Law of Attraction: 33 Ways to Manifest Anything You Want

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Manifesting in 33 ways

Here’s a summarized collection of ways to manifest anything!  Some of the techniques are ones you may be familiar with and may even be practicing.  Others were created by Karin of and George from Dreamswarp.  Every technique works!  We’re all unique and special, so some techniques work better than others for each of us.  Some may not work at all for me but be super effective for someone else!

The most important part of any technique is how the technique makes you FEEL when you’re using it.  It’s the feelings that the practice manifests, that start to attract new things to you. Sometimes a method may work well for a while, you feel great, and your vibration is high, but after a while, it becomes boring or stale, and you’re not feeling those good vibes anymore.  Stay inspired by trying out techniques from this awesome list. They’ll recharge your energy and raise your vibration, so mix and match and choose the ones that feel great to you – remember it’s ultimately how you feel that’s going to determine what you attract:

If you’re new to manifesting and not sure where to start, here are some excellent pointers from Karin: Watch This Before You Start Any Law of Attraction Technique!

Here's a video that goes over all 33 tools!

  1. Visualization.  (watch Karin’s video How to Visualize Anything) Create a “movie in your mind” of your dream life and “view” it in your mind daily.  Choose the best time to practice your visualization – not all times are equal. Karin’s video Top 3 Mistakes that May Ruin Your Visualization! explains in more detail that it’s vital to successful visualization to be in the emotional “feeling place” of what it is that you’re visualizing.  It’s also helpful to add a “sensory cue” when you’re visualizing, so for example if you’re manifesting an apartment at the beach, you could play beach and ocean sounds in the background to amplify your visualization – this helps to make it more real to your mind
  2. Affirmations.  Words have great power that you can use to manifest your desired reality.  Affirmations can be written, spoken or listened to – out loud or subliminally.  It’s important to state the affirmation as if you already have what you desire. Say “I love how comfortable I feel at my ideal weight of 120 pounds” – instead of “I want to lose 40 pounds and not be fat anymore”.  Our subconscious mind does not distinguish between positive and negative words, so the second affirmation would become in our mind “I want to lose 40 pounds and be fat”. It’s important to practice affirmations consistently, try 3 times a day, consistently for 30 days.  Remember to read or say these affirmations with inspired feeling and enthusiasm – get into the “feeling place” and add a lot of energy to this practice to juice it up!
  3. ScriptingHow to Use Scripting to Manifest Anything. (thank you Karin for this useful video).  Write a script of the life of the future you – what would your life be like?  Who would you be interacting with? Where would you be living? What does a typical day look like?
  4. Vision Board. Watch George’s video How to Use a Vision Board.  The process of selecting images is a useful way to help you sharpen your focus and become much clearer about what you want. George suggests a great way to boost the effectiveness of this method by creating a “vision life”.  In addition to your actual vision board, post images and affirmations all over your life – on your fridge, on the bathroom mirror, in your car – well, anyplace where you see it every day and be reminded! A great tool to use for your overall life vision – multiple dreams and desires in one place!  Great to share with your co-creators too!
  5. EFT.  The Emotional Freedom Technique is covered in Karin’s video Tapping into Gratitude.  EFT involves tapping on various meridian points on your body to activate the energy flow of your energetic body while speaking EFT statements to release your emotional burdens and/or resistance to get you to where you want to be!
  6. Meditation.  Karin’s number one pick for a daily manifestation practice, meditation ensures that your thoughts are in great shape so that your “manifesting machine” can operate at its best, no matter which other manifesting techniques you’re using.  George shares an example of our thoughts being like drawings and our emotions being the paint that brings those drawings to life. Meditation is the cleaning of the paintbrushes and pencils. George has a number of videos about meditation on his channel, starting with: What Meditation Does for the Mind.
  7. 17 second technique.  Based on the famous work of Esther and Jerry Hicks and Abraham, once you focus your thought for 17 seconds, the energy of that thought starts to gain momentum.  The longer you can hold the thought clearly in your mind, even to 68 seconds and beyond, the quicker you are moving into your desired reality. 
  8. Segment intending.  Use the power of your intention to choose how you want the next segment of your day to be.  Say you’re about to attend a meeting at work. You can set your intention to be positive, to listen actively, to be confident and clear in your communication.  When you use this in most of the segments of your life, you’ll start to build a life that is more in alignment with the life that you want. A simple yet powerful technique.
  9. Gratitude Hour.  Choose a segment of time you can commit to daily – 30 minutes to an hour.  During this segment you are grateful for everything and anything in your life, even the most simple and silly (I am grateful I have indoor plumbing and can use the bathroom by myself).  Walking outside you can be grateful for the trees, the sun, the birds and so on. You’ll feel an amazing sense of gratitude during and after this intense period of affirming your gratitude for everything you see and have in your life currently.  This causes your desires to become reality faster!
  10. Acting as if.  Use caution with this method, it is very powerful, but if not done correctly, can cause a lot of resistance.  Check out George’s video: Right Way to Practice "Acting as if".
  11. Water affirmations.  Amp up the power of your affirmations by speaking them into a cup or bottle of water which you hold in your hands, then drink the water.  More details can be found in Karin’s videos Using Water to Manifest and Test Law of Attraction with Gratitude Experiment.
  12. Writing "Letters to universe"  George’s video goes into detail on the structure of these letters, covering your emotions, feelings and the desires you wish to manifest.
