Here's How to Let Go in One Minute

Today I want to talk about how to let go without trying to letting go.

Letting go is important but hard to do

Letting go is an important in the law of attraction manifestation process. If you don't know the process, below is an outline of the law of attraction process for beginners: 

Step 1: You need to let the universe know what you want. Basically focus on your idea.

Step 2:  The universe will manifest it for you.

Step 3: (This is the most important step) You need to let go and allow it in.

So everybody is telling you to let go. You might be wondering," well, I don't know how to let go! Karin, is there any technique or or trick I can use to let go?"

Letting go is actually the hardest part. Here's why: the moment you are thinking about letting go, the moment you are thinking: "I'm gonna let go", you're not letting go! 

This letting go business is a lot like trying to fall asleep. I don't know if you've ever experienced not being able to fall asleep. Even if you don't have chronic insomnia, sometimes you are just too excited or you're worried about something, you simply can't fall asleep. When you lay in bed awake, whenever you try to fall asleep, and you feel that you REALLY REALLY need to fall asleep, you just can't fall asleep, right?

It's the exact same thing as letting go! if you tell yourself "I have to let go", you can't let go.

In this blog I want to talk about a very very important concept: How to let go without letting go.

You can't let go by trying to let go you. You can't let go by using this conscious or egoistic mind. You can't let go by just thinking in your mind.

"I need to let go " is probably the worst affirmation you can ever use to let go! The more you say it, the more you are attached to your desires.


Essentially, you are not manifesting anything. You are surrendering this egoistic mind to a bigger mind, which is the universe or you call it higher self or God. it doesn't matter what you call it, you have to take the step to surrender. The very act of surrender is essentially letting go.

What does surrender mean? surrendering means that you have to let go of the control. On one hand you have to get really clear about what you want, but on the other hand you have to say "I'm OKAY with not having what I want". That is the letting go part.

If you're constantly thinking about or obsessed with wanting something you don't have, and if you are so miserable without what you want, you're not letting go, and you're only pushing what you want away from you.

If you want to let go without trying to let go, there's a very simple thing you can do: just focus on the present moment and noticing what is around you. Noticing what is around you and offer gratitude.

In other words, you have to be able to surrender to the present moment .

If you can't surrender to god or to the higher self, if all of those concepts sound too far fetched, all you need to do, and all you need to tell yourself is to surrender to the present moment. Simply notice that you exist in this present moment. Just acknowledge everything that is around you. It will bring tremendous peace.

My story

let me give you an example. I'm currently on a trip to Naples Florida. Before I got on this trip, I didn't plan to come to this beach. I didn't even know that this beach was here for me.

We booked a hotel thinking now we're just gonna sleep here and we're gonna do some local sightseeing. My son is really interested in history so we wanted to go to a history museum or the military museum in this area. We also wanted to go to the zoo.  That was our plan.

But when we got here we realized that it's a very very beautiful resort. It has a really really nice pool it also has a boat ride that takes you to this island where you can just chill on the beach.

So we decided to change everything we planned. We just follow the flow. This is exactly what you need to do when you are manifesting.

When I'm manifesting this trip, my initial plan was to come here and check out some museums and tour the city of Naples, but this resort changed everything.

when we got here we surrendered to this moment. We realized this is actually better than what we planned, so we just decided to come here to this beautiful beach. We decided to just stay here and chill and watch the ocean.

Surrendering to the present moment is not that hard. It simply means that you just say yes to the present moment whatever the present moment is presenting to you, and say "thank you."

Why surrender to the present moment

Well you may say, "Well, Karin, my present moment sucks. How can I say yes to it? How can I surrender to it?"

Let me ask you this: Even if you don't say yes, isn't that current moment still happening to you? Resisting it does't take it away!

The present moment is where your power resides.  How you react to the present moment pretty much determines the quality of the next moment.

In a sense your present moment is just a culmination of the manifestation from your past. If you don't surrender to this moment, then you can't gather enough energy to manifest the next moment.

The next moment is still up to you to create, right? However, this moment is the manifestation of your past. When you resisting this moment, you're denying your past self. You're denying yourself. When you deny yourself you deny your own manifestation power.

Therefore you must say yes to this present moment and this is the only way for you to let go so. Learn to say thank you for everything.

Even if you can't thank it, just say "I'm okay with it because this is what I'm experiencing". This will bring tremendous peace. Only in this tremendous peace you can truly summon that inner power that you have to make the next moment your best moment.

Your dream life is not a static thing. Your dream life is just a collection of moment to moment reality. Today I want to teach you just one thing: just say "thank you for this present moment" wherever you go.  Say it to the universe. Say it to yourself. If you could do this for the next 21 days 30 days your life will change!

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