Magic Box Method to Quickly Manifest Multiple Things At Once

Today. I want to share with you an exciting and brand new manifestation technique called the Magic Box technique. This technique is perfect for you, if you want to manifest multiple desires all at once.

First, I want to dive deep into this topic of manifesting multiple things at once. I often have people come to me and ask, "Karin, I want to manifest more money, but I also want to manifest a soulmate relationship. I also want to manifest looking better, or losing weight, or to clear my skin, or to manifest a new job." So most of us have a basket of things we would like to achieve. Oftentimes you can get a bit confused and overwhelmed. People also ask me, "Karin, which desire should I work on first? Can I do it one by one? Or should I do them all at once? Is it possible to manifest all my desires at one time?" 

Today's technique is perfect for those of you who have multiple desires you want to manifest. However, before we go into the specifics, and nitty-gritty of the technique, we need to clarify something. You need to understand the core of this question of manifesting multiple desires. 

3 steps to understand how to manifest multiple things at once

1. First of all, let me ask you a question. "Why do you want to manifest all of these things?" I want you to pull out a piece of paper, or maybe just pull out your phone - use the note app and start typing.

"What exactly do you want?" If I had a magic wand that I can wave and allow you to live your dream life, what are the things you would like to appear? Spend some time doing this. Create a list of your desires, and if you already have that list, I encourage you to pull out that list and imagine telling me why you want to manifest those things. The challenge is:  I don't want you to go through your list of 15 items and say, "I want this because of this and that, I want this because I want this and that." I want you to look at your entire list and give me one concise answer for all the desires. I want to challenge you to post your answer in the comments down below so that we can all hold energy for each other. I'd also like to look at your reason "why." 

If you have completed step one, now you're ready to move to step two.

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2. I want you to look at your answer and ask yourself, "Is there a deeper reason for these reasons?" You might be wondering, "What is a deeper reason?"  For example, let's say you want to manifest a new job. If I ask you, "Why do you want to manifest a new job?" You might say, "I don't make enough money in my current job, or in my current job I don't get along with my coworkers." Usually that's how our egoistic mind operates because our egoistic mind always wants to find something negative as a reason. So, instead I want you to pay close attention to the answer you just gave and ask yourself a follow-up question: Is this a negative answer?

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Here's the thing:  If you want to manifest something in order to run away from a negative condition in your life, more than likely, you're not at the perfect vibrational place to manifest your desires. In other words, if you want to manifest more money because you hate being poor, guess what? More than likely, you're going to be stuck at being poor. If you want to manifest a beautiful relationship, because you don't want to be alone, guess what? You will be stuck at being alone. Why is that? Because the universe is like a copy machine. It literally reflects our thoughts back to us in terms of energy, vibration, and frequencies.

So now I want you to look at your answer and tell me if your answers are negative. If they're negative, that is totally fine. Don't blame yourself. Just identify it and know it for now. Let's move on to the next step.

3. Translate your answer to come into line with the essence of the universe. What is the essence of the universe? Love joy, gratitude, beauty, abundance, and freedom. You see, everything that is in alignment with the true essence of the universe - which has nothing to do with being poor, being lonely, being stuck - is your true nature.

I want you to translate your answers into the true essence of the universe. Take a few minutes to do that now.

Hopefully now you have the real answer behind the list of your desires. If you need help, continue reading!

Let's say you want to manifest more money - why do you? Because you want to experience financial freedom. Why do you want to manifest love? Because you want to experience divine love.

Remember what really manifests is not the desires that your egoistic mind comes up with. It should be the real reason behind your desires. The reason is always your deepest desire. Your soul's deepest desire is to experience more. Your soul doesn't understand the concept of past and future. Your soul is only in the moment of now. 

So go back to your answers and make them even better. Instead of saying, "because I want financial freedom," or, "because I want beauty," try saying, "because I desire to experience divine love. I desire to experience freedom, and abundance." Simply put those words into your reason.

Now you are perfectly conditioned to use this new manifestation method, which is the Magic Box.

What is the magic box?

My spirit guides inspired me to call this the Magic Box. My guides are telling me that even if you have a hundred desires, essentially, they are one. You can put them all into this magic box because it's impossible for you to desire something other than the connection to God. That is essentially the core of all of our desires. So, I may have 10,000 people reading this blog and each one of you may have completely different desires. But...

