Is Life Destiny or Free will? My Spiritual Guides Said This On Kobe Bryant Passing

Is life destiny or free will? I've been thinking about it since I heard the news about the late Kobe Bryant. I've been receiving messages about destiny and free will. I want to share these messages with you. 

Do you believe more in destiny or free will? There are two schools of thoughts:

One school of thought is that everything is pre-determined. In a lot of Eastern philosophy, there's a very heavy flavor of this. For them, everything is the will of God/So when someone experiences something tragic, they would say, well, this is in my destiny. And when someone accomplishes something great, they believe that it is in their destiny too.

But then there is the 2nd school of thought that says you are a free being and you are here to create your lifeI have always been leaning more towards this belief. Since I've heard the news about the passing of Kobe Bryan, My first reaction was: why would God or the universe let this happen? Why would someone so kind, so healthy, so successful, so full of life, so full of love, let his life cut short? It just doesn't make any sense. Even though I'm not a basketball fan nor his die-hard fan. Just thinking about him and his daughter makes me feel sad. I'm sure his family is going through a really hard time. My thoughts and prayers are going to them also to all the people who are heartbroken because of this.

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So if you are spiritually minded, you're probably wondering about the same thing....

As I meditate on this, I receive more and more clear messages from my guides and I feel these messages are helping me in terms of manifesting my dream life.

The first thing that I heard from my spiritual guide is that life is not black and white.  Destiny and free will are not two contradictory things. Understand that your destiny and your free will are often alignedYour destiny is your free will and your free will is your destiny.

My spiritual guide has been telling me that life is like a video game...Of course, it is a lot more profound than just a simple video game. it's a good analogy though; If life is like a video game, the setting of the game, the story of the game is like your destiny. For instance, you're born as an earth citizen, right?  and at least for now, you can't manifest yourself as a citizen of another planet,  That sort of setting of your life is something you chose when you incarnated into this lifetime. However, when you're playing this game, there are millions of variations and ways you can play. In this game when you die, you can come back and continue the game.

Your destiny is not here to create barriers for your free will. Rather your destiny is here to help facilitate your free will.

And how exactly does that work? My guides are telling me that in a video game, there is an end to the game and In the end, you rescue the princess, etc. Well, in the game called life, our collective destiny is to create a life of love, gratitude, and fun. However, there are so many ways that this destiny can be manifested, and often, you don't get there in one lifetime.

The second thing my guides are telling me is that life is eternal. Life is not a single lifetime your ego is looking at, you can't judge the quality of your life or how you should live just by merely looking at the current life time.

In that sense, The passing of the late Kobe Bryant may seem to be a tragedy, but if life is eternal, therefore he didn't die. He just transformed, shifted from this form to a different dimension. 

Some of us may live a hundred years, some of us may just live 40 years as Kobe did. However, the quality of your life nor the quality of your impact is not determined by how long you live. 

Now my guides are pointing me back to this concept that the universe is benevolent. The universe is here to love you and support you to accomplish your mission. And every soul has a specific mission. So every soul actually has a choice. Therefore, when this temporary current game ends it's really up to the soul itself.

There is no way we can judge why certain happenings, but we can have our free will to choose the highest version of ourselves at every moment of our life. In that sense, the divine will of your destiny is here to support your will of living a better life and manifesting your dreams. The universe is here to help you.

You know a couple of months ago I received an email from one of my viewers, she said that she was dreaming of becoming a singer. She went to a fortune teller, the fortune-teller told her to don't bother because that's not in her destiny. Then she asked me what I think of this.

First of all, I don't know your soul's intent. It's not for me to judge but I believe that nobody should give a black and white answer and say, this is your destiny nor that is not in your destiny.

Because I believe that our destiny is more of a broad spectrum of supportive energy, and it does determine the overall setting of our life, the beginning of our life and It set certain parameters of how we operate. I do believe this destiny is here to support us. I believe that the fact that you can conceive that dream and feel that this is what you want, there's got to be a soul calling there. Your soul's calling may not be exactly becoming a singer, but the will to create some kind of value to impact a lot of people. That dream may eventually play out differently; not exactly a singer-career, but never give up your dreams. Within the parameter of your destiny, there are a million ways for you to freely manifest your dream life, I believe our collective destiny is to freely create and co-create our destiny and that is what you're supposed to do.

See this as the divine will, The will of the divine, the will of your soul, the will of the universe. Remember that divine will is always positive. It is always there for you to become the best version of yourself. 

All you need to do is to understand, become still in your meditation and listen for it.

To summarize, the understanding of destiny and free will lead to two key understandings and practices in manifesting dream lives.

1. The universe is here to support you. 

2. Our will and the divine will, once these two wills are aligned, miracles happen

Our consciousness can only see a tiny piece of reality, and we're just trying to peep through a tiny hole to see the entire universe, to see the will of the divine. So that is the beautiful dance of life. With this information, I feel complete, I feel that I have a better understanding. I know Kobe is in a beautiful place and we don't need to worry about him. I'm sure he is joyful and he is not gone. He's still with us.

What do you think?


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