Kristina's $6,400 Manifestation - 55x5 for my Hospital Bill by Kristina Magyar

Author: Kristina Magyar

Hi Friends! I just watched Choosing Gratitude’s video “I Manifested $1371.42! (55X5 Method & Water Affirmation Success Story)” again and had to share my experience with these techniques from last year. I am fascinated by these techniques as a way to attract money. I must say I was struggling with my belief on this one. As you know, any technique requires a high frequency of positivity and belief in order to manifest correctly and with speed. I would love to manifest a large sum of money! I also do not want to get caught up in desperation, as that lowers the feel good vibration I need to manifest. So here’s how I worked through my perceived resistance to the 55x5 technique.

So the 55x5 technique is to choose an affirmation and write it 55 times a day for 5 days or you can write it 5 times for 55 days.  In choosing my affirmation, each amount of money seemed unattainable, either because it was too large, I did not have a sense it was possible or I was trying to be logical wanting to know where it would come from.  What I have learned about manifesting is that sometimes our desires come in unexpected ways often way better than we could have imagined. So, last year, I decided to focus on my hospital bill. $1987.43 I also had some doctor bills--neurology is expensive!! But to keep it simple, I focused on just this one bill.  

I formulated my affirmation to this: ‘I am so happy and grateful now that my hospital bill is paid in full’.  I wrote this 5 times. Since I have arthritis, I decided to incorporate the water method as well so I could integrate the feelings of gratitude for this in my body. Since our bodies are over 75% water, a positively charged water can have a great effect physically and mentally.

The basics of the water method are to say your affirmation into a glass of water that you hold surrounded by your hands. So I declared my affirmation 55 times into my water for 5 days. And then I went on with my routine not really thinking about my bills or the affirmation and just felt peaceful with a knowing that everything would work out.  A few weeks later, I went to work and my boss called me in to let me know they would be taking care of my hospital bill for me!!! It was a great surprise and I remembered the techniques I had applied. I was so grateful!!! Also, the next day, my insurance let me know I had met my deductible for the year and the rest of the year would be covered 100% ! That equated to 8 months of neurology appointments at around $800 per visit --that is like $6400 I would not have to come up with the rest of the year!! Plus any tests and medications would be covered as well. It was truly unexpected and a great blessing.

I can’t tell you how overjoyed I was with this result. Now that we have a new year in front of us, I am going to be using the 55x5 and the water techniques to make this the best year ever!


To learn more about the 55X5 method and water affirmation, watch this video

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