Maybe one of you wants a new job. The other one wants to move to a new country. Another wants to manifest a new dog. Whatever the case may be, in a sense, we're all one because we can put all of our desires in this collective magic box. What exactly is the Magic Box?

My guides are telling me that you have to see all of your desires as pieces of a larger puzzle. When the puzzle pieces are put together, they become a new blueprint of your dream life. This is simply the blueprint of the divine, the universe, or God. If you see your desires that way you won't be going into each list to worry about, "Oh, this is so hard to manifest. How can I do all of these things at once?"

Remember if you have a puzzle, it can have two pieces or a thousand, but essentially - it's just one picture. It's the same with all your desires. It's impossible for you to have a bunch of unrelated desires because each desire is simply a piece of the puzzle of your dream life. My guides are telling me that we are all entitled. We're all entitled to the whole picture, not just little piece of the puzzle. Therefore, you don't have to worry about manifesting multiple things at once because essentially you already are.

My guides are also telling me that when you are focusing on one piece of your desired life, all the other pieces are also being manifested because the universe doesn't see your desires as multiple. The universe sees everything as one. It doesn't matter whether you want to manifest all of them at once, or whether you want to just focus on one at a time. I always tell people, "Do what you feel like if you feel that you can." Focus on all of them at one time - that's fine. If you feel it's too much or too overwhelming, just focusing on one is also just as powerful. This is simply because oneness is the nature of the universe.

Whether you focus on the entire picture or you focus on one piece, know that when one area of your life gets better, it triggers the other areas of your life to get better too! That's why a lot of people experience that once they get the job of their dreams for example, they start to meeting new people. And through their expanded social network, they get to meet their dream partner. This kind of thing happens all the time. It's a domino effect. When you have a great partner, you feel happier and you end up making more money, right? So that's why I want you to feel more relaxed about having multiple desires instead of feeling overwhelmed by your list.

How to do it step-by-step

Now let's get to the technical part of this new manifestation technique. What I want you to do is to go out and buy a Magic Box. You can find it online or you can go to a store and find a perfect box. You'll will know it when you see it.

If you are with me on Chinese astrology, we can amplify the power of this technique here. Hopefully you have downloaded my "Decode your Life" training for Chinese astrology, (click here to download) and you know your "core energy." This may be a bit advanced but knowing your core energy can help you pick the BEST color for your Magic Box, based on Chinese Astrology!

According to your core energy, recall that each core energy is related to some colors - not just one though. It's usually range of colors. If your core energy is metal, you'll want a white or silver box, or even a gold box.

If you're earth however, you'll want a yellow box. If you're fire, you'd benefit from a red or pink box. If you're water, you'll want a gray or black box. This step is optional, but adding the right color will help you boost your core energy. When your core energy gets stronger, your manifestation power is also enhanced. If you don't have time to do that, don't worry about it - just find your perfect magic box. Once you have that, I want you to meditate in front of this box and put it in a sacred place in your home.

After that, meditate in front of the box. I want you to mentally start loading the energy of your desires into the box. Remember, we just talked about how to define the essence of what you want. Mentally load all of that energy into the box. Keep the box open. Visualize the energy of what you want going into the box.

After you load the energy, now you can write your desires one by one again. Use index cards or pieces of paper, and on each, write one desire. Then put your desires into the box one by one. You can also use colored paper according to your Chinese Astrology core energy

Once you have completed filling your magic box, close it and put it in that sacred place in your home. Go on about your life now and don't think about it. Don't come to the box more than once a day. You don't need to come to this box all the time.

The reason why I want you to have that box sitting somewhere is for your subconscious mind to understand that you are allowing the universe to manifest for you. You're going to let the universe handle it. Maybe once a day you can come back to the spot. You can meditate on it. I don't recommend you open the box very often because it's like the universe is cooking it. You don't want to open the box all the time and check, "Is it manifested yet?"  It's very important to let the box be closed and just stay curious, stay allowing. Stay playful, and allow the universe to do the magic.

In my experience, this is really the fastest way to manifest multiple desires at one time. Again though, remember the most important step is to identify the essence of what you want. 

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