  13. Gratitude journal.  Write in your journal every day about everything that you are grateful for.  This can be a tricky one to get the most out of, so take a look at Karin’s thoughts on the subject: Gratitude Journal: 5 Super tips to take it to the next level.
  14. Diminishing importance.  Be mindful of how you feel about your desires – if you place them on a pedestal to the point where you’re almost “desperate” to create them, you could accidentally be building up resistance instead.  Rather treat your desire as “easy to manifest” and “this is already mine”, so you still desire it, but you’re not making it desperately important!
  15. NLP.  Neuro-Linguistic Programming is similar to visualization.  You hold a picture in your mind, then using your mind’s eye, you make it grow and then make it shrink.  NLP is also useful to crush what you don’t want. Again, holding a picture of some negative habit in your mind you can imagine it being destroyed by some vivid visual image e.g. See it burned, or imagine it crumble to dust.
  16. Climbing the emotional scale.  This emotional scale from Abraham Hicks is one of George’s favorites!  Sometimes it may be difficult to get from where we are “feeling” right now to a feeling of Love, Gratitude or Joy.  Put your emotions on a scale from 1 to 10 where 1 is the most negative emotion you’ve ever felt and 10 is the best. Focus on just moving up that scale a few points.  It’s easier to move up a few points at a time, than to jump all the way from 2 to 8 in a single leap. Work your way toward feeling better!
  17. 2 cup method. 2 Cup Method with Gratitude and 2 Cup Method Dimensional Jumping.  Check out these two videos in which Karin describes how to use the 2-cup method for manifesting.
  18. "Shifting from desire to Intention"  is a powerful technique covered in George’s video explaining how to move from “asking” to “declaring” that what you want is yours.  A subtle but very important shift in vibration!
  19. Subliminals.  In the video What Are Subliminal Affirmations?, Karin explains that positive affirmations are recorded and embedded at a very low volume into a music track to bypass our conscious mind which may be blocking audible positive affirmations from reaching our subconscious minds.  This will gradually change our subconscious programming, clear our resistance and help us manifest what we want. All this while just listening to pleasant music!
  20. Resistance alchemy.  Many times, we’re aware of some resistance in our manifesting process and we begin to hate that resistance.  This adds another layer of resistance! "Love your resistance" is a video George created to discuss this method.
  21. Ho'oponopono.  I love you.  I’m sorry. Please forgive me.  Thank you. A lovely way to start your day!  Karin’s video is a beautiful teaching on this ancient and effective method: Hoʻoponopono: Manifesting Anything You Want With The Magical Mantra.
  22. Morning and night rituals.  Here are two videos Karin made to describe rituals for the morning Powerful Morning Gratitude Affirmations to Shift into Your Desired Reality! and the evening Manifest When You Sleep.  
  23. Symbolic resistance release.  Sometimes seeing a physical representation of your resistance being released can create an impression on your subconscious mind to help with removing or resolving resistance or childhood programming.  Two simple examples are: writing your resistance on a beautiful expensive piece of stationery, then burning it, or writing it on a balloon, filling the balloon with helium and then releasing it into the air.
  24. Set cues:  Use your smartphone or smartwatch to remind or alert you during the day to practice the various manifesting techniques you’ve designed in your program.  Then you’ll be working on your manifestations all during the day, and the process will happen much faster!
  25. Mirror technique.  Speak straight into your own soul with this powerful method explained in Karin’s videos:  Fall in Love with Yourself Now! - Try This 2-Minute Self-Love Technique! and Advanced Mirror Method.
  26. Mindfulness.  How to not let the stories from your past or the worries of the future get in the way of what you are manifesting right in this moment.
  27. Tap into the power of stillness.  This is not the stillness of meditation.  Take time out during the day just to be still for a few moments.  Listen to the sound of stillness. Observe the stillness around you and realize your own magic. 
  28. 555 technique.  Writing your affirmation out 5 times a day for 55 days or 55 times a day for 5 days – whichever feels more inspiring to you!  Karin explains this very powerful technique neatly in her 2 part video: All You Need to Know About 55X5 Technique! (Pt 1) and All You Need to Know About 55X5 Affirmations! (55X5 Pt 2).
  29. Tesla code 369.  Similar to the 555 method above.  Choose a statement (must be at least 17 seconds in length), write out the statement 3 times in the morning, 6 times during the day, and 9 times at night.  Watch Karin’s video How To Use Nikola Tesla Divine Code 369 to Manifest Anything You Want.
  30. Mantra.  A powerful technique to add to your practice to help you align yourself.  Learn more in this video by Karin and George: Reprogram your Subconscious Mind with Subliminals and Mantras.
  31. Shifting into a parallel reality.  At every moment we’re choosing what reality we’ll be living in in the next moment.  We need to be very conscious of our own choices. We must choose what we want to experience, and not just let things happen to us.  In your meditation you can practice shifting into a reality where everything you want is already part of your reality. Really experience it, be in that reality and choose it.  Interested in knowing more about this method? Karin’s video How to Test Quantum Jumping & Shift into a Desired Parallel Reality? gives more details.
  32. Polarity processing.  Challenge your negative beliefs.  Write a list of your resistance feelings or negative beliefs down the left-hand side of a page.  Draw a line down the center of the page and across from each resistance statement or negative belief, write down the opposite statement.  Use these as positive affirmations – it may take some practice, and some time, but eventually those initial resistance or negative thoughts will be replaced.
  33. Quantum field intending.  A meditation practice where you go into the Quantum Field where everything is one, where there is no past and no future, no here or there.  In that powerful place everything you want is at your fingertips and you will feel the power of yourself. If you can keep that feeling when you come out of meditation, what you want can come to you very quickly.

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