How To Survive The Great Shift of 2020

If you're ready to manifest your dream life, it's time for a change right now. 

The great shift is happening...

At the end of 2019, I wrote a blog post about upcoming changes that my spirit guides told me were going to happen in 2020. I warned everyone here, right? I warned you that everything was going to be different in 2020 - how we make money, how we relate to each other, how we work, how we invest - everything is different. That prediction was spot on! If you happen to have read that blog post, hopefully, it helped you make some adjustments in your life which are helping you navigate this new world now.

If you're new here however, don't worry. It's not too late to change, but the theme for the rest of 2020 needs some updating.

Collectively we're being divinely guided to shift our direction, to shift into a brand new reality. This great shift is generating so much energy and some of you may feel disappointed or left out. If you feel any kind of negative emotion you're not alone. It's okay. This is because the shift is happening so fast. Even though the shift is a positive one, I know that many of you may feel like you can't keep up, right?

So today's blog post, I will help you navigate this great shift because whether you like it or not - whether you want it or not - we are shifting into a new reality. We are changing direction as a human race, and we have to change to survive because you know what? The past 30 to 50 years, the way we've been living our lives, was simply not right. It was not completely aligned with our divine blueprint.

No matter how much you are impacted by this global pandemic, remember that if you can grab on to the 2 principles below, you're going to be okay. We can all safely go through this period of change, and shift into an amazing reality -- our dream life!

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The very 1st principle my guides are telling me is that we have to change the way we perceive reality. We tend to perceive it through the lens of our past reality - it's a word that weighs a lot in our hearts.

Everybody is facing a reality that they have never experienced before. Many souls are asking, "God, why are you giving me this reality?" Well, the answer from God or the universe is that "you cocreated this reality - this is your creation! This is not something that I imposed on you." So reality, according to my guides, really points to something that you create, and you give life to. It's not something that's imposed on you. 

It's not something that is heavy, and unmalleable for centuries on end. Since the beginning of our civilization our collective "realities" have been shifting - only very slowly. We had hundreds and hundreds of years of our history during which our reality barely changed at all!

It's not until recently as a society that we started growing quickly and developing really fast. With the development of technology, you can start to see how fluid and how changeable reality is, right?

Reality is changeable, or malleable. What you experience as reality today may not be reality tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow. The reality is simply what you (or what we, collectively) choose to see.

The problem with most people though, is that they don't have a clear idea of what kind of reality they are choosing to see. It's just like when they go into YouTube, and they just randomly browse what's there. Then when they watch a video, they may think that the video, and everything that is said in that video, is their reality.

But what if before you come into YouTube, you think of what you want to watch, and you search for it? When you click on the video, if it doesn't play the kind of thing you like to watch, you just simply turn it off and go to another video. That is the nature of reality. The nature of all of our lives.

Yes. You may be experiencing a reality right now that seems to be the same every single day. Remember when you're experiencing that, it simply means that you been clicking on the same video all the time on YouTube.

All you need to do is click that exit button and click on another video, or search for another video. So that is how you need to navigate your life in our new reality - the same thing goes with reading blogs!

If you fail to perceive the true nature of reality, you'll be left behind in your old reality. The nature of your reality will remain unchanging. It's still a fluid reality. It's still up to YOU to see what you want.

Don't be stuck in what you've been seeing all along! What I'm saying here can be your future. What you do NOW depends on how you perceive reality.

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The 2nd principle you really need to grab onto right now in order to manifest your dream life is that you are a divine being in a human experience. You are not a human being seeking a divine experience. 

In this community, we have a lot of people asking, "How do I open my third eye, how do I connect more to the divine?" These are great questions - don't get me wrong. However, have you ever thought of this? Your third eye is already open. You don't need anybody to teach you some fancy techniques to open it. All you need to do is realize that you are already God! You are already one with the universe - you just don't remember.

So my role here as your coach is not to teach you something really fancy so you can find God, or so that you can find some great wisdom. I'm just here to remind you of something you already know. This is why the Buddha says that all beings have Buddha-nature.

You Already possess the highest potential of yourself. The only problem you have is that you forgot! You're not aware of it. There's a huge difference between a divine being in a human experience, and a human being seeking a divine experience.

Here's the thing:  When you're seeking something, you'll never find it. Let's say you're seeking more money. The universe is just gonna reflect back, "seeking, seeking, seeking." This is because the universe is like a copy machine. It's simply amplified. It's your thoughts and your vibrations amplified all the time.

So when you say, "I am looking for more money, I want more money," the universe is just going to give you an amplified experience of wanting. That's why wanting feels so bad. Wanting and desperation makes you feel so disconnected because the moment you start wanting something desperately, that's the moment you disconnect from your divine true nature. That is the moment you disconnect yourself from God. That is the moment you disconnect yourself from your own manifestation.

So manifesting is very simple. It's all about remembering what you have already manifested and just looking at it, and bringing it into your reality.

It's not that difficult. That's why reality must be seen as fluid and changeable.

So now I want you to go to the comments section below and affirm to me, to yourself, and to everyone here that you are a divine being in a human experience. 

You may be asking, "well, I don't like this human experience. How come I can't just get what I want?"

Here's the thing:  Having this human experience is actually the fun twist of your destiny. Think of all the superhero movies you watch - does any story line play out like, "This person is the best and when he becomes Superman, he just goes out and gets everything right!" It makes for a boring movie, doesn't it? What makes Superman so interesting is the struggles he endures, and the kryptonite, right? Because of kryptonite, Superman becomes human. Superman is a divine being now in the human experience. The pursuit is worth something! All of the struggles you're going through are like your kryptonite but you're still superman. So really, really visualize! 

Know that the end result is guaranteed. The end result is that you will be returning to who you are, and your life's only mission is to experience who you really are. You can experience who you are right now.

Not after you get the dream job, not after you get the dream lover, not after you achieve perfect looks or whatever - all of these things are just byproducts of living in the truth that you are the divine being.

Here's another crazy thing:  Once you can truly embody your divine nature, once you discover who you are and you live it, the money, the lover, and the looks - whatever you're seeking - will come to you. Then you'll realize that they are just a manifestation of a part of you. They're not the whole you, and the whole you is actually within. I want you to find that right now because that is the source of everything.

Once you can grab onto that, your reality will change! Grab on the right view of reality, and Grab on the right view of yourself. You will be your own superhero and you will have no problem with this great shift of 2020. You'll be shifting into an amazing parallel reality - your dream life.

And I will be there waiting for you. 

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