifest it fast! Let me know in the comments below that you are going to do this, that you're committed to doing this! Also let me know how it goes when you go on your appointment with the real estate agent. Soon you will be reading my blog from your dream home - I know it's going to happen for you. See you in your dream home!

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