The Magic Switch Method: This Will Change Everything

Today I have an exciting, brand new manifestation method that I want to share with you. It's something that I just received through divine inspiration, or what I like to call - from my spirit guides.

The problem

Over the years, since I started working with people from the Gratitude Tribe to help them manifest their dream lives, I find one thing in common amongst all. Usually they come to me with a problem. In as sense, this is obvious - if they don't have a problem, they wouldn't come to me, right? Right now our world is full of problems too. So during all of these years, I have been working with people to solve problems.

If you look at your own life, probably most of what you do is done to solve problems, right? How many of you feel this way? Let me know in the comments down below how much of your time is spent doing things that don't involve solving people's problems.

If you think about your life, how much of your time is spent on thinking about problems - whether it's your problems or other people's problems, and how to solve them? I was thinking about this when, one day, while meditating, I was hit with this thought:  There are people out there who don't focus on problems. They just think of brand new things, kind of like how Steve jobs invented the iPhone and revolutionized mobile phones altogether. At the very least he had the idea of making smartphones mainstream. That wasn't solving a problem, was it? That was presenting a brand new vision, and changing the world.

Products developed with this way of thinking tend to become wildly successful. Other products or services, which just focus on solving problems, don't go as far. Often they tend to just stay there and have moderate success (if they solve problems well enough). That's when a light came on in my head and I realized that all we need to do is stop "solving problems." There's got to be more attention given to things outside of the circle of problems. That's why I came up with this idea of having a switch. Now you may be asking, what kind of switch are you creating? A switch to solve all my problems?! Haha...not exactly. The moment you say, "I have a problem," you need to solve this problem. You become somewhat stuck in the problem.

The Switch

I was listening to the Abraham Hicks teaching and something they said really resonated with me. They said something like, "You don't go into a room and look for a dark switch - you go into a room looking for a light switch." So you turn that switch and light comes on - darkness goes away. You don't go into a room full of darkness and try to figure out how you can - little by little - conquer the darkness. This is because darkness in the room doesn't really exist. All you need to do is turn on the light. When the light comes on, darkness automatically disappears. So that is the inspiration behind this new method.

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When I create a manifestation method, it's usually very specific. So we just talked about the idea behind this method. Now let's talk about how exactly you can do it.


1.  Define switch

A lot of times when we are focusing only on our problems, we think that our world is nothing but problems. We never see outside of our problems. So what I want you to do is draw a gigantic switch. Don't worry if you're not the best artist! You're just doing this just for yourself. It doesn't have to look perfect. It just has to look like a switch. You're going to draw a switch in the middle of a piece of paper or within your notebook. Put this gigantic switch in the middle of the page, and then around that switch, write down everything that bothers you - all your problems - everything that needs your attention, everything that frustrates you, everything that makes you feel tired, everything you think serves as a roadblock to your dream life. 

These are the excuses and reasons why you can't live your dream life.

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2. In your mind, visualize you're going to push that switch. 

You can even draw it to be in a different direction so that now the switch is "turned on." It's a light switch - not a problem remover. Now you're going to visualize divine light coming into your space. That light simply erases all of the problems. Consider this:  Oftentimes solutions are dependent on problems and solutions don't necessarily make your life better because, a lot of times, the solutions only lead you to the next level problems. What we want to do is erase all the problems, and even the solutions. You think that by having a problem, all you need is a solution.

I'm telling you however, that you don't really need a solution if there is no problem, right? So let's just flip the switch. Now we are going to let the problems disappear. The problems themselves are going to disappear. Now you're going to visualize divine light - divine gratitude, and divine joy, coming. Everything that you're worrying about, everything that is holding you back, and everything that you think are roadblocks, are just gone. Now at this moment, when you're in this place, you are completely connected to the divine.

3. Look at your switch and start writing down - not the solution to the problems - but what kind of life quality you want to choose.

I often hear people saying, "Oh, I have to work harder. Oh, I have to do this and that in order to move forward, Oh, I have to start applying for jobs. Oh, I have to make some calls." Every time you talk to yourself this way, I want you to pay attention and notice this manner of thinking, Okay? When you're talking to yourself this way, feel it - it feels almost as if you're talking to a slave.

When you treat yourself this way, you are creating temporary solutions and expanding your problems. You really have to change the way you talk to yourself. Instead of saying, "I've got to do this," say "I choose ___________." That's why I call this channel, "Choosing Gratitude." I don't say, "I have to write a gratitude journal or I have to track this meditation." No, there's nothing you have to do. All you need to do is choose.

That is the power of the switch. This switch you're drawing is the switch of choice. Remember, you are a chooser. You are not someone who has to sit there and wait for problems to drop on your head!

Be the chooser. Be the initiator. Be the person who flip the switch, and tell yourself, "I choose love. I choose joy. I choose a happy life." No matter what, when its your choice, it's so evident - it's so powerful. All of your problems are just going to melt away. That is the power of flipping that switch. That's the power of turning on the switch and letting the light come in.


Every time you to turn on something - like the TV, your computer, or a light in your home, tell yourself, "I choose gratitude. I choose gratitude. I can choose. I am a chooser." 

You are a chooser. You are not a victim. So every time you turn something on, you are not only turning on that device. You're also turning on your choice, your choice to have a happy, fulfilling life. Your decision to choose the kind of life you want to live is sacred. Choose consciously the kind of words you speak. Choose the kinds of experiences that come to you because you are the chooser of your life experiences. You are the chooser of how people treat you. You are the chooser of how life treats you. You are the chooser of whether or not you are going to be connected to divine energy, to the universe, to all the magic.

So choose well and ask yourself, what have I been choosing? Should I be making a different choice? Every time you have a problem, the problem is not the problem. The problem is that you are not choosing the right thing. You're choosing the problem versus your divine connection. Starting from this moment, draw your big switch and start operating all the switches in your life. As a light switch - not a "dark switch" - erase the dark switch in your life. Erase the problem switch in your life. Be light, be gratitude. Be joy. 


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