The Secret to Manifest 24X Faster and Easier!

Today I want to show you a quick method to manifest 24x faster and 24x easier! Let me explain!

My manifestation success

Today, as I write this blog, I'm in the middle of two 7-day back to back cruises. I just cruised for seven days and everything is so perfect! I'm now just starting the next cruise. So, I figured before I go to relax by the pool, I will make a quick blog. I want to share with you some of the thoughts that I've been having since I've been on this cruise. I've always been looking for ways to help you manifest faster and easier.

I have 200 videos on this topic. You might be wondering, "Well, what's next?" While I am on this cruise, I can tell you that being here is actually one of my manifestations. For the past 15 months, there have been no cruises because of the global pandemic. My family and I, we love cruising, and I have been trying to manifest the cruise industry back. So when they started opening up to cruising again, we jumped right in and we booked two cruises. It's just so amazing when you go through the process of visualizing something, knowing that it's not there, but you are trying to mold that energy to make that into your reality. I just love the process! I worked through this whole process with this cruise and now I'm on it. So then I thought to myself:  I have been doing this for 22 years and I have mastered this process. Is this right? You know there's always more to learn. As I go through these journeys myself, I always have new inspirations and new things to share with you.

Getting on this cruise is like a dream come true. I got what I wanted. I reached my manifestation goal! For me, this is perfect! This is exactly how it should work. And it worked!

The Problem

But on day two of the cruise, my ten-year-old started to tell me, "mommy, I'm having a stomachache." Of course, when you have a child who's not feeling well - especially during this global pandemic, when you're away from home - it adds stress and, to make a long story short, after a little while we figured out that he simply ate too much....haha. When you're on a cruise, you are surrounded by delicious food. If you're a child, you don't have much self-control, and your stomach may not be used to eating so much. So that's how he got sick. At that moment I was realizing...

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This was not in my visualization. My visualization was a perfect cruise. So how come this happened? Then my guides just told me that it's because I had never visualized or manifested past my dream life.

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My guides are telling me that there is only one moment of now. So, literally where you are right now in life, which includes your visualization of your dream life, that's just one time - existing now. However, there's also another reality which always exists past your dream life. Remember that there will be a moments which exists past the manifestation of your dream - that is the reality most people, including myself, usually never tap into because all we can is visualize is that moment of getting what we want. 

So, prior to this cruise, all I was visualizing was the joy of getting on board. I didn't bother to think about what's going to happen once I'm on the cruise. It's probably the same thing for you. If you are trying to manifest a dream life or dream relationship, or you want X amount of money, you probably only want to visualize that moment. The moment in which you get what you want. That is the pitfall. That is the reason why you're not manifesting faster and easier enough.

The 24 Method - Manifest 24 X faster & easier

My guides opened my mind to this method called "24 hour method." They said that you should visualize the 24-hour day, how each hour proceeds while you are in your dream life. By doing that, you're no longer putting your dream life on the pedestal. Instead, you're going to tell yourself - from this hour to this hour, this is what I'm going to do. There might be potential problems. Here's how I'm going to solve them. Think about it. If I had visualized my cruise differently, if I had laid out what I'm going to do in a 24-hour period while I'm in my dream life, I would also ask myself about potential hiccups and/or problems. Once I attain my dream life, once I attain this dream vacation, I would probably think that overeating could happen. Especially to my little boy. I have to set some boundaries. So, what I want you to do is instead of making your dream life as something like so magical, so wonderful, (of course it is), think also about the more mundane aspects of it. This is important for a couple of reasons.

Think about the fact that this is just another continuation of my day and how would I plan my day? How am going to solve problems that come with my dream life? When you start thinking that way, yes, it might to be a little less exciting. However, by doing that, you are also letting go... You no longer see the dream as something so grand and, being so grand, it is also so far from your current reality. Instead it's just another day you have to plan.

My guides are telling me that when you start planning your 24 hours this way, your manifestation will come 24 times easier, and 24 times faster. This is because if you can perceive an hour that hasn't happened in your dream life, you add detail to your manifestation. You are literally making your manifestation come a little faster, a little easier.

Think about it! If you manifest for each of your dream 24 hours - maybe eight hours of it is just sleeping - (you can jot down, "I will be sleeping for 8 hours"), but have a detailed, hour by hour plan, for your dream day for once you are there. You'll be shocked at how you can instantly let go, how you can no longer feel so tense. Instead, you'll be actually enjoying it, playing with it. My guides are telling me that life is divine play.

It should be fun to visualize your dream life and it should bring a sense of excitement and expectation. At the same time though, it should be a realistic expectation, not a fanciful, dreamy and undetailed thing. 

Be very relaxed, and realistic, and very cool about what you want. That is the spot of letting go. That is the magical place of manifesting!